Yancy, Doxy updates

I hadn’t followed up with Jeff Tedford in a while on the plights of defensive backs Kamaron Yancy and Gary Doxy. As expected, neither player is on the Bears this season.

Tedford said Yancy finished all the appropriate coursework to get into Cal, but remarkably the final class he took at Pierce Junior College didn’t fulfill his requirement to earn his AA.

“It was kind of messed up,” Tedford said. “He tooka  class that fulfilled our requirements, but he forgot to check and see if it fulfilled his AA requirements. He finished it and we expected him to show up. All of the sudden, it didn’t count for his AA.”

As for Doxy, Tedford said he kicked him off the team during training camp. Tedford had said during camp that Doxy had been suspended to concentrate on academics but could return if he got his classwork in order. That never happened.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • MoreNCsarecoming


    Do you have any idea if the attendance for the CSU game will be…

    slightly under 50000
    slightly above 50000

    BTW what is break even?

  • Mustang man

    DJ gone = no more need for Doxy and JT wanted that scholie back.

  • Teff EdFord (also from Concord)

    That’s what happends when you depend on Junior College counselors, they’re notorious for that stuff.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Look who just signed with us. http://mbd.scout.com/mb.aspx?s=15&f=1720&t=3018369

    Kennard and Teo are next.

    All the best want to play for the best. America loves a winner.

  • Morencsarecoming

    All the best love playing for SC. They like our winning tradition, and they like the fact that we pretend to be blind while agents pay the players. If you want a place to play where coaches ignore the rule, come to SC!

    Now, back to something I asked before: Anyone got any work for me? I have a year and a half of law school, I got an SC BA degree (don’t ask about my gpa), and I got a daddy who’s tired of supporting me. BUT — the job has to allow me to spend at least half of my time on the internet stalking Cal.

  • Gerson_Bakar

    Posting support of a winning team makes you a winner!

    And who’s the big winner here?

    It’s MoreNCs! He’s certainly a special guy that deserves a round of applause because the trojans won the game last week. clap. clap. clap…

    Congrats! your contributions to the trojan program are literally immeasurable!

  • CalAlum97

    Contra Costa Times, are we going to read about USC CB Shareece Wright’s felony resisting arrest and failure to appear, or is it going to be quietly swept under the rug? 😉


    I suppose the highest paid players in the NCAA will also get the highest paid lawywerd to defend them.

  • Morencsarecoming

    You are just jealous, CalAlum. You wish you could buy the players we do, or let them cheat the way we do, or let them assault women and still stay on the team the way we do.

    Cops love SC. Wright ain’t going nowhere except to the games to help us win.


  • Lawrence

    And yet, you find yourself constantly on a Cal board. Maybe the jealousy is in your actions, versus your remarks.

  • morencsarecoming

    Jealous? OMG! Yeah, right. Like I would want to go to a school where dirty hippies control the football team. I had a much better education at SC.

    And I go to Cal boards to remind you that I don’t need you and how much better it was that I went to SC. I will always stalk you and your worthless cupcake team.

  • ScottyMon


    If your team and school are so hot, why you wasting time with us? When you’re #1, you don’t need to scream. I think you got booted from the ‘SC cyberworld because you are such babbling idiot. We don’t need you either. Keep screaming, maybe someone will listen! Beat it! Act like you’ve been in the end zone before.

  • Larry

    You never did answer my question. How many TD’s, sacks, tackles, or plays have you been a part of on U$C’s football team?

  • morencsarecoming

    I don’t have to answer your questions. I’m an SC fan. We rule. WE ARE SC. We — get it? I’m part of them just as you are part of the choke master Golden Bears. You need to be reminded of that, which is why I stalk Cal boards to taunt you and put you in your place.

    Maryland? Ha!

  • Kensington

    Hi Dr. Laura. Please come up with some new material. You used to make me giggle, now you are boring.

  • CalAlum97

    Um guys, that’s not moroniscoming. Moroniscoming would never admit that $C ‘buys’ players or cheats. He always answers a question in $C’s defense; he never passes up an opportunity to spout $C rhetoric. This is somebody impersonating him. So now we’ve got the real moron and a fake moron on this board. weak…

  • the creator

    To mustang man, just becuase DJ is in the NFL doesn’t mean there isn’t a need for what would of been our starting saftey. With all do respect, the guys playing now are doin a great job, but Doxy may have been the missing piece for the Maryland game. From watching him in the spring, he more then just a run stopping saftey.
    But remember, every game counts and every players does as well.