Football: Postgame quick hitters

–Jahvid Best’s career-best 201-yard performance gives him 1,083 yards rushing this season, making it the seventh straight year — in other words, every year Jeff Tedford has been at Cal — that the Bears have had a 1,000-yard rusher.

–For the record, Best is credited with 14 receiving yards — not rushing — on the hook-and-ladder play with Verran Tucker.

–Cal just installed that hook-and-ladder play on Thursday and only practiced it a few times. Quarterback Kevin Riley said it was because they noticed on film that Stanford’s corners really rush to the inside on those inside screens. That’s exactly what happened on the play.

–Bryan Anger’s 76-yard punt was the fourth-longest in school history. His 60.2 average for the day easily set a new Cal record, beating Andrew Larson’s previous best of 55.8 set last year against Oregon State.

–Cameron Morrah’s now has seven TD catches, tying Tom Swoboda’s school record for most scoring catches by a tight end in a season.

–Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh visited the interview/press room after the game to congratulate Tedford on the win. The two coaches couldn’t get to each other immediately after the game because of all the people on the field. Tedford did the exact same thing last year after Stanford won, going to Stanford’s locker room because he couldn’t shake Harbaugh’s hand on the field.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • JV

    Hook-and-“lateral.” Sorry, just a pet peeve.

  • Dmo28

    Hairball has a good team. We just got them on a bad day today. It was kind of like the Oregon game, a game in which I feel we were very lucky to win. The ball could have bounced either way. The difference for me today was 3 things:
    1) Jahvid is healthy again. When he’s at 100%, it’s scary to think about what he can do with a small crease, or an inventive trick play. -I asked him in the postgame rush,
    “Seriously how healthy were you today”, and his answer was
    “90%, but tell everyone else 100% cuz I feel just fine now”, afterwards to me on the field.

    2) Our defense is bend but break, but also + SOME WARRIORS. Tyson Alualu, how many times are we going to hear his name said by the announcers wrong? It’s “AHL-OOH-AHL-OOH”, I’ve asked him myself. But my point is, this guy is a fricking beast. He’s maybe our best DE/DT combo ever. He’s relentless, sturdy, tough, strong, fast, and always motoring. Plus I heard the coaches just think he is “a pretty scary guy” in all the best ways.
    Follett is a stud and deserves to be an All-American. I singled him out today about a dozen times on defense, and about 90% of the time, he either bulldozed a blocker, Quarterback, or receiver. The man is just filfthy disruptive. I remember talking to him outside Eastside West the night after his freshman year game vs. SC at home, in which he head-butted a helmetless Lendale White. It was a cool experience. I had watched the game that day and wondered, dejectedly back to my buddy’s bar on Greenwich, and I got really drunk and thought how cool it would be if I were to run into one of the players to get their reaction on the loss. Well, around 12:30, I went outside to sniff the pizza outside and get some fresh air, and I look to my right and Zack Follett is standing there next to me. I asked him about that play and he said he really felt bad about that, and at the time didn’t realize how bad it looked. But after the game, he said he did walk up to him after the game and apologize personally. I knew from then on that he was good kid because he wasn’t inside drinking and he felt bad about a cheap hit. From then on he’s been alright in my book.

    3) Trick plays. We need to see more of them!!!

  • Jake

    Riley still didn’t look very good. But the difference today was the ability to run the ball with a healthy Jahvid Best, and not asking Riley to do too much. Having a good game plan, and calling the right plays. Riley can make throws (3TD passes), but is definitely not ready to stick one in, which makes it hard to convert on 3rd downs. I hope he works out his timing and his confidence, because if KR can actually become the QB that all the fans were hoping for and Cignetti calls games next year like the 3rd quarter today, it could be a lot of fun!!!!

  • Pug

    I got worried when Riley overlooked the wide open tight end and instead lofted up an interception in the end zone in the first quarter. He’s still young, though, and he’ll be better next season. He’s still struggling.

    If the Beavs beat the Ducks, it’s starting to look like a Holiday Bowl game is very possible. Maybe against Missouri. That would be a tough game.

  • Frustrated Old Bear


    Why didn’t Tedford take a knee for the last two plays of the game?

    He took a knee in the magical 2004 season in the last game against Southern Mississippi when he needed to impress voters.

    Did something happen during the game?

  • Bear 707

    Stat of the game:

    One reception–Tucker–to our receivers.

    What’s the problem?

    Poor QB play? Receivers can’t get open?

    Watching the speedy OSU receivers against Arizona last night made me think our receivers have a problem getting open.

  • Wags94596

    Frustrated Old Bear,

    Nothing wrong with NOT taking a knee but instead, running between the tackles and straight up the middle. JT is still a CLASS act!

    Meanwhile, Cal’s incredible defensive effort moves them from #5 last week up to #2 ( tied with Missouri ) for “Red Zone” Defense . . . while ‘Furd drops from #1 ( had been tied with Oklahoma ) back down to #11.

