Football: Thursday night update

OK, let’s get this out of the way first: Kevin Riley will start at quarterback Saturday.

It’s looking more and more like Cal’s offensive line is going to be a big storyline against Oregon. As expected, coach Jeff Tedford confirmed Donovan Edwards will get his first career start at right tackle because of the injuries to starter Chet Teofilo (ankle) and backup Matt Laird (shoulder).

But the situation is getting worse. It now looks like right guard Noris Malele wont’ be able to go because of a sprained ankle suffered at the beginning of practice Tuesday. Malele was still in a boot Thursday and missed practice again. Tedford stopped short of completely ruling him out, but it doesn’t appear realistic that he will play.

It was also obvious the Bears aren’t counting on Malele because Tedford spoke about his expectations of backup Justin Cheadle.

“He’s a young guy and now it’s his turn to step up,” Tedford said. “Now is his opportunity. We have a lot of confidence in him. We’re sure that he’ll play hard and give his best effort.”

That means the Bears’ starting offensive line will look like this:

LT – Mitchell Schwartz, LG – Mark Boskovich, C – Alex Mack, RG Justin Cheadle, RT Donovan Edwards.

That’s not exactly the offenisve line tehe Bears envisioned when the season started. Only Mack and Schwartz are left from the starters at the beginning of the season, and Schwartz began the year at right tackle.

Edwards played the latter stages of last week’s win over UCLA.

“It’s going to be a deal where he has to get in there and get his feet wet,” Tedford said. “I”m sure he’ll be anxious but we have confidence in him. He’ll get in there and do some good things.”

The assignment for Edwards in his first career start won’t be easy. He’ll face the task of matching up with Oregon defensive ends Nick Reed and Will Tukuafu, who have combined for 14 sacks on the season.

Besides the offensive line, the Bears actually are pretty healthy. Jahvid Best is ready to go at tailback. All 11 starters on defense practiced in full on Thursday.

Giorgio Tavecchio is continuing as the placekicker.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Ducks by 14…that’s points not sacks on Riley and Longshore. Bear fans will be in their booing mode by the 1st Q.

  • toparchitect

    You really are a Mor*&(^, aren’t you. The Bears D# will proof you damn wrong, and Riley will make you sick with his mighty throws to the end zone.

    Go back to your troll hole, and suck your thumb in tremble as*$%*&.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    It’s gonna rain. Plan on 50K in the stadium. 20K will be Duck fans. The other 30K will root for whichever team has the ball.

  • Tyler M.

    Hey MoreNCsarecoming,

    You should find another blog and I think I speak for most who read this blog. No one appreciates your comments. Sorry man.

  • sancho

    Morenwhatever,you are a closet bear fan, just admit it.You post on here more than anyone so just admit it and come out of the closet.By the way, your name is real creative.MORONS ARE COMING????What kind of name is that???It does fit your comments though.hahahahaha

  • golden bear

    I’ll double that. Man, you got some hate in you for Cal. I think you should get some help but mostly, just get away. You are not wanted. And the sad thing is, I think you get off on that.

  • Davidson

    Don’t worry about MoreNC. She didn’t even go to USC (mills college instead, hehe) and even proclaimed that she just picked the best team to root for…classic front runner. When Carrol leaves USC and USC their dominance recedes, I seriously wonder if she’ll continue to be a fan. But whatever.

    I’m nervous about our offensive line now, I really hope they do a lot of designed runs of Riley to get him out of the pocket. I hope our Defense steps up and gives us the edge. GO BEARS!!!

  • skrappyO

    Playing against the #1, and #2 sack leaders in the league with backups? Could get ugly quick….

  • Bear1964

    We had 200 yards rushing last year against USC in the rain. Can repeat that performance? A big “if” given the health of our O-line.

    On defense, don’t forget Oregon’s big back. Look what USC’s Chauncey Washington (200+ yards) did to Cal in the rain.

    Defensive front seven and O-line will win or lose the game for Cal; as they do most weeks.

    Go Bears!

