Football: Gameday links

–Here’s our story today, a midseason report with the season halfway done.

–And here’s our brief notebook, focusing on left guard Mark Boskovich’s journey to the starting lineup.

–The L.A. Times looks at the matchups and factors going into today’s game.

–Here are some notes from the L.A. Daily News, focusing on UCLA and its defense’s chances against Cal’s offense.

–Apparently, the Bruins think this is a pretty big rivalry game.

More on the game from the Orange County Register.


Football: Greetings from Memorial

Just got settled in the press box here after enjoying some nice conversations with members of the 1959 Rose Bowl team. The team is having a pregame get-together and will be honored on the field between the third and fourth quarters of today’s game.

It is an absolutely gorgeous day for football. I’ll check back in a little later, especially when we find out who is starting at quarterback. Also, stay tuned for some links in a few minutes.