    Great job by the coaching staff making the right “adjustments” for the 111th Big Game!


  • RollOnBears

    @ FrustratedOldBear

    IIRC, Stanford still had timeouts.

  • BearFan1

    Riley has not looked good for most of the season. It seems like this year we either have high risk high reward Longshore or consistently mediocre Riley. I don’t think Tedford can be happy with Riley’s ability. It will be interesting to see if Mansion could push Riley for the job next year.

  • milo

    Well Cal Fans, the Bears won. Cal has the Axe and Stanfurd is down. Times are good.

    Beyond that, why pick at scabs and whine about weakness. Cal will in all likelihood be 8-4 this season. The Holmoe years alone should suggest that Cal football is doing just fine, if not perfect. The passing game will be figured out next year, one way or another.

  • Will

    Good point Milo, especially since this is a rebuilding year where the offensive line has been decimated. Almost everyone will return next year. The only major loss on offense is Mack, which is a big loss, but hopefully Guarnero won’t be a huge drop-off. On defense, we lose our LB’s which will be huge, but Mohamed and Eddie Young will be returning, and our secondary is in tact.

    I think as Riley builds rapport with his receivers, he’ll get better, as will our receivers. 8-4 isn’t a bad season when you have a team returning most starters the following year, especially in the era of $C dominance.

  • Rocko

    I think he watched the end of the USC-Stanford game when they were out of the game and were going to try a FG. USC called a TO and then Stanford threw a pass for a TD at games end. I think if Stanford had just let the time run out and take the loss with class in the SC game, Tedford would have done the same.

  • Calduke

    I don’t see how Best got 201 yds rushing. Wasn’t that 50 yard play on the first series a forward pass?

    Riley had 152 yds against one of the worst pass defenses in the country. Will more snaps help him overcome poor vision, bad decisions and off target to wide open receivers? I hope he practices alot during the off season. I hope Brock Mansion can get one quarter of play in the Washington game.

    Great game Cal and renewed some positive vibes!! Things are looking good for next year
    BUT- KR is not a QB to take it to the next level.

  • Shredder

    On the last drive of the 1st quarter, Riley was credited with a completion and reception of six yards in the final stat sheet. This must be a mistake. Who really caught the ball?

  • Teff EdFord (also from Concord)

    Nope, that first play was a lateral. Best is back, along with Vereen -just win, baby!
    We don’t need no stinkin'(literally) downfield passing game to the receivers(at least not until the bowl game).
    Go Beav’s, looking forward to a few days in San Diego…

  • Jan K Oski

    Hey Duke, Let’s get back to reality! Our Bears still have a work-in-progress on the O-line. Based upon that, to say that Riley can’t take us to a next level equals complete ignorance on your part as to what has happened this season. Here’s lesson #1 for you, football games are won and loss in the trenches. Reflect on Texas Tech’s loss to Oklahoma for a perfect example.

    Then, there’s the fact that Vereen easily caught Riley’s long ball and ran after the catch for a TD. Which of Cal’s WR have been able to do at all this year? Instead, they’ve been more consistant in dropping passes and running poor routes. If I have to watch Best and Vereen RECEIVING the bulk of Cal’s big plays next year, I’m going to be pleased.

    Still, Cal won by 21 points with Cignetti’s best play calling of the year where mistakes (penalties and fumbles/INTs) were few. Lesson #2 a team that utilities its strengths (running game) and avoids its weaknesses (passing game) usually wins. But, some of you fans will never be satisfied until Cal wins a National Title. Gotta wonder who really are a Spoiled Children…

    Holiday Bowl, here we come!
    Go BEARS!

  • Calduke

    Jan O

    Riley missed a pass to wide-wide open Morah in the 1st qtr when the pass rush had nothing to do with it.(quite posssibly a TD)

    He threw an interception at the goal line when Morah was standing straight in front of him, in clear view,
    and the pass rush was not a factor in the decision.He had already made up his mind he was going to throw in that direction-no matter what.
    I agree, the O Line is a mess, but, my comments deal with those obvious miscues by Riley. Receivers? maybe this year’s Frosh can get healthy and step up.

    Spoiled? At the beginning of the year I thought an 8 win season was stretching it a bit – but – they did it and it turned out to be a great year. I’m afraid that with Riley it will be 8 win seasons in the future, also. I hope he can step up and take it to the next level, but, it seems to be a struggle.

    BTW, has something happened to RB Covan(sp?) Deboskie

  • Will


    No, I think Deboskie is just redshirting, I may be wrong though. Why use him when we’ve got two studs already?

    I tend to agree with Jan, I think the problems stem from the o-line. It’s a cycle, I think. It’s hard for Riley to stay focused when he’s getting pressured all the time, so even when he has the time to throw, he’ll make an errant pass. I think he’s made his share of mistakes, but hey, he’s only a sophomore. This is a part of the growing pains.

