Football: Mack AP third team

Cal center Alex Mack has been named to the Associated Press All-America third team. Alabama’s Antoine Caldwell was named first team and A.Q. Shipley of Penn State was picked to the second team.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Calbears

    congrats to mac attack, but third team, how bias are these selections

  • Calbears

    of course the two other players are from the sec and big ten, media darlings

  • sjbear27

    I think being from BCS teams had more influence than just being from the SEC and Big 10.

  • toparchitect

    Of couse AP sucks. They favor the east.

  • Rocko

    We will see how the real All American selection committee feels about the three, the NFL Draft.

  • thehawk

    What a joke. Mack is better than these three…bias!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    So what should be learned about your center named Mack. He was probably the best center in the country but he finished 3rd team AA. A player from Alabama and another player from Penn State finished higher. Get the point?

  • Jake

    No I don’t more NC’s, what is your point?

    You said <>

    So are you agreeing with us CAL fans that the Pac-10 got robbed here? That the media does like the SEC and Big-10 better? Your posts make absolutely no sense, but I wouldn’t expect anything else from someone that paid their way through school.

  • Golden Bear

    You have a point?
    People who have breakdowns have points?

    You keep asking questions but refuse to answer any. When are you going back to law school, Amy? What does your therapist say? How long will daddy let you live in his house and have to get an allowance from him? Does he make you do chores for your allowance?

    bwahahahahahahahaha. be careful what you ask for — cuz you certainly got it, moron.

  • GoldenBear77

    I have been reading this blog all year, and occasionally make a comment or two. One thing I do not understand is why anyone responds to MoreNCS? Please, just let the drivel die when it appears.

  • MountainJim

    77 is right. Trolls just thrive on attention. This one travels the web looking for opportunity to behave like an ass. Why support it?

  • ToparchiBears

    I agree with goldenbear77.
    Just ignore that Moren. Don’t even response to what ever he say. He make no sense anyway. He is bitter at Cal for rejected him to attend Cal.

    Go Bears! Beat Miami 45 – 21 with Best running 250+ yards.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Jake Says:
    December 16th, 2008 at 10:14 pm
    No I don’t more NC’s, what is your point?

    You said

    So are you agreeing with us CAL fans that the Pac-10 got robbed here? That the media does like the SEC and Big-10 better? >>>>> Not exactly Jake. Your team is a mid second tier program simply because it hasn’t achieved the mythical status of a traditional winning program. It is because of this reason that even one of your best players to come around in many years does not receive the accolades he deserves. Mack should be a unanimous AA center. However as was noted he was beaten out by a player from Alabama and one from Penn State – two programs that are of the elite. Players from those programs will always be given more consideration than ones from second tier programs. It is unfortunate but that’s the way it works. Many of our players signed with USC because 1)Greater visibility which affords a better chance for post season awards including the Heisman; 2) A reasonable chance to play in the National Championship game every year and/or a BCS game;3)Clearly a steppingstone to the NFL, the best recent example being Matt Cassel who was our 3rd string Qb and now is putting up All Pro numbers with the Pats.

  • Golden Bear

    Gee, Moron — posting at 10pm? Don’t you have to get some sleep before you go to work in the morn…oh, that’s right. You don’t have a job. You dropped out of law school for “medical leave” 3 years ago (can you say “mental breakdown”? I bet you can) and haven’t gone back. Nor are you working. You’re just living off of mommy and daddy without a job or friends.

    Remember when you spent all day posting on Christmas and Thanksgiving and proved to everyone that you are just one lonely pathetic freak?

  • MoronSympathizer

    Golden Bear – it seems like MoroNCs has a pretty crappy life. Honestly, if posting here about 2 schools that he/she never went to and has no association with makes him/her feel better, so be it. I think a lot of the responses to him/her remind me of the way kids antagonize other children and it’s never worth it. Like Toparchibears says, ignoring the moron is best.

    Also, way to go Mack. Being a top 3 center in the country is a great honor. Also, it’s not like a scientific poll, I’m not sure how some guy in wisconsin has any way of judging how good a center that plays for a team he’s never seen is. It’s not like there are stats or highlights. Mack was 3rd team based on general awareness, draft hype, and other awards. The other 2 guys ahead of him were on BCS teams that won their conference in the regular seasons.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    ESPN/Ivan Maisel just announced their 2008 AA team…

    Rey Mauluga – 1st team LB
    Taylor Mays – 1st team S

  • Scotty Mon

    Hey Moron:

    Are you on the AA team? No? So then you are just some dork loser who keeps chasing the ‘SC bandwagon that keeps running away from you.

  • Golden Bear

    Gee, moron is home during the day posting.

    No jobs available to former law students who could only get into CalStateDavis cuz their grades suck, and then had to leave cuz they had a mental breakdown from the shame of being an SC undergrad with a crappy gpa and going to a bad law school?

    So just how long do you have to take meds and stay living with your mommy and daddy, morencs? How come you ask questions and never answer?

    How come your sn is banned on the SC boards? How come the other SC fans hate you so much?

  • Larry


  • Jake

    More NC’s,

    Your ramblings never cease to amaze me. You do nothing more than show how classless you are and how uneducated you are.

