Football: Bowl week gets revved up

Cal held its first practice since bowl week officially kicked off, bussing from the San Francisco Marriott back to Memorial Stadium. Coach Jeff Tedford, linebackers Worrell Williams and Zack Follett and center Alex Mack then left a little early to head back to the city for a press conference at AT&T Park.

Nate Longshore took every first team rep at practice Tuesday, but Tedford wouldn’t say he is the starter… yet. There have been instances when Longshore and Kevin Riley have alternated entire practices taking first team reps, so it’s conceivable that Riley could be the No. 1 guy tomorrow. But don’t be surprised to if Longshore is out there again with the first team.

Tedford reiterated at the press conference that he wouldn’t name a starter until Thursday, but if Longshore gets all the No. 1 reps again Wednesday, it seems as though it’s a done deal.

Safety Sean Cattouse is getting more and more first team reps and now is listed as a starting safety over Brett Johnson. I’m not sure if that’s a definitive change. We usually talk to defensive coordinator Bob Gregory on Thursday, so I’ll have an update then, if not sooner.

Practice can get tedious sometimes this late in the season, but one moment drew hollers from the Bears on Tuesday when wide receiver Marvin Jones somehow hauled in a jump ball over Chris Conte during one-on-one drills. He made an acrobatic play just to catch the ball, and then held on to it when he landed.

The press conference was an informative affair. Miami brought coach Randy Shannon, offensive lineman Jason Fox, quarterback Jacory Harris, linebacker Glenn Cook and kicker Matt Bosher. Fox and Harris each talked about the strength of Cal’s defense. Fox said the Bears’ linebackers probably are the best the ‘Canes have seen all year. Both said Cal’s defense was one of the best they’ve played against.

You can tell the Bears are impressed with Miami’s personnel as well. Both Williams and Tedford said Miami would be one of the top teams in the Pac-10.

Williams and Follett said there is no lingering frustration over not traveling somewhere far for a bowl game. They said once they got on the bus Monday, crossed over the Bay Bridge and checked into the hotel, the bowl experience was in effect. They also said most players don’t really go to San Francisco that much anyway, so there will be a lot of new experiences.  Both teams visited Alcatraz on Tuesday night.

Williams was excited over Grant-Sacramento’s win over Long Beach Poly in the CIF state open division title game on Saturday. Williams and cornerback Syd’Quan Thompson are Grant alums.

Follett said he checked out the field at AT&T Park and it was “beautiful.” Follett played baseball at Clovis High School and called himself a “crazy right fielder.”

“I was diving at every ball,” Follett said (I believe him). “I had no fear out there. I got ejected because I was coming home and the catcher had the ball and I just ran over him like a running back (I believe that, too).

“I wouldn’t mind saying I was Barry Bonds for a day and taking BP.”

Cal will practice Wednesday afternoon and then have a team dinner together to celebrate Christmas Eve.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.


    JO, any idea how the pep rally will go at the Yerba Buena Gardens?? are fans going to be able to snap a few photos of the players or is it going to be heavily security’d?

  • joblo

    this is the least active blog in the pac10. check out the seattle times or the la times or even the daily news and get some tips on how to do it. sad that ucla and uw have blogger/journalists much more dedicated to covering those programs than cal does, even though cal’s days a way from a bowl game and the other seasons are over.

    might as well pull the plug if you’re just going to link to other stories and recap the press conferences

  • olboJ

    Sure Joblo, if you’re into fluff pieces every day, then those other coverages are fantastic. If you look at MIDSEASON entries, you’ll find more content.

    In summary, that’s nice. Now please go away.

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    Clearly an exaggeration, given that at least two of the schools in the Pac-10 have no blogs at all. I for one appreciate JO’s efforts, and reporting. Thanks, and Merry Christmas.

  • joblo


    which schools? what kind of media markets are they in? I can assure you that the reporters covering the oregon schools, uw, usc and ucla are A LOT more active and more knowledgeable in doing so than okanes is. You can appreciate his efforts all you want. I appreciate them too. It’s just that I’d like to appreciate them more as a result of him doing more to be appreciated.

    Take a look at Dohn’s blog: http://insidesocal.com/ucla/

    He’s had at least 56 entries just on football in the last week–recruting, visit updates, injury updates, interviews with coaches, off the record stuff, rumors from within the AD and more. The guy knows about the program. He doesn’t just turn up dutifully to practices and press conferences each week. Condotta and Scott Wolf are the same way. By comparison Okanes has had 12 posts, 2 of which are cancelling and rescheduling his chat, and a few others of which merely link an article from another paper or report a commitment that rivals or scout has already reported with no quotes or additional information from the player or his coaches.

    I’d love to hear Okanes thoughts on this. I can see that it’s just a job for him and like many he wants to do just enough to get by. But if it’s not fun for him, does he see himself moving on to another department soon? And is there anyone at that paper that might like to cover Cal football?

