Football: Team awards

Cal held its annual end-of-the-year banquet tonight and handed out its team awards. Here is the rundown:

–KEN HARVEY AWARD (Player showing special academic commitment and improvement): Bernard Hicks

–EVERETT MERRIMAN AWARD (Player demonstrating a commitment to community service): Sean Young

–DINK ARTAL AWARD (Player best exemplifying Cal spirit): Devin Bishop


–KEN COTTON AWARD (Most courageous player): Anthony Felder (defense), Nate Longshore (offense)

–LIFTER OF THE YEAR: Dominic Galas (freshman), Anthony Felder (senior)

–SCOUT TEAM PLAYERS OF THE YEAR: Beau Sweeney and Spencer Ladner (offense), Aaron Tipoti and Nick Rosato (defense) and Charles Satchell (special teams)

–SCHLESSINGER COACHES AWARD (Outstanding athletic ability, academic success and community service): Alex Mack

–BOB TESSIER AWARD (Most improved offensive and defensive linemen): Mitchell Schwartz (offense), Rulon Davis (defense)

–BRICK MULLER AWARD (Most valuable offensive and defensive linemen): Alex Mack (offense), Tyson Alualu (defense).

–BOB SIMMONS AWARD (Most valuable freshman): Bryan Anger

–J. SCOTT DUNCAN AWARD (Most valuable special teams player): Mike Mohamed


–ANDY SMITH AWARD (Player with the most Big C playing time: Syd’Quan Thompson

–BERKELEY BREAKFAST CLUB AWARD (Outstanding player in the Big Game): Jahvid Best (offense), Zack Follett (defense)

–MOST VALUABLE BACK: Jahvid Best (offense), Syd’Quan Thompson (defense)

–JOE ROTH AWARD: Will Ta’ufo’ou

–CORT MAJORS AWARD (Team captains): Alex Mack (offense), Zack Follett (defense)

–BEAR BACKERS AWARD (Most valuable player as voted by team): Alex Mack and Jahvid Best (offense), Zack Follett (defense)

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Robert

    J.O. have you heard anything about Syd exploring draft options? Congratulations to every Bear!!

  • Steve W

    If Syd is going to explore draft options, he first needs to go review the Arizona game tape and see how Mike Thomas burned him for a touchdown on a simple post pattern. Or how the same thing happened a couple of times in the Maryland game. Syd needs one more year of development before he becomes a premier corner worthy of a first round pick. Good for us.

  • Boris

    Syd is a solid player, but he’s no better than Dante Hughes who was a late-3rd round pick a couple of years ago. I would be surprised if he left for the draft this year.

  • Goldiebear

    I believe Syd’s height, or lack of it, would diminish his NFL draft status. He will need to play four years to convince NFL scouts he can play on Sundays.

  • Jonathan Okanes

    Robert, I agree with the others that have responded. I would doubt he would be a high pick this season. Look for him to return.

  • Paul

    What is the?:

    ANDY SMITH AWARD (Player with the most Big C playing time)

  • Jethro

    I thought this was the most interesting award:

    –KEN COTTON AWARD (Most courageous player): Nate Longshore (offense)

    Good for Nate. I don’t know if it was courage or attitude, but it seems like he has maintained a positive outlook through all of the QB controversy business.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Did Riley win awards?

  • Golden Bear

    Riley got as many awards as you have friends, Moron.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Was Riley sick or injured for the team banquet? I heard Riley wasn’t even there.

  • ToparchiBears

    Mind your own business, Mor*n. What do you care? Why do you have to dick up holes to be satisfy your gem. Tell us the truth, you are jeolous aren’t you? You are jeolous that Cal has becomes a power house. You are jeolous that Cal has produced great players. you are bitter, because you didn’t get admitted to Cal. And, drop out from Chabot College.

  • ToparchiBears

    And, one more thing. You consider yourself a troll fan, and talk trash of Cal football is no more than just to boot your self image, because you got none. I am really pitty for you.