Third quarter stats

Total yards: CSU 168, Cal 199.

Rushing: Best 11-85, Johnson 15-63.

Passing: Farris 12-25-2 96 yards, Riley 6-13-0 59 yards, 1 TD.

Receiving: Greer 2-32, Best 3-27.

Tackles: Pagnotta, Sisson 7; Hagan, Felder 7.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • calfan

    What up w/Best? Any update?

  • masterjb

    What takes so long to get posts from the game? The game’s been over for over an hour now and we still don’t have Okanes’ report on Best or Davis. I thought this blog was real-time

  • That was a fool’s gold win. Our offense really never felt smooth, except on the drive when Vereen fumbled. It’s almost like we don’t have an identity, four games in. Maybe the receiver will emerge (nice catch by Boatang), but I have an 8-4 feeling about this team. BTW, the DLine was playing VERY well.

  • Marin Bear

    If this team doesn’t have an identity, as you say, maybe it starts with the weekly rotating captains. I know this team lacked leadership last year, and it may be continuing this year. I would say they are stating to develop some identity on defense. Great pressure up front and much improved in the secondary. The linebackers are going to have to step up and make more plays, esp Worrell Williams.
    On offense, the identity is looking more and more like an I formation running team, to me. The passing game features dropped balls, poor game planning, questionable play calling,lack of execution, and overall inconsistency.

  • cal08

    Hey JO what’s the latest on Jahvid? Do you think he’ll be ready for Arizona State? Personally after hearing that he dislocated his elbow without any broken bones, I think he should stay out of the Arizona State game and hopefully fully recover after 3 weeks being that the Bears have a bye week after Arizona State.

    GO BEARS!!!!!

  • JGDM

    I can’t believe that Tedford is calling out Riley and opening the starting QB discussion over this game. The rcvrs are more to blame for the poor offensive play in the first half of the game than Riley is. Did longshore play well today? Yes he played well. Did he play great? Not in my opinion. He missed a few open rcvrs, one in peticular when he rolled to his right and saw pressure coming from his right, he had an open back field to his left and a wide open rcvr 10 yards out, but instead of going left he threw the ball away. I think Longshore played well with a big lead and no pressure to carry the load on his sholders. He preformed like a good backup QB.

    Did Tedford replace the offensive line after their terrible performance against Maryland. Did he tell them their positions were in jeopardy? Did he replace the offensive coordinator after calling that terrible on-side kick with 7min. to go? This obsession with having Longshore as starting QB might tear this team apart. Sure the QB position is a different animal than all others. My question is this, does putting doubt in Riley’s head, and basically bailing out the rcvrs for thier sloppy play, make this team better prepared for ASU next week??

    I am no expert and Tedford obviously knows much better how to coach his team than I do. I just hope he did not just engineer a mental collapse on this team. I also fear that if Longshore makes his way back into feeling like he has something to prove the interceptions will start coming again.

    PS. best wishes to Best (Salesian Baby!) and Davis for fast recoveries.