Post-practice: Wednesday

The Bears followed up Tuesday’s scrimmage with a light practice Wednesday morning, one that really was what coach Jeff Tedford called a “mock game.” The players wore just helmets and went through different kinds of situations that can take place in a game, and did so in chronological order, beginnign with the opening kickoff and ending with quarterback Nate Longshore taking a knee (Bears win!)

I may have posted earlier that the Bears will start planning for Michigan State today. That actually will happen tomorrow. Tedford said the coaching staff was scheduled to have personnel meetings later Wednesday. The implication is depth chart questions will be answered at tomorrow’s practice.

Implementing the game plan means scout teams will have to be set up by tomorrow. We should also get a gauge on starters and backups. That doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a definitive starting quarterback tomorrow, but it could.

Most of the players who have been hurt were still out Wednesday, although it didn’t really matter because there was no contact. Cornerback Syd’Quan Thompson wore a red jersey rather than stand on the sidelines, and Tedford said he’s getting stronger and should be back soon.

Starting right guard Noris Malele sat out with a bruised knee suffered at Tuesday’s scrimmage, but it’s not believed to be serious.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Robert

    JO, besides Tepper are there any others who are injured who may not make it in time for Michigan State? When is the last time Kane practiced? With NT injuries is it possible there will be a lot more 4-3 against State?

  • GC

    JO, Thanks for keeping us informed and up to date.

  • Questions for JO

    What’s Todd Huber’s injury?
    Same goes for Cody Jones? Have not heard him mentioned in any reports all fall.
    What is Alex Lagemann’s injury?
    Has Kamaron Yancy made it to camp yet/will he be here for the 08 season?
    Finally can you please compare Teofilo’s ability to Tepper? I know Tep’s got him in experience but seems from what I’ve heard that the staff feels pretty good about Chet. Who are our top 5 OT’s, Tepper when healthy, Teofilo, Schwartz, then who? This position has me worried more than any other on the team.
    Go Bears!

  • roham

    its funny, i have the same concern. basically i was
    hoping if you would give us some sort of summary on
    injuries that are still a factor/concern. thanks JO.

  • Steve in Concord

    Big D–

    I’m definitely getting into “Bear Mode” and I guess it’s starting to show. By posting frequently, I’m attempting to work off some pent-up pre-season energy. All these NFL exhibition games just aren’t doing it for me thus far. I’m watching them mainly to follow how our newest NFL Bears are doing, and they’re doing great so far.

    My secondary reason for the frequent posts is to try to build some traffic at this blog site. Things got pretty slow a while back, comment wise, and nobody wants to visit a dead site. Except for the trolls of course, because then their stupid negative comments stand out all the more.

    I realize that the main reason most of us come to BearTalk is for J.O.’s insightful reporting and illuminatory commentary, but I also really enjoy reading everyone’s comments and J.O.’s answers to both our intellectually challenging and often mundane (How is so and so’s sprained toe coming along?) questions.

    I’m hoping that as the season opener nears, lots more of us Cal Bear Football fans will gravitate to BearTalk and once the games begin, this blog becomes THE PLACE to hang-out and party both pre-game and post-game! I know I’m getting a little carried away here, but lets all bring our enthusiasm and insights and agree to disagree with each other in a good-spirited manner. We can overwhelm the ever-present trolls (You know who you are, and so do we!) and those cranky second guessers and doom-and-gloomer’s with our wealth of Cal Football knowledge, insight, wit, and positivity. RAH, RAH, RAH… OSKI WOW WOW! Goooooooo Bears!!!!!!

    P.S. How is Michael Calvins sprained toe coming along?

    Anyway, I’m hoping that once the season starts this will be a very busy place with lots of Cal Bear football fans speaking their minds and agreeing to disagree with one another in some spirited interchanges.

  • Steve in Concord

    OOPS! I meant to delete that final redundant paragraph.