    First of all, it’s no surprise your fellow colleagues have locked you out of USC blogs. Even your own kind want nothing more to do with you. So it’s ok that you want to post here. Let’s us know how lowly most Trojan fans and alumni are.

    And secondly you are dead wrong about a program with mythical/elite status providing a player with more exposure and recognition. At the end of the year/post-season awards, it all comes down to performance. Do you see a pac-10 player on offense as and AA? How many Big 12 guys (who all put up ridiculous numbers this year) are AA on offense? What about all your 5-star RB’s at tailback U? Why aren’t any of them on the all-american list? Because they did not perform. Your offense this year was decent, not stellar, just decent. Your defense on the other hand, was legendary (you can blame the OSU loss and a chance at the NC on your offense). Does Michael Crabtree simply get more respect because Texas Tech is an “elite team with mythical status?” There are guys on the AA team from schools like Rice, UCONN, Wake Forest, Utah, etc. The bottom line is if you perform you will get recognized, period. (Oh, why is Sanchez not on that list? Did he get robbed? He was waiting like 3 years for this opportunity).

    Oh yeah, and as far as being on the bench at USC being that beneficial/stepping stone, where’s Matt Leinart now? Backup to a 40 year old dude from that elite mythical U called Northern Iowa. And where’s John David Booty? For some people that might be their choice to sit at USC and if they PERFORM, there’s that word again, at the combine or at Pro Day, they will be recognized. If they don’t, they won’t get another look. But as far as sitting the bench at USC waiting in the wings, ask Emmanuel Moody if he would rather be with Florida or USC right now. I bet I could give you his answer.

  • Jake


    I like debating with the troll !! It makes me feel good, because I see how dumb USC grads (wait did he graduate from USC?) are. And it gives me pride because I know I got a better education than he did at a quarter of the price!! HAHAHAHAHA!

  • Larry

    Why don’t you exchange phone numbers or emails and debate each other and spare us the annoying repeating debates. This has gotten so old.

  • JT

    the cctimes.com/ibabuzz.com team just needs to ban the stupid “morencsarecoming” user name from making posts. easy solution.

  • BlueNGold

    People need to realize that moron the troll has no life apart from the perverse enjoyment it gets from provoking reactions on the part of the Cal fans who frequent this blog. In other words, responding to it is what it craves and lives for. Trying to one-up this so-called person is a waste of time given its percentage of being flat out wrong so much of the time. Larry and Toparch are right in saying it is best to simply ignore this fool. It would be great if the CCTimes were to ban the ‘tard, but that does not seem to ever happen. But no one wants to read the p*ssing matches that people get into with this troll.

  • Golden Bear

    Hey Larry and BlueNGold

    For someone who doesn’t like the troll fights, you certainly post a lot about it. You are the same as the troll fighters, Larry. You want something to stop so you keep posting and arguing.

    Pot and kettle, guys.

  • BlueNGold

    Golden Bear, the big difference is that I don’t respond directly to the troll so it very rarely, if ever, responds to me. And even if I did, I would not be constantly repeating the same stuff about lousy grades, mental breakdowns and living at home with the parents.

    By the way, if the ‘bad’ law school to which you refer is UC Davis, you are quite wrong about that.

  • Golden Bear

    Vokler, the guy who screwed us out so much money with the lawsuit trying to protect the treesitters? He went to CalStateDavis Law.

    And stop kidding yourself. Moron is probably getting a huge thrill out of you calling other Cal fans out, and it doesn’t matter if you are directly contacting him — you are continuing this thread. I now have to respond to you.

    You are me. You just don’t admit it. You couldn’t wait to post again about this subject.

  • Larry

    I can only speak for myself, but I come on here to see what new information J.O. has to share about Cal football. I usually just read J.O.’s posts and scroll through the comments to see if anyone else has some insight about Cal football or what is going on with Cal football. Most times if I see ‘MoronNCcoming’ as the poster, I just skip it and don’t read it. However, it gets annoying to see so many people (actually the same few) keep feeding the troll. So, I figured to give everybody a solution by you having private debates with Moron, so that the rest of us can use this site for what it was set up for, which is to discuss Cal football and not annoy the rest of us. Now I’m not the internet police, so do what you want, but remember what somebody once said, “it takes a fool to argue with a fool” Have a nice day…

  • BlueNGold

    Golden Bear – are you serious about writing off an entire school because of one graduate and one lawsuit? I find that to be quite superficial, not to mention shallow. Besides, someone could make the same or a similar argument about pretty much any school, including Cal.

    Its surprising that you accuse me of ‘calling out’ other Cal fans. What I said was that responding to and arguing with the Troll is exactly the response it craves, and only serves to encourage more of the same crap from it. Before you attack me you ought to try ignoring this fool instead of always responding to it. You could then see if perhaps I was right.

  • Golden Bear

    Look, no one who wants to go to law school dreams of CalStateDavis. They “settle” for Davis. Is Davis the first or second pick for anyone?

    Are you an alum?

    And as for the Moron thread — you continue the thread. You are giving him attention. The fact that you can’t see that means you should be able to get into Davis law school.