Football: It ends on Christmas

Today was the last practice of the 2008 season. And it was a cold one at Memorial Stadium. Jeff Tedford kept his ears warm by wearing a Santa hat all through practice.

The biggest news really wasn’t much of a news flash — Nate Longshore will start at quarterback Saturday. Longshore had taken every first team rep this week, including Thursday, so it wasn’t a big surprise when Tedford announced Longshore as the starter after practice. Tedford said Longshore has simply been practicing too well not to have him play.

“He’s just had a couple of really good weeks of practice,” Tedford said. “He’s really sharp throwing the ball and has a really good command of what we’re doing. He’s really done a nice job.”

Tedford said the shoulder injury Longshore incurred against Oregon has been lingering, but he finally appears to be completely healthy.

“I think his shoulder is finally healthy,” Tedford said. “He has a lot of zip on the ball, a lot of command of the offense. He’s really throwing accurate.”

Tedford added that “He’s really had two of the better weeks I’ve seen Nate have at practice.”

It was a very lively last practice — perhaps the players were trying to keep warm — with a lot of hooting and hollering and tons of enthuasiasm as the team huddled on the field afterward. Tedford spoke of the seniors getting emotional, with wide receiver Drew Glover breaking down as he talked about it being the seniors’ last practice while the team stretched to begin the session.

It was also the last practice at Cal for offensive line coach Jim Michalczik, who is moving on to Washington after the Emerald Bowl.

The team had Christmas breakfast together and Christmas dinner together. There will be a pep rally at Yerba Buena Gardens tomorrow at 11 a.m and the team will hold a walk-through at AT&T Park later in the afternoon.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Calbears

    the way tedford is handling the qb situation is totally wrong, i cant believe it

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    On Riley not starting – I tried to warn all of you ahead of time about potential problems. Riley was a no show for the team award’s banquet but I was called names and bashed. At least you could have done your research. His benching could very well be attributed to that. There is more than a question mark as to whether or not he returns next year. He has lost his confidence in Tedford and Tedford has lost his confidence in him. A player like Riley has seen what Longshore has gone through with the booing and endless bashing by his own fans. Why would he want to subject himself to that kind of treatment when a team like WSU or or another DII team will take him right away?

  • GoldenBear77

    Riley has had every opportunity to secure the job, and he has not. Tedford wants to win, and he believes that Longshore gives us the best shot. Far be it for a bunch of fans (even committed ones) to judge better that the guy who has brought us this far. Immediately after this game, I look forward to Spring Practice, and competition between Riley, Mansion, and Sweeney. Go Bears.

  • rollonubears

    for once, ncs talks some sense. if that’s true he missed the awards banquet for no good reason, nl deserves to play. still, tedford is such a clown going with nl when he’s hurt all the time. thank god he’s gone next year.

  • Boris

    I think everyone’s frustration is with the overall quarterback play. Neither Riley