  • Jan K Oski

    Correct, Will. Covaughn Deboskie is BLUE-shirting and playing on the scout team. I discussed his situation on BearInsider with his dad, Mr. Johnson, and he said the coaches are hoping that Cov can reach 220 lb to give the Bears the big back dimension. Then again, Yarnway is already 210 lb, so there will be some fine competition at the RB position for years to come.

    By the way, did anyone hear about former $C big back Lendale White’s latest antics? Tom Tolbert opined on KNBR that “[Lendale] is only good for 1 or 2 yards per carry and will never be 20 carry-per-game back.” I guess being big and from $C doesn’t always guarantee success against teams like the Young-led Longhorns or any team in the NFL.

    Mr. T also thought that Riley will be better next year, when he knows its his position and another year with the same set of WR. He didn’t think Riley poor numbers where an indication that he is incapable of playing to a higher level, especially with the mediocre play of the Wide-outs.

    Go BEARS!

  • John

    That’s not a good assessment of LenDale. I don’t think he’s watched a lot of his snaps this year. He’d be a fantastic back if his lazy butt lost some weight because he always get that extra yardage if the line blocks decently. He has nimble feet. If he had watched the games, he would have seen this.

  • BearFan1

    Thanks for the insight Jan. It’s great to know what Tom Tolbert, a former basketball player mind you, thinks about the development of a college quarterback. It’s OK everyone, Riley will be great because Tom Tolbert said as much.

  • Jake

    I think Riley will be fine next year as long as the coaching and play calling are there. The success of the Big Game was getting the ball out of Riley’s hands quickly to the playmakers (Best, Morrah, Vereen, etc). It seemed in earlier games this year, he was always looking downfield and holding on to the ball too long. Two things that did not bode well with our porous O-line.

    I think Riley can make the throws. And I’m excited to see Cignetti begin to call plays this year that aren’t asking him to do too much. Let Riley finish the year with confidence, work hard in the off-season, then we see what he can really do next year when he’s not looking over his shoulder.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Two words describe the value of playing for USC…

    Matt Cassell

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    I spoke with an Old Blue today (a friend of daddy’s). He told me that everything was great about the Big Game until the fans rushed the field. To hear him say it “Why would you rush the field after beating a cupcake in order to finish 3rd or 4th in the Pac10 for the rights to go to a minor bowl game.” He said those kind of experiences should be saved for when the team has locked up the Rose Bowl or when it has beaten ………… USC.

    Smart football fan.

  • Jake

    More NC’s,

    I think you and Old Blue miss the point of the fans rushing the field. Did the students rush the field after beating UCLA? How about ASU?

    This was a rivalry game, where CAL took back the Axe and returned it to where it rightfully should be. So I don’t think the fans going out on the field was about beating a “cupcake to finish 3rd or 4th to go to a minor bowl.” And frankly, it is refreshing to see CAL be successful the last few years, since we have had a long losing history in the Holmoe era.

    It’s disappointing to me that you are even on this blog at all, because you never have anything constructive to say about CAL football. And I don’t really understand what you are trying to prove. I don’t think anyone, incl. Old Blue (a friend of daddy’s), would argue that USC isn’t a better team and Pete Carroll is a better coach (look at the past record). I, for one, know that that is the measuring stick. Until we conquer that mountain (beating USC in case you didn’t understand my analogy), we have reached the next level. So you can keep blowing hot air, trying to convince us that USC is better than CAL. But I don’t think that is something a “smart football fan” should need to do.

  • Will

    +1 to Jake.

    Also, thanks MoreNC’s for using a dictionary this time. Or spell check. Or whatever you used, since we know you can’t write coherently on your own. It’s much appreciated.

  • Golden Bear


    Did you meet this old blue in your therapist’s office, or in line at the pharmacy for your meds?

    3 years medical leave from school? THat’s a mental breakdown!

  • BlueNGold

    Why would ANYONE encourage moron the troll’s rantings by responding to him/her? This idiot picked Cal to lose every one of it’s games, was only right four out of eleven times, and then it was for all the wrong reasons. Each time the wrong prediction is made, he/she tries to deflect attention away from his/her stupidity by posting complete BS about showing class, rushing the field and other irrelevant nonsense. Let’s all resist the temptation to respond coherently to the delusional drivel that this clown insists on spewing here. Watch where you step, the place is covered with troll droppings!!

  • Jonathan Okanes

    Frustrated, I wouldn’t make too much of it. With reserves in, I’m sure he was just getting them some work.

  • Teff EdFord (also from Concord)

    The nurse in the blue scrubs with the keys to your straightjacket probably isn’t an old blue, but the fact that you can imagine that and then re-type it (they let you on a computer) means you’re progressing nicely, I’m happy for you.

    Hell, I’d expect the Cougar fans to rush the field after winning the crapple cup this year…it’s a rivalry game numnuts, it’s something college football fans do, unlike the pros/U$C bandwagon fans…and I’ll do it as often as I can.

    Bummer Riley didn’t give me his helmet like that kid got in ’06 from Longshore.