Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at

  • Matt S.

    Speaking as a Cal alum with many navy blue Cal t-shirts hanging in my closet, this year’s design is a little disappointing.

  • Steve in Concord

    With just over two weeks remaining before the Michigan State opener, what’s the status on the Gold Out? Is the University officially supporting it? Why can’t Comcast come through like they did for the Warriors We Believe T-shirt?

  • Mike Blue

    I hear ya, Matt S. There’s a definitely a need and demand for some Cal-logo wear that’s imaginative, smart and good looking…

  • The likelihood that we’ll be able to achieve a full Gold Out is looking dim. Not to say one shouldn’t rock gold, but with the student section getting free blue shirts, and the University not getting fully behind it, it’s going to be tough.

    And Comcast also had their TV partnership to incite them to produce the shirts. Don’t think they have much incentive with only a handful of games appearing on CSN this year.

  • KoreAmBear

    The Gold Out is not going to be supported by Cal Marketing — there were too many factors for why they could not get behind it, and I don’t blame them. But I do wonder why they went for the gold shirt corporate sponsor or nothing. Why not just advertise it through the various mass media outlets for football fans? In any case, a proper Gold Out is not going to happen.

    But that does not mean that tons of us cannot wear GOLD and show really well on HDTV on ABC. I think it will provide impetus for a true GOLD OUT for the ASU and Oregon games (use their fans against them) as it will help people to see that GOLD really stands out and makes for more of an impressive and hostile looking home crowd. Just my two euros.

  • Teff EdFord

    Can we call it the “Gold Rush” instead? I think White out refers to a winter storm, or Penn State. “Gold out” makes me think of fancy teeth, for some reason.

  • CalAlum97

    Hey, it IS Berkeley, why not call it a “Gold-In?” ha ha, just kidding, don’t get all tripped out folks.

  • CALiforniALUM

    This year’s game day shirt is by far the worst in recent memory. They need to put some creative thought into these if they intend for people to wear them. WEAK!!!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    In defense of the game day shirts what exactly do you critic propose. You have not been to the Rose Bowl in 50 years and you haven’t won one in 70 years. You have had no Heisman winners, tied for 1st in the Pac 10 once and had a monumental unprecedented collapse last year that no college football program in modern times has ever experienced. So what exactly do you want to do with your game shirts?

  • Big D

    As for the Gold Out, anybody contact Gold Bond powder? I think they have had some promotions with the A’s in the past.

  • Pdizz

    I contacted the parent company of Gold Bond. Finally got an email back a week ago saying they had forwarded it on to marketing… but no response since.

  • Marie

    My ‘favorite’ part of the game day shirts is that its theme Every Game Counts, yet the only have the home schedule listed on the back, so does only home games count then? You think Cal could have figured that out.

  • MacdaddyTMS

    Gold? Cal doesn’t even wear Gold… they use Yellow! At least hated UCLA got the colors right.

  • I agree that having the schedule on the back is rather weak. Cal marketing might think it will advertise the 7 game home schedule and promote ticket sales. However, this year’s edition doesn’t match up to previous T’s.

    Since the students will get free Blue T’s…does it not make sense for other fans attending the game to wear blue also? (Sea of blue at Memorial?)

  • Jan K Oski

    I could careless about the T-shirt and what’s on it. I just want the season to begin! Go Bears!

  • Defense Bears

    I like the shirts, they are solid and free for the students. Alumni and general fans don’t need to buy them, there are plenty of great options at the student store and on the athletic web site.
    Can’t wait for August 30th, Go Bears!