Final notes on Michigan State

–Defensive coordinator Bob Gregory is in his seventh year at Cal, and for the first time since he’s been in Berkeley, he spent the game on the sidelines Saturday.

Gregory has always been in the press box for games, but the Bears decided it might be better for Gregory to be in the mix with his players during the game.

“We kind of felt it was an organizational thing,” Gregory said. “We thought it was a good thing to do. Just being able to look at all those guys and see them, and not have to go through somebody (to communicate)…”

Linebackers coach Kenwick Thompson took Gregory’s place in the press box.

–Jahvid Best’s hefty 277 total yards could have been augmented even more had he not ran into his own man on a potentially big run.

Best had broken through the line of scrimmage and had gotten into the secondary when he ran into wide receiver Sean Young from behind. Best said he tried to wait for Young to get on his block but couldn’t stop himself.

“I was trying to get to the sideline,” Best said. “Sean wasn’t on the guy right then, so I wanted to wait until he was on the block. I just got there too quick.”

“He would have been gone,” Cal quarterback Kevin Riley said.

–Other postgame notes:

Six Bears made their first career starts: RB Shane Vereen, RT Mitchell Scwhartz, Young, LG Chris Guarnero, LB Eddie Young and CB Darian Hagan.

Vereen finished with 101 yards on just nine carries. His 81-yard TD run in the fourth quarter was a backbreaker for Michigan State.

Vereen and Best (111 yards) became the first Cal duo to rush for 100 yards each since Justin Forsett (124) and Marshawn Lynch (111) in the 2006 Holiday Bowl.

Cameron Morrah’s 50-yard catch in the second quarter was a career-high.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • IamAlCindor

    Wow! Two RBs ran for +100 yards! SC didn’t have a single RB reach the 75 yard barrier. Ouch! I guess McKnight can forget about his Heisman chances. His longest run was 23 yards and he had one TD? LOL!

    Then, Sanchez only had one pass in the first half that went to a WR for more than 10 yards… Ouch! Talk about relying on other players to carry the team! Hey Sanchez, watch out for low tackles. Those knee caps don’t heal so rapidly. Sean Young and Cameron Morrah are lucky guys in that Cal has a perfectly, healthy QB who isn’t on meds.

  • james bennison

    Has it only been 7 years for Bob Gregory? It seems like 70. I’d love to see the photos he has of Tedford. Speaking of Tedford, he seems unable to face reality with Longshore. I’m convinced Cal would have won every game after Oregon State, except for USC, if Riley had been the QB. Remember Steve DeBerg/Mark Wilson? That’s Nate.

  • drew

    why is jahvid best returning kicks when he clearly has a HUGE workload right now on the offensive team?

    dont get me wrong, if he was incredible at it, that would be one thing, but i just didnt get blown away by his kick returning (not his fault, really, the blocking compared to MSU was laughable), so why use him there and give him more opportunity to get hurt?