Football: New Bears

Cal picked up a couple of junior college defensive ends over the weekend, according to a couple of websites. The Bears will welcome Ryan Davis of Cerritos College and Jerome Meadows of San Jose City College next season. Davis is regarded as a defensive end/linebacker and a potent pass rusher.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • goldiebear

    It seems Jahvid Best is starting to get noticed after his last two great games and is being seriously touted as a Heisman hopeful for next year. Should Cal promote him as they did for Marshawn Lynch and DeSean Jackson? At least we know Jahvid’s head won’t get too big from the publicity as he seems to be incredibly humble and team oriented.

    By the way, does anyone know what Robert Jordan is up to these days? He signed with the 49ers as a free agent, then left training camp due to a death in his family. Coach Nolan said he was performing well in camp when he left. Haven’t heard anything about him since then.

  • toparchitect


    Did the Cal coaching staff missing something here or what? Or, I am dreaming.

    Kenny Cooper is a highly recruit 3 stars with many offers and he is high on Cal, but, Cal has not offer him yet. Hope that Cal offer him soon before he goes else where.

  • toparchitect


    As I said before. Best for Heisman for 2009. He is #4 in the high on the Heisman list. And, I believe Cal will do something special for the kid.

    He played with a broken hip last year and win the special team honor and this year he played with a broken arm and not 100 hip with the rushing title of PAC-10.

    If he is healthier, older, stronger next year, OMG, sky is the limit.

    Go bears! Promote Best for the #1 Heisman.

  • thehawk

    Keep these defensive recruits coming in and we can maintain our high level of play!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Next year’s Heisman candidates

    Mark Sanchez – USC
    Tim Tebow – Florida
    Quizz – OSU
    Sam Bradford – OU
    Colt McCoy – Texas
    Michael Crabtree – Texas Tech

    Only left overs from this point.

    Best = leftovers.

  • Jake

    Don’t worry More NC’s,

    Sanchez won’t win. He won’t even be in the discussion for Top 3 unless you guys run the table. And I’m sure you Trojans will pull another choke job. That’s kind of been the trend the last few years. Can’t wait to see who it will be to though. Stanford 2 years ago, then OSU this year. Oh lets not forget OSU and UCLA 3 years ago. Man, how many NC’s would the Trojans have if they simply played with more discipline and focus. I would LMAO if you guys get bit by the …SARK!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

    We’ll see you again in the Rose Bowl at best. I think it’ll be Big 12 and SEC again, though I’m a Pac-10 fan myself. If all those guys return, I’m gonna’ say it’s between the same 3 as this year. But I’d root for Colt since he did a wonderful job with his pass efficiency this year and kind of got jobbed with the whole BCS crap.

  • Calbears

    i hope best, but if anything, next year is gonna be crabtree for sure