Tuesday afternoon

–Happy scrimmage day. In today’s paper, we took a look at Chris Guarnero, who is in position to become the Bears’ starting left guard. Guarnero switched from center, where he was stuck behind Alex Mack on the depth chart.

–Cal fans can relate to this. Maryland, whom the Bears play on Sept. 13, has been going through a quarterback battle as well. The Terps named their man yesterday.

Once again, tonight’s scrimmage is closed to the media, so I won’t be able to provide as many details as usual. But Jeff Tedford will be available to the press afterwards.

I’m not totally sure just how much will be settled tonight. Or put another way, I’m not sure how much of what has been settled will be made public tonight. Tedford and the coaching staff may want to review the film of the scrimmage before they make any ultimate decisions about the depth chart. Wednesday morning’s practice may be more telling, when the Bears begin preparing for Michigan State and we can see who is taking reps with which teams. But even with that, Tedford has been careful to stress that the depth chart will remain fluid, and it can easily be tinkered with while they are game planning. Still, I think most of what we see at Wednesday’s practice will be pretty solid.

There are two wildcards here. One, of course, is the quarterback situation. Will Nate Longshore and Kevin Riley continue to split reps with the first team even though practices are now geared for preparing for an actual opponent? Or will the coaching staff have made a decision by then? Also, the Bears have a number of injuries, so there definitely will be some elements of the depth chart that will be subject to change.

Stay tuned.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Steve in Concord

    How exactly do all these injuries affect the depth chart? Does the depth chart assume that a player unable to practice today will be able to play in the opening game or is it based on the player’s here-and-now status?

  • Steve in Concord

    Do practice sessions really provide an adequate basis to make personnel decisions? The pros have the benefit of 4 pre-season games to help set their roster/depth chart which the collegians don’t. Couldn’t Cal, Stanford and San Jose State scrimmage against each other, or is their some NCAA rule against doing that?

  • Steve in Concord

    It’s too bad that Seattle isn’t holding a mayoral election this November, because JUstin Forsett would stand a very good chance of winning. He has very quickly become one of the city’s most popular citizens. He came to the Seahawks rather lightly regarded due to his smallish physical stature, and was given only an outside chance to make the team’s roster which was already well stocked with RB’s.

    Over the course of training camp and two pre-season games Forsett has won over the local fans big-time with his on-field performance and hard-running style. He has been the subject of many fan blogs–with almost all the posters commenting positively on his abilities and “heart” and rooting for him to make the final roster. He definitely has the little guy “underdog factor” going for him. It’s amusing to see so much enhusiasm for a 7th round draft choice. All of us Bear supporters should pull for him to have a great season in Seattle.

    Interestingly enough, Louis Rankin, who gained over 1500 yards for the UW Huskies last year, was signed by the Raiders and has looked very good for them so far. Maybe we should propose a trade.

    Once upon a time the NFL (or maybe it was the old AFL) had something called a territorial draft, which allowed teams the first crack at local players. I’d actually like to see something of that nature be reinstituted. Sometimes it’s very frustrating to see the players whose college careers you’ve followed get shipped off to far-flung teams, making it difficult to watch them play out their careers except for occasional highlight appearances or youtube videos.

  • Macdaddytms

    I see BoDog has Cal as 4 1/2 point favorites vs MSU. I’m not a betting man, but I’ve heard they usually give the home team a field goal egde just to start with… which means they feel the Bears are basically even with the Spartans. The notes say Cal has won 6 straight home openers and MSU has won 3 straight road openers. Should be a good game. I guess the choice is should I be wearing Blue or Gold

  • Steve in Concord

    There are a lot of “unknowns’ regarding both teams, thus the close call.

    More importantly, betting odds reflect betting interests, and are set to even-up the action, so that the house doesn’t get “burned” by lopsided betting activity.

    A less than expected point-spread in Cal’s favor probably indicates heavier action on Cal, and is set to induce more betting activity in favor of Michigan State.

    The spread aside, I would expect the majority of college football prognosticators to pick Cal for the win. My guess: Bears 31 State 20

  • Big D

    Steve In Concord,

    Hang in there, only a week and a half until kickoff. Looking at all you posts, It seems like you are going crazy waiting for the season to start.

    Go Bears!

  • Jonathan Okanes

    Steve, that probably depends on the player or situation. If an injured player is a proven commodity (like Syd’Quan Thompson), obviously his spot is there when he returns. But if there is some uncertainty, I would think an injury could hamper a player’s chances if somebody else capitalizes on the opportunity. And I agree that practices only go so far in making evaluations. That’s why the coaching staff probably won’t truly get any answers until Aug. 30.