Basketball: One more thing from media day

USC coach Tim Floyd has landed some of the nation’s best talent the past couple years — O.J. Mayo before the 2007-08 season, freshman DeMar DeRozan this year.

Talent attracts talent, and one of USC’s other freshmen apparently believes he has selling power, too.

Floyd told the story of Percy Romeo Miller, the son of rapper of Master P who starred in his own Nickelodeon TV show, “Romeo,” from 2003 to 2006.

The Trojans were hosting five basketball recruits one weekend last month, and the entire group — including coaches, players, prospects and their parents — was enjoying dinner out in L.A.

“Percy was going to host one of the players,” Floyd said, meaning that it was his assignment to spend time with the prospect after the grownups went home for the night.

“Coach, which two of these players do you really want?” Miller asked Floyd.

“That guy and that guy,” Floyd said, pointing out his favorites.

“Consider it done,” Miller said, throwing a sudden chill into Floyd.

“He’s worth plenty of money,” Floyd noted. “I said, `Percy, please don’t buy these guys.’ I think it’s the first time a coach has ever had to say that to a player.”

Miller, a 5-foot-11 guard, averaged 13.9 points and 5.6 assists last season at Beverly Hills High.

Jeff Faraudo

  • discdude

    Wow, that’s good recruiting, Tim. Nice work. Don’t forget to check their grades.

  • RBB

    Riiiiiggghht, Floyd doesn’t want lil Romeo to buy them. Uh huh.

    Wow, Floyd is well on his way to out-scumbag-ing Pete Carroll.