Football: Longshore to start

Not too surprising that Coach Jeff Tedford said after practice tonight that Nate Longshore will start at quarterback. He had said that Longshore would “probably” start after the win over Arizona State but still had left the competition against Kevin Riley open. Tedford said Longshore was more consistent than Riley during the week of practice.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Larry

    At least he is a senior. 7-8 more starts tops!

  • Davidson

    hey we all were there for last seasons ups and downs. I’ve been one of rileys biggest advocates since the osu game. However, after careful consideration, (and yes, I was at the msu game) I truly believe longshore is the best option right now. If you are a true bear, you will support longshore as our qb. GO BEARS!!!!!!

  • Papabear

    I like Longshore. I think he has learned from his 4th quarter mistakes. In addition, with Best and Veeren, we can just run the entire 4th quarter. Longshore is quicker this year and his passes have a certain zip to them. I also love Riley and I think our future is bright, but Longshore is the man right now. I predict he throws for 3 TDs and the offense goes for 400 yards against U of A.

  • milo

    Enough of the Riley should start whining. I like the guy and thought it was great news he was named the starter at the beginning of the season. The thing is, he has been inconsistent, he starts slow and he doesn’t manage the game well.

    Longshore is by no means perfect but I sense the WRs are relaxed with him in there.

    With the new time clock, a fast start for the Bears is important. It forces the opponent to play catch up and it feeds the defensive turn overs which is where Cal lives.

    As long as Cal wins that’s what matters.

  • rollonubears

    when tedford said he wanted to start stronger, he changed the game plan. riley would have done just as well with a west coast offense. he got the short end of the stick on this one. i just hope we win.

  • michias

    After 2006 I was convinced that Longshore was going to be the perfect QB for the 2007 season. He has the size and strength and if mechanics were an issue, well who coaches mechanics better than Tedford. It was going to be fantastic!
    It wasn’t, as we all know. Fast forward to today and I still see all of the above but now I don’t know if Tedford can teach Nate how to read the defenses and throw on target. I don’t know if that can be taught.
    Tom Brady is a big, strong guy like Nate. Not too mobile but an absolute deadeye passer. Did he have that ability all along or did Billichick teach him? I dunno.
    I hope to god Longshore doesn’t throw away another season to the “other” team.


    I don’t mind that Longshore starts the game but I would prefer to see Riley finish it, especially if we’re behind! When was the last time that Longshore lead us to a come from behind victory? We have seen Riley have strong finishes and slow starts. Perpahs we use Riley as the closer and bring him in for the 4th Qtr.

  • Riley is great, but so is Nate Longshore. Show some support and get behind the Bears… There is a reason that Jeff Tedford is the highest paid University of California employee. He is a football genius. So to anyone who says that he is doing the wrong thing, are you making Tedford money to coach college or pro football? I didn’t think so. All these people catcalling Longshore at home suck. Show some support for the guy who earned the nod. GO BEARS!

  • Larry

    Who isn’t showing Longshore support this year? If he get a win fine, if he throws 3-4 Int and Cal loses, well then we will have come full circle (Actually full figure 8). Let’s see what happens on Saturday. I hope Longshore throws for 600 Yards and 6 Tds 0 Ints!
    Go Bears!

  • Dustin

    Glad to see some Longshore supporters out there. Those that boo him at games are not real fans.

    To 1BRSFAN, do you think that the fact that it says 4th quarter on the scoreboard makes Riley play better? I think it’s just that he takes a long time to get warmed up and into the game. That’s not going to get good results on the road. (See @ Washington St. and @ Maryland)

    I know Longshore has been inconsistent, but he had a very solid game against Arizona St. and got us off to the good start Tedford wanted.

  • The Real N8 Bear

    I’m not worried about NL starting.
    (1) NL demands personal redemption for the 2006 UofA celebration.
    (2) NL did a great job of getting us some early points against ASU.
    (3) In the MSU game JT had no problem pulling NL after he made avoidable mistakes with the 2d INT.
    (4) KR has proven his ability to rally the team, if need be.
    (5) NL’s got a great first name.

    Buehler, you make very good points, thank you.

    Go BEARS!!

  • Billy Bear

    Overheard in the U of A defensive huddle on Saturday night on a 3rd down passing situation late in the game.

    “Everybody meet 7 yards behind the center. Ready. Break!”

    Another missed chance to develop a future Rose Bowl QB. Instead we give Nate more prep work for his possible Sun Bowl MVP performance.

    Why all this talk of the new and improved Nate? He has peaked and so has Cal with him pulling the trigger.

    Play Riley Now!

  • Jake

    Whoa there Buehler!!! I would have a hard time calling Tedford a football genius. Has he done a great job for CAL football- Yes, absolutely. Has he fallen short- I would say yes again. Last year’s debacle was absolutely horrid. To see the talent level at CAL and not end up in the top 3 in the pac-10 was truly disappointing. Tedford has made some really bad calls in the past, and I do wish he gave Riley some of the same options I saw Longshore have 2 weeks ago against ASU. Where was the play action against Maryland? How about some bootleg or rollout passes? I think Longshore will be fine if our D supports him and hold AU in check. I am worried about NL in the 4th quarter though and when the game is on the line. I have yet to see him deliver, but maybe tomorrow will be his day. In any case, Go Bears!!!! Beat Arizona!!!!

  • Eric

    I believe that it continues to be a mistake not to play Riley. Even in his very short college career, he has consistently proven to make the throws that need to be made at critical times. The fact that he started “slow” in two games that were blowouts in our favor before half time is a silly reason to bench him. Nate showed me nothing in the Michigan State game, and was good (in the first half) and mediocre (in the second half) against ASU.

    But the fact that I believe Riley is the better option now and for the rest of the season does not mean AT ALL that I do not support Nate. Nothing would make any Cal fan more happy than to see Nate throw for 300 yards, Jahvid and Shane each run for 100 yards because the AZ defense has no idea what is happening to them, and Stoops melt down down on the side line because he can’t understand how to stop it.


  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Jason Buehler Says:
    October 17th, 2008 at 12:11 pm
    There is a reason that Jeff Tedford is the highest paid University of California employee. He is a football genius.
    Pete Carroll = football genius
    Pete Carroll = best value in college football
    Pete Carroll = legend in only 7 years of coaching
    Pete Carroll = gives back to the community

  • K.O.

    All I know is, that last year the chemistry was not strong on the team. Ask any coach if he would prefer talent over chemistry and 95% will say chemistry. Whether Riley or Nate it does not matter as much as playing as a team and knowing that your teamate will have your back. That is what is happening with our defense right now and the offense needs the same. My only worry is talking about future games….ONE GAME AT A TIME….or you can get beat by anyone. Tedford has learned from his mistakes last year and he has this team on track. Team spirit means rooting for whoever is out there on the field playing and encouraging each other in up AND down times. I predict Cal will only get better and will come out tonight and eat some cat!!!!!! Go Bears!!!!!

  • Gary Kilpatric

    Tedford turned this program around. I guess most of you are too young to have lived through the years on misery relieved only by very few moments of joy (ie. The play, Bruce Snyder (who never beat Sanford) and Mike White). Remember Miracle Marriucci who won the first six and lost the next plus the bowl game and left for the 49ers. Remember what Tedford did with the same team that had gone 1-10 the year before. Isn’t this his first DI head coaching job? I guess you have to have been a long suffering Bear Backer since the says of Pappy Waldorf to be able to put things in perspective. Lighten up and enjoy the good times. P.S. Jon, you are awesome!