  • milo

    …trollin’, trollin’, trollin…

  • Jan K Oski

    JO, thanks for sharing the bleek news… At least, Cal will have some serious experience to build on the O-line next year…

    Since the lame ducks practice in their indoor practice field, and the Bears were practicing in the rain or on a wet Memorial Stadium field, yesterday, the advantage goes to the Bears.

    Bear fans, you’ve been called out! Are you going to come late or not at all to the game, because of a little rain? It’s football weather! Let’s enjoy it!

    Go Bears!

  • Sodium Calcitrate

    MoreNCsarecoming (aka Amy, Alcindor 9dwarfs) was at UC Davis as of 2 years ago; at least that what was reported by a board moderator who was fed up with her antics (presumably taken from her IP address). She’s made herself a nuisance and has been banned under a variety of pseuodnames from just about every board on the net. For some reason, not here. Yet.

  • bearfanforlife

    I think the ducks will pull this won off. I don’t think that we can match their speed on offense and their tenacity on defense. Our offensive line is in shambles and unfortunately its going to be a long day. Can’t wait for basketball season.

  • BlueNGold

    Moron the Troll was completely wrong about the outcome of the UCLA game. Why would anyone take his/her opinions about the Oregon game at all seriously?

  • skrappyO

    Maybe she has seen both teams play.

  • DuckOfPyke

    Jan K Oski-

    Oregon has three practice facilities: Indoors, grass outdoors and turf outdoors. Oregon has practiced outdoors all week and the staff has been dunking the footballs in a water bucket during practice to prepare for a rain game. Oregon will be ready for that part of the game.

    It should be a close game. Whichever team wins the TO battle will win the game.

  • GBear


    MoreNCsarecoming Says:
    October 24th, 2008 at 9:22 am
    PUCLA will easily cover the spread. Give the coaching edge to PUCLA.

    Norm Chow (former USC OC) will carve up the D. Watch for many many short passes that go right into the middle.

    Also he will run against you until you can show that you can stop it.Their D is better than yours and they will put a lot of heat on Longshore once they stop your run game. Longshore will be ineffective, he will throw a couple of picks late in the game and the boos will come raining down in Sourberry Canyon.

    PUCLA in a close one.

    Cal 41 UCLA 20, yep real close.

  • Davidson

    I kinda of enjoy it when it rains at Memorial stadium.

    If we win, it won’t matter, if we lose, then being a little wet won’t make me less miserable.

  • toparchitect

    I got all the gears ready and prepare for the rain, even if it is a storm. I want to see the bear claws tearing out the lame duck in person. Even this game will be on the TV. There is no comparision.

    Go Bears!

    And, regards to the NC guy, I think he didn’t got admitted to Cal, even if he want to. Or, he got kick out. He need to see a psychiatrist or a counseling therapist.

  • kira

    Hey Jan K Oski:

    You sure got it right about the Ducks only practicing indoors when it rains. Must be why they have spent the past two days sticking footballs in a bucket of water while they practice. Silly me, I thought a degree from Berkely actually meant something.

    Cal Football – 50 years since winning a game that meant anything.

  • BayAreaDuck

    Going to the game. Not real excited about the rain. It rained the four years I was in Eugene, that’s why I came back home. Should be a good one – all about the quarterbacks and turnovers.

    BTW, the Ducks are practicing outdoors, and they are soaking the footballs to get ready for the condidtions. But I think the weather is a non-factor, really it’s just an excuse for the team that loses.

  • roach coach

    This will be a hard fought game in the trenches and I expect both teams will struggle to move the ball in the rain. One or two key turnovers will determine the winner (Bears). 50k rabid bears fans in the rain beats 70k sissy fair weather types on a sunny day. With ample Jim Beam in my system, every little neon yellow ducky on the field will hear my voice ringing between the walls of their respective helmets. And when Follet delivers a game ending blow to Masoli, we will erupt in song… you know it, you tell the story, you tell the whole damn world this is BEAR TERRITORY!

    GO BEARS! waddle back to Eugene little duckies.