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Football: Final stats

By Jonathan Okanes
Saturday, October 25th, 2008 at 5:47 pm in Gameday.

Total yards: UCLA 253, Cal 385

Rushing: Coleman 4-6, Best 17-115, 1 TD; Vereen 14-99, Slocum 5-34.

Passing: Craft 17-35-4 206, Riley 11-22 153, 2 TD

Receiving: Embree 5-90, Johnson 5-47, Ross 3-44, Boateng 2-67, 1 TD

Tackles: Moore 9, Thompson 10.

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  • discdude

    JO, can you explain this?

    “Neuheisel curiously called timeouts after each of the Bears’ three kneeldowns in the final seconds, forcing Cal to run a handful of running plays.”

    Were they “practicing” timeouts?

  • Jan K Oski

    Hey Disc, I was just talking to a friend from the East Coast about the game, and he mentioned Slick Rick was annoyed that Riley threw for a TD, when the game was already decided. Perhaps, we should add another adjective to his name. Slick Poor-Sport Rick.

    Go Bears!

  • Discdude

    If that’s true, then cry me a river, Slick Rick. When you have an offense like Cal’s that needs work, you work on it. It’s not like Cal put up 60+. And if I recall, the offense only had 2 TDs and 2 field goals at that point, the defense put up the other 14. Maybe he should have just had Forcier take a knee and we could have ended the game even quicker?