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Right place, right time

By Jonathan Okanes
Saturday, September 27th, 2008 at 3:56 pm in Gameday.

Bryant Nnabufie hasn’t progressed as a defensive back as quickly as the Bears would like, but he sure seems to know where to be on special teams. His 30-yard blocked punt return is his second blocked punt return for a touchdown this season. He had one for five yards and a score in the season-opener against Michigan State.

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  • Lawrence

    Is it me, but did Nnabufie do the EXACT same thing as DeSean and let the ball go before crossing into the end zone? I stopped it the dvr and it sure looks like it. Thank God we have Pac 10 refs!

  • MikeD

    yep, I thought so too, TV never said a word about it. horrible broadcast by the way, lousy sideline reporting, greg pappa going on and on and not paying attention to the game, mike p was ok but it was a low budget production end to end

  • MikeD

    so is this the level of play that we’ll be taking in to conference play? do you think it’ll be enough to see success vs pac 10 teams? pretty ugly win, but nice to see Nate play well. hopefully the jet will be ok and not out too long, seeing nice depth at running back. kicking and catching seem to be the major weak areas.