Best update

Cal released a statement about an hour ago stating that Jahvid Best will not require surgery and hopes to return for the Oct. 18 game at Arizona. It sounds like the MRI didn’t reveal anything too severe. Good news for the Bears.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Booty Bear IV

    The Bear will not quit, the Bear will not die…

  • Dave

    We need Jahvid Best ladies and gentlemen. Jeff Tedford’s offense runs its best when he has two healthy and good backs taking the carries. Best and Vereen as a combo is quite a bit better than Vereen and Slocum. Thank God Jahvid will probably be back by Arizona. We’re gonna smoke the Sun-Devils this week regardless. The road game at Arizona concerns me more than ASU. Go Bears!

  • todd

    Watch out for Slocum. He’s going to shock it!
    ASU better be ready to stop the run.

  • Jake

    I’m not too worried about the run game. I think we’ll be fine because we always seem to have the right fit in Coach Ted’s O, whether it’s Arrington, Lynch, Forsett, Best, or anyone else. I’m more worried about the air attack. I hope we can improve their. That kind of offense coupled with what looks to be an improved 3-4 Defensive scheme would make for some fun CAL football!! Go Bears!!!!

  • Jan K Oski

    Todd, Don’t take this wrong, cuz I want to see every Cal player roll. However, how can you honestly say, “watch out for Slocum,” when a pair of underclassmen are above him on the depth chart? There’s a reason for it, and I hope Slocum proves the coaches wrong, but I’m not holding my breath for it. That’s why I trust in Vereen! Go BEARS!

  • Sorry, but I’ve got to go with Todd on this. Every time I’ve seen Slocum carry the ball, he’s hit the hole with fury and has much more speed than I expected. I think we’ll be fine.

  • Big D

    Everybody chill. This actually may be a great opportunity for our Bears to figure out a way to win without Best. He has been the focal point of our offense until now. This gives us a good chance to try something new, like completing passes, O-line dominating, maybe even run some options with Riley. Everything will be fine, especially since ASU has been exposed.

  • Big D

    I wouldn’t be shocked to see Best play out there this Saturday either.


    Jan K please stop hating on backups who will hopefully help out the Bears on offense.
    Do you think Tedford would’be really recruited T-Slocum and not have envisioned him helping the offense.
    I’M POSITIVE coach TEDFORD is a better judge of talent than YOU, and knows how Slocum would fair in the system.
    you PROBABLY want TEDFORD to see if AYOOB has any eligibility left.

  • Jan K Oski

    Big D, have you ever suffered a dislocation? I dislocated both of my shoulders during high school football (hurts like hell), and it doesn’t heal in one week. I’ll admit I don’t know the difference between shoulder dislocations and elbow dislocations, but the stretched ligaments need time to heal, and it doesn’t happen in one week. Maybe, we see Best in 3 weeks, but our hope lies in Vereen and Slocum for the running game. Go BEARS!

  • Jan K Oski

    Al DA, if you want to stay in la la land, be my guest, but like Nate, Slocum got beaten out by underclassmen. How is that “hating” anyone? On the contrary, it is bringing reality to the discussion. I hope Slocum tears up the ASU defense, but I trust in Tedford ‘n Company that he is a slight step down from Best and Vereen, and we shouldn’t be lost in silly ideas of grandeur least we be disappointed in amateur athletes. They have enough pressures on them already. I’ll be the first person on here to applaud Slocum, if he proves the coaches wrong. But, I fundamentally disagree with putting someone on a pedestal, if they have not earned it. If you’ve boughten into the bezerkley idealogy that everyone is a winner, I’m sorry for you. People’s worth is not in their entertainment value for you and I. GO BEARS!

  • John

    Slocum was a highly regarded and recruited RB out of high school. You can check media outlets like rivals.com. I have my full faith in Vereen and Slocum. The few times Tedford’s called Slo’s number, he’s looked sharp.

    I thought the team used its bye week effectively. Everyone looked focused and ready to hit. When a team comes out with that type of energy, positive things will happen, regardless of whether we have all our first-stringers or not.

    Cal fans need to feed off this energy, rather than taking a “woe is me” attitude because of these injuries. The depth on these Cal teams continues to grow each year, and since no team will avoid all injuries throughout the year, I think we’ve done well to put our back-ups in place to make good contributions.