  • Teff EdFord (also from Concord)

    And blogging is better than doing anything in Concord, it’s kind of boring out here…

  • dball

    JO, does that mean you’ll be allowed to post the list of starters tomorrow night or is the practice closed to the media?

  • Spartan-in-Columbus

    JO, Great Blog! It’s been fun for this MSU fan to learn more than he ever wanted to about Cal!!

    So now that both teams are gearing up for Aug 30th, let’s be frank. What is Berkeley expecting from State? You think the Spartans have a shot at a win 3 time zones away in the first week? Is TopDog’s really that good?

    GO GREEN!!!

  • Davidson

    Steve, I’m with you man. My anticipation for the first game is at an all time high. Fan appreciation day is this weekend.

  • Macdaddytms

    If memory serves, Riley needs the ‘game-ending’ drills!!

  • GBear



  • Big D

    Steve In Concord,

    Yep, I know exactly how you feel. I also can’t wait for the season to start. The 2007 season, coming off our 10 win year, came so fast. Then this season seems to be dragging along. I guess since this past season was disappointing, we fans want the new season to get here even quicker. Unfortunately, time only goes at one pace.
    Oh well, two more days and then it’s fan day!
    Go Bears!

  • Big D

    Anybody going to the Maryland game? Any suggestions on where to go in College Park area? Any hidden spots on the U of M campus? D.C. besides the typical tourist venues?

  • Jan K Oski

    Big D, I’d recommend going to the Maryland scouts.com forum, and you’ll probable find other Bear fans asking the same thing. Go Bears!

  • bchoi

    Is it 8/30 already? Need. Cal. Football. Now.

  • Steve in Concord

    Ex-Cal Quarterback Kyle Reed, who transferred to San Jose State last year, will remain a backup QB at that school. After sitting out last season, Reed broke his foot during Spring practice and failed to win the starting job during fall practice sessions. Junior Myles Eden will be the starting QB.

  • Jonathan Okanes

    Robert, I’d say Kane is the only other one that is an uncertainty. Jeff Tedford said the other day he was unsure when Kane would come back. But even without Kane, don’t expect to see the 4-3. The Bears have been running the 3-4 exclusively in practice. That would mean Derrick Hill, assuming he’s all recovered from his ankle sprain, would start and true freshman Kendrick Payne would back him up.
    DBall, yes I will be at practice. It was only closed to the media for the scrimmage.

  • Steve in Concord

    I have some good news for any Stanfurd or S.J. State fans visiting the site: seats are available on stubhub for the Sept. 23rd Spartans/Cardinal game at Palo Alto starting at THREE DOLLARS!! Yes, I said THREE DOLLARS!! Lots of others available at $5, $6, $7 etc.. I counted about 120 tickets, not counting family plans, at $10.00 or less. The mailing costs for a lot of the tickets is about twice as much as the ticket itself! Kind of amazing considering Stanford Stadium is about 20 miles from S.J. State so it’s basically a home game for both teams. Metropolitan San Jose has a population of over 2 million people but there will probably be about 3,000 Spartan rooters at the game. That’s pretty sad.

    Stanfraud fans aren’t much better. Their average attendance figure was about 40,000 but I doubt that more than 25,000 people were ever in their brand new Stadium. A lot of wealthy alumni buy blocks of season tickets to support the program but can’t actually bother to go to the games.

    Meanwhile at Berkeley, the MSU game should be a 73,000 seat sell-out or close to it, and if you are lucky, you can score one of the cheapest tickets at stubhub for about $33.00.

  • J.O.

    When will we be able to see the list of starters and back ups. I would like to know where our secondary and D-line stands with all the bumps and bruises. Oh, and who is the starting QB for the Opener.

  • J.O.

    When will we be able to see the list of starters and back ups? I would like to know where our secondary and D-line stands with all the bumps and bruises. Oh, and who is the starting QB for the Opener?

  • Big D

    So, UC is trimming the trees now? I’m thinking a week or less and then, TIMBER!