Football: Thursday night update

OK, let’s get right to the topic I’m sure you’re interested in. Unfortunately, I don’t have any definitive news about the quarterbacks. Jeff Tedford said tonight no decision had yet been made who will start Saturday. I can tell you that Kevin Riley didn’t seem to have any ill-effects from yesterday’s practice and practiced in full again. He and Nate Longshore once again split first-team reps.

Right guard Noris Malele returned to full capacity and seemed to be moving OK on the sprained ankle. Malele was back in his normal position taking first team reps, but Tedford said they will have to see how responds tomorrow in terms of soreness. Tedford still said there’s a possibility Malele will start. If not, Justin Cheadle will be back in there.

Donovan Edwards will start once again at right tackle. Matt Summers-Gavin will back up Mitchell Schwartz at left tackle and actually got some reps with the first team.

Backup safety Sean Cattouse is being held out of practice. He suffered a concussion last week against Oregon. Tedford said Cattouse was supposed to undergo some tests Thursday night and his status is uncertain for Saturday.

Defensive coordinator Bob Gregory said nose tackle Derrick Hill will be limited a bit Saturday as he continues to battle a shoulder sprain and a lingering knee injury. Mika Kane will start. Gregory reiterated that defensive end Rulon Davis will see time as a reserve.

The Bears leave for Los Angeles on Friday afternoon. Tedford said he was pleased with the morale of the team heading into the game.

“I feel like the mood is good,” he said. “I think we really had a good week of preparation. There’s a quiet confidence about them. They’re not overzealous and not too amped up. I won’t worry about their emotion when we get to the game.”

After starting last week, linebacker Mike Mohamed will go back to backing up all four linebacker positions. Gregory said Mohamed might as well be a fifth starter because he ends up getting more reps than anyone else each game.

“Mike is so good that we can’t start him,” Gregory said. “He really is a starter. We really have five starters. I wish we could play all five. We might need to this week.”

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Jan K Oski

    Cattouse had a concussion, too? Was that ever reported before today, JO? Thursday night is cutting it a little close for a player who has been so pivotal in two games. I guess someone was to busy hiding Riley’s helmet to notice Cattouse’s situation.

    Go Bears!

  • Kathy

    I think the Bears have a great chance to do well this weekend if the defense continues and the offense must step up – it won’t matter which QB we need the one who is on fire! But defense will be huge USC is already looking at the BCS – let’s go out and play.

  • Mack Attack

    Are there any updates on recruiting? From what I’ve seen Cal has really fallen off this year. I know it’s early, but in comparison to USC, UCLA, Oregon and even Stanford, Cal doesn’t seem to be pulling any big names. I know they got a solid RB coming in and a legit QB, but they have a stable of good RB’s and Masion (the third string QB) was highly touted coming in (i.e. those are positions that Cal seems to have depth at). What about D-linemen or more linebackers for the 3-4 scheme they’re now implementing?

  • Haashole

    Second the recruiting question – we are a better team having a better year than UCLA, Oregon and Stanford…isn’t the prospect of a great coaching staff, great academics, supportive student body and revamped stadium / facilities enticing to recruits? Am I missing something here? After a couple great years it seems that we have fallen off on the trail a bit, some of which would be expected after last season but seems that we are taking quite awhile to recover. JO – any thoughts?

  • toparchitect

    Yeah! I am kinda worry about that too. Until the HPAC is up, its hard to convince the recruits anymore. The delay of the construction of it seems effecting the recruiting quite a bit.

    This comming Sat. is big. If SC fall, Cal will have a chance to go Rose Bowling and will rank some where in the top 10 if they remain undefeated from now on, that will help Cal to have more undecided top recruits to join in.

    Go Bears, Beat the trollist, PLEASE……

  • John

    Cal has a lot of solid/great prospects who haven’t given verbals yet but are high on the program and is in the race for the best defensive end prospect in the country. Washington’s top player has also said Cal is leading the way but won’t commit til signing day.

    There won’t be too many available scholarships at the end of this year either. Don’t be worried until signing day.

  • bChoi!

    Doesn’t Cal usually make a really late push with recruiting? It seems like every year, Cal is usually ‘behind’ with recruiting early and then its class solidifies as signing day approaches. Keeping my fingers crossed…

  • Jan K Oski

    Wise words, John. Guys take a look at Cal Sports Digest list of Prospects. There are a lot of quality players on the list, and 4-star MLB Boseko Lokobomo from BC and 4-star WR Adam Hall from Arizona is visiting the week of the Big Game. Tedford looks to be pulling off one of his late recruiting classes, so be patient. The recruiting game is far from over. And, if Hairball goes to the Raiders or Niners, Stanfurd will lose some of those recruits. But, why are we talking about recruiting, when the biggest game of the year is tomorrow?

    Go BEARS!
    BEAT $C!

  • Davidson

    I’m surprised Cattouse has a concussion. In his post-game interview, he looked fine. Although, he seemed a bit slow, it came off as “i’m playin it cool” like any college student. Can anyone rememeber any play that would have resulted in a concussion for him?

  • DanTheCalFan

    It’s nice to see a little concern about recruiting. Tedford had his worst recruiting class last year. He can not afford another subpar class. Yet, Cal has very few verbals (5) at this stage and the way recruiting is these days, you lock guys early. Mack Attack is spot on in stating that Cal trails SC (what else is new there), UCLA, Oregon and Stanford. Additionally, ASU and Arizona are about par with Cal right now. This is potentially a huge concern. Talent is getting better than Cal more widely and deeply across the conference.
    You can blame it on facilities, but Tedford has had top 15 classes in the past with these same poor facilities. He doesn’t seem to be able to do that anymore- that is about more than facilities.
    If this is another weak recruiting class, this will be an issue in a few years.