Football: From the press room

A couple of quick nuggets:

–Jeff Tedford said he didnt’ know the severity of Kevin Riley’s concussion. Riley told Tedford he was starting to feel better in the second half, but the team didn’t want to take the risk.

–Mike Mohamed led the Bears with 14 tackles.

–Cal’s players already were talking about Saturday’s showdown at USC. The Bears are one-half game behind the Trojans in the Pac-10 standings.

–Cal defensive coordinator Bob Gregory called it one of the best defensive performances since he’s been at Cal.

–The Bears defenders referred to themselves as a “swarm of bees” because they wore all gold Saturday.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • toparchitect

    Thank you JO for the updates.

    Thank God Riley is O.K.

    I agree with Bob that the D# is superb today. And, the gold jersey is still remain defeated.

    Show down show down……down the trollies.

    Go Bears!

  • N8Bear

    are they allow’d to wear those golds away?

  • CalAlum97

    Yo MoronisComing, where’s your loud moronic mouth now, huh? We’re gunning for the Trojenz this week. We may win, we may lose, but point is $C is running scared right now. Why? Because they respect Cal. Something you can never admit due to massive amounts of trauma to your brain. Sorry son but Cal is a real threat and everyone but you will admit it. Loser…

  • Vote 4 Mack!


  • BluenGold

    Hey Jan, your link does not work!

  • Blue, If you simple shortened the address, it would have… Here’s a direct link to Alex Mack’s page, though.


    Go Bears!

  • Johan Sebastian Best

    Hey Jonathan,

    In your Thursday chats, it seems like there’s always a bunch of questioners who joke around with weird chat names. Their questions can be kind of goofy. Do you find it funny and a good thing? Or are they more annoying to you as a consummate professional?

    -J.S. Best

  • BluenGold

    Thanks Jan- I used the link you posted, but got the ‘unable to open’ error message. The link to his page works fine though.

  • Top Dog Kielbasa

    Yes, please vote for Mack. The link to Alex’s page works and he is currently 5th. Go Mack and go Bears!

  • I failed to mention that you can vote everyday. Put the link on your favorites and help the Mack, Cal and PAC-10 gain some recogntion. Mack has been stuck at 7%, but he just moved up to 8%! So, keep on voting Cal fans!

    Go Bears!

  • blitz boy

    Why does Mack use a Lollipop snap to Longshore instead of a line drive type. The Lollipop variety leads to a rhythm disruption.

  • toparchitect

    One thing I see what JT need to do is to mix up some action play. Yesterday’s game or all the games before lacked of action play. The runs were so predictable and got nail right on. Don’t expect that the bear can run down hill death on the middle and can get away.

    Try something totally new for the SC game, I hope. Like the flicker on the UCLA game executed beautifully to the end zone.

    Go Bears! I love to see an up set. beat $C.