    … But, we really can’t give any Pac-10 team the ball at the 35+ yl every kickoff.

  • dball

    Slocum is fast, but the O-line last weekend was opening up holes big enough for my grandma to run thru. The O-line will be the key to any win, it really won’t matter who carries the ball. Best is great, yes, and versatile, but we will win or lose with the line.

  • Kensington

    Slocum was a 4-star recruit, and don’t forget he is an underclassman himself (redshirt sophomore). He may not have the home-run speed of Best/Vereen but he’ll contribute.

    Don’t underestimate ASU friends. In many ways their season is on the line here. They have lost 2 in a row and I think they head to SC after us. Ericson will have them ready coming out of a bye week. They will play with desperation. I like our chances at home, but we will need to play much better on O. Go Bears!

  • Like what I’m hearing out here, but regardless of who plays at running back, its similar to our motto: EVERY PLAYER COUNTS.

    Point being, if we are going to represent v U$C, we need ev er y one on their game. Particularly the WRs to take heat off Best, Slocum, Vereen. Not saying they haven’t but guess why Riley’s numbers look like a high schooler’s and why Longshore had to come in?

    By the way, not to dis Riley, but no more bagging on Longshore. We need every one, and Longshore has 1.5 years (2006 – 1st half 07) of solid play. mmm. WHere is that on Riley’s resume?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Jan K Oski – you played football in high school…that means you’re a guy right? The reason i ask is up until now, i’ve thought you were a girl (albeit a b*tchy condescending one)…

  • Slocum is a LOT faster than I thought, after hearing reports during the summer. And he has more power. We’ll be fine.

  • Gerson_Bakar

    Vereen/Slocum will be fine, and we’ll see a more traditional running game instead of the high percentage of plays that get best into open space. Part of a RBs job is to punish the defense, and I’m looking forward to seeing the sun devils take some pounding.

    And remember that last year “all” nate had was a high ankle sprain….

  • Mike in San Jose

    Takers on the Longshore-Riley QB situation? I’m still sticking to Riley just because of the Mich State game. Details on a comment I left on SF Gate’s story on Best. GO BEARS!

  • James

    Running backs will be fine, one the positions we are deep, another interesting idea that i think sandy barbour should look into is the possibility of lane kiffin, frank cignetti is not the answer and kiffin is a nfl caliber coach. I think he would be a great addition to the bears staff, also he is an insider to the usc way of doing things which is very successful.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Anyone surprised by the 9.5 point spread? ASU has the best WRs corp in the Pac 10. They also have the most experienced QB in the conference. This will be UCB’s first real test against a very good passing offense. It will be a very competitive game and definitely not 9.5 point difference.
    BTW now you know why we stockpile 5* running backs year after year. Sooner rather than later everyone will get touches – Stafon, CJ, JMac, Allen Bradford and even Marc Tyler will all see action this year.

  • Big D

    Jan K Oski,
    You are starting to sould like a know it all, and nobody likes a know it all. This comment section is open to EVERYBODY’s ideas and opinions, not just yours. If you feel like you want to contol the comments, then you should start your own blog.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Big D Says:
    September 30th, 2008 at 11:37 am
    Jan K Oski,
    You are starting to sould like a know it all, and nobody likes a know it all. This comment section is open to EVERYBODY’s ideas and opinions, not just yours. If you feel like you want to contol the comments, then you should start your own blog.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Jan K Oski is also irritating UCB fans on the new ESPN BI site. He might also be “Lavatch9” on that site. It’s too bad there is always someone ruining it for all the rest.

  • MentalNCsarecoming

    Oh, Amy. Still referring to the $C team as “we”, as if you are part of it. Is that part of your therapy with your counselor to make you healthy enough mentally to return to law school? “Medical Leave” – when it takes 2/3 years to come back, it really means “Emotional Breakdown Leave”.

    And there you are biotching that someone else might use multiple screennames? Oh my god, pot.

    Take your meds, Amy.

  • Gerson_Bakar

    Hi MoreNCs! C’mon! chin up

    So what if Sanchez wilted like a little flower and the secondary made the blooper highlight of the decade! — Sanchez is better than Carpenter, the Trojan WR’s are better than the Sun Devils!

    Man, the loss of norm chow and subsequent yearly choke jobs (aka most humiliating loss of the season 3 years and running) has affected your love of the trojans…

    But PLEASE don’t deny yourself the pleasure of sticking your face up the trojans butts(what else would you do with your time? and what else would make me laugh every day?)