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    joblo, if you can do better, go ahead and try. until then, don’t complain. just like GB77, I also appreciate JO’s info.

    thanks and enjoy the holidays..

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    JO, ignore the tool. You’re doing a great job.

    Hoping there will be a Bear talk on Friday?

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    Usually I ignore it, but joblo smells just like Moron. Same rotting thing?

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    1. Do you know what JO’s responsibilities at the CoCo times entail?

    2. Do you know if JO get’s paid to do what the other bloggers and columnists do?

    3. Why do you get to decide how much information JO decides to put out on the blog?

    4. Why are your needs for Cal football info so important that you feel entitled to make asinine comments?

    5. Are you JO’s boss? Do you get to decide how much work he needs to put into the blog?

    Insinuating that JO isn’t good at/doesn’t care about reporting/blogging on Cal football based on a subjectively perceived lack of activity on this blog is ridiculous and tactless. The least you could’ve done is fire off a private email asking JO if there were any way to get more updates to the blog. There’s no need in participating in baseless conjecture and rudely suggesting that JO should pull the plug if he wasn’t going to blog to your standards.

    Furthermore, your “I’d love to hear Okanes thoughts on this,” comment doesn’t make your comments any less inane. If you want to hear JO’s thoughts on this, do what I suggested and send him an email.

    Oh, and yeah, Dohn’s blog? Since the 17th of December (going into the December archives), there are 50 or so posts. 25 belong to a 25 part chat on UCLA basketball. 15 or so posts relate directly to UCLA basketball. 15+25=40 posts on basketball. That leaves 10+ on football.

    JO, you’re doing a great job. I know a lot of Cal fans that appreciate what you do, and lots of us understand you’ve got family too. Thanks, and keep it up!

  • southseasbear

    JO has my vote of confidence. I check this blog at least twice daily.

    Sure, I’d love even more information posted more often, but I’m thrilled with what what we have. Remember, Tedford is more of a closed book than his competitors in So Cal; the bloggers down there have a huge advantage.

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    Jonathan you do a great job. Don’t take anything that JoBlo writes to heart.

    Merry Christmas to all.

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    J.O., You are awesome and I really appreciate your insight and effort. I look at several web pages that report on Cal football but I always consider you as the last word. Merry Christmas, Killer

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    I love this blog. Joblo should go over to the blog he loves so much and follow their coverage of UCLA’s upcoming bowl game. Oh, wait . . .

    Merry Xmas, Johathan. I’ll be checking in regularly so I can keep up with my beloved Golden Bears. I hope they obliterate the ‘Canes on Saturday.

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    Joblo, you keep quiet.
    J.O. has done great job of bringing us up to date of Cal Sport. Have you have a live chat with him yet. If you haven’t, then shut up. If you have, then learn to appreciate, and be thankful.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year. Okane.

    Go Bears! Beat Miami 42-21.

  • ToparchiBears

    Merry Christmas and Happy new year, Every one.

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    JoBlo is Morencsarecoming.

    That’s always been his style — to pretend to be someone else to start trouble so he can then condemn that poster and look good. He does it all the time.

    A little freak is still a little freak — even on Christmas.

    Be careful what you ask Santa for, amy.

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    You gotta love angry Bruins like JoBlo. Making any excuse (in this case, going after local coverage) to justify UCLA’s existence in sports, er, women’s water polo. Bruins like JoBlo have a chip on their shoulder, being SC’s local stepchild in local coverage…that’s why it’s call the Trojan Times.

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    Keep it up J.O., you’re doing a great job. JoBlo doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

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    JoBlo is not MoreNCsarecoming. People can change.

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    Morencs — let’s see how much of a change? You swear your Scout.board screenname was hijacked – but that was the original site for the name. Just how did it get hijacked? And how do you explain the Cal and ND moderators saying that morencs’ posts came from the same place as iwasalcindor, iamalcindor,mebanedt8,kylebollerfan?

    Admit your lies you little freak.
    And remember on Xmas, just who it was that got you banned all over the place. Be careful what you ask for, Amy?

    And Morencs is JoBlo. The Bruin board confirmed the same ip address.

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    try not to get shot in L.A. on your vacation JoBlo (or are you working the swingshift at Mickey D’s?)

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    Newspaper reporters do not work for free. As much as many of us care, if the CoCo Times is not generating a profit from this blog–and there is very little given the small # of people who will come here–they are not going to compensate a reporter to do what we wish s/he had time to do.

    It is a chicken and egg thing, if the blog had more information would more people come?. The economy is not supporting the “if you build it, they will come” mentality right now.

    Sadly, I assume there is a Raiders blog out there with more $$ behind it because they and the 49ers maintain a fan and media fascination far beyond what their years of lack of success would seem to support.