Basketball: Revisiting Bears’ first defeat

Here’s my story from the Sunday paper on Cal’s 80-77 loss to Florida State in the championship game of the Global Sports Classic. The Bears return to action Wednesday night at Haas Pavilion against a 4-0 DePaul club.

Jeff Faraudo

  • milo

    Listened to the game last night. FSU took it to Cal. Despite losing I really like how Monty handled the game in the final 2 minutes and how Cal rallied and got close.

    If there’s a plus side it’s a better understanding of their game and knowing Cal can rally pretty fierce although in this case for naught.

    As the aggressive heads-up play goes and 3-pt drops…so goes Cal. I think Monty already figured some of this out with his comments about resting the front 5 and a bigger rotation.

  • sodium

    With the type of talent that he’s got, losing by 3 to FSU is a minor miracle. Last year, Braun’s team — with a heck of a lot more talent — would’ve gotten blown out. Looks like MM’s not done yet with his coaching career. In a few years, look out PacX.

  • sancho

    morons are coming from sc.HAHAHA