    So get back on the trojan bandwagon ASAP! Because without you and your daily efforts, the Trojan nation…..um….does the same thing?

  • Steve W

    The ASU game is going to come down to one matchup: Zack Follett versus Rudy Carpenter. Carpenter folded up his tent the last time he was in Berkeley when he got knocked around a few times by the D off the pass. It will hurt with Rulon Davis out of action, but Follett has the ability to change the game by a few well placed helmet shots to Mr. Carpenter’s ribcage. Also, did anyone notice how UNLV ran it down ASU’s throat in the fourth quarter of that shocking upset? If we keep the kickoffs in the field of play, I’m predicting a Cal win.

  • macdaddytms

    JO – If USC, Cal, & UW win this weekend, the Bears will be all alone in first place. Someone told me Cal has not been all alone in 1st, since the early 1950’s. I was able to go back through the 1970’s & verify that Cal has not been singularly in 1st place at least the past 38 years. Can you get your crack-research team to work and find out the last time Berkeley stood alone on top. Thanks

  • Tyler M.

    Macdaddy, Cal was alone in first place in 2006 when USC lost to Oregon St. in Week 9. Cal’s reign ended two weeks later with a still-painful loss to Arizona.

  • Gregg

    Chris Guarnero is a way bigger loss, for the simple fact that no one is going to come close to replacing his presence. Best is awesome, but without a hole, even he wouldn’t be effective. If we can continue to dominate the line like we have (Maryland excepted), Vareen will be just fine.

  • rookie

    I think the team will be fine with Best out… I think at times Tedford relied on him too much… leading to the offence looking unbalanced. For example on Saturday it seemed like you would have a all run series and then an all pass series. Maybe we will see a more balanced game this week.

    As for the QB situation. I really think it is more of a reciever situation… how many times did Riley hit guys in their fricken hand only to have a WR drop the ball. Yes Riley made a few bad throws, but at least the ones that were not caught were not placed where they could be picked off. Longshore on the other hand had a couple of close calls on Saturday.

    I know Tedford likes Longshore, but I hope he does not let that distract him from what is important. Riley is a leader, Longshore isnt. Sure let the guy play when you get a big lead like he did on Saturday, but for the sake of leadership, and a healthy team, just keep with Riley.

  • Goldiebear

    Slocum is third on the depth chart as would be many Pac-10 starting RB’s if they played on a team with Best and Vereen. That doesn’t mean he isn’t a good player. Maybe not in the class of Best and Vereen but he has been effective so far on this limited carries. I think he’ll do just fine.

  • Big D

    Nobody has really seen Slocum, so we’ll find out on Saturday what he can/can’t do. Don’t worry folks.

  • covinared

    I agree that the losses of Guarnero and Davis may be more significant than Best. Any average running back can produce with a good offensive line, and few, if any, can produce without. Davis made a huge difference last year and this the times he played, but is injury prone. Cal’s DB’s pass defense needs a good rush to get the job done. They are especially vulnerbable in the middle. Hopefully the new linemen will step up.

  • curtis birch

    i tend to agree with Rookie in that we have seen so much wishy-washiness with regards to the quarterback decisions. that is definitely a leadership thing. tedford stuck with nate too long–and maybe the heat that everyone was throwing around about his questionable decision to give nate so much rope finally got to him. now he is quick to backtrack on his decision with riley. or is he? i tend to think that it’s a balancing act to date, bringing nate in for certain situations, that has kind of worked. i don’t really see nate winning the job back. but maybe this will light a fire under riley. it will be interesting to see what happens. i also agree that nate, when he has missed this year, has been much scarier than riley. there were indeed a couple of close calls against C State. don’t even want to talk about MSU. a badly timed interception agains ASU could be the difference in the game. remember that the riley scramble has provided some incredible 3rd down conversions. that’s the stuff that takes cal to the next level. i also agree with those who say it is going to be a tough battle so i tend to think that strong tedford leadership is going to be key, along with continued team leadership and team play. going back to nate too quickly, especially if it costs a game, could be disastrous. i would tend to think that sticking with riley until it is really proven that riley is totally ineffective might be the smarter call. surely, it’s easier to pontificate from the armchair than down on the field. look forward to the game and a bears victory with a strong showing from the running game!