Basketball: Introducing Cal’s greatest teams in 100 seasons — No. 10 is 1970-71

To commemorate the 100th season of Cal basketball, today we begin unveiling our choices of the 10 best teams in school history.

We’ll count them down, one each day, leading to the No. 1 team in a century of Cal hoops on Saturday, Dec. 20, the day the Bears return to action against Nevada after a break for final exams.


10. 1970-71
   Team’s record: 16-9.
   Achievements: Ties for third in Pac-8.
   Record vs. Stanford: 2-0.
   Record vs. UCLA: 0-2.
   Coach: Jim Padgett.
   Top players: G Phil Chenier (16.8 ppg), G Charlie Johnson (13.6 ppg), C Ansley Truitt (16.6 ppg, 12.2 rpg), F Jackie Ridgle (17.3 ppg).
   Bottom line: This team makes the list because its talent level is superb. Chenier and Johnson later become NBA guards, Truitt is a powerhouse in the middle and Ridgle a hard-nosed and productive forward. The Bears score 100 points or more four times, but are less interested on defense.


   News of the world: Paul McCartney files suit to dissolve the Beatles’ legal partnership; Charles Manson is found guilty in the Tate-LaBianca murders; Joe Frazier beats Muhammad Ali at Madison Square Garden.
   U.S. president: Richard Nixon.
   U.S. population: 207 million.
   Elvis sighting: Elvis Presley visits Richard Nixon at the White House, hoping to be appointed a “federal agent at large.”
   AP Athletes of the Year: Lee Trevino (golf) and Yvonne Goolagong (tennis).
   Elsewhere in Bay Area sports: An all-Bay Area Super Bowl is denied when the Raiders and 49ers both lose their conference championship games, ending brilliant seasons by George Blanda and John Brodie.

Jeff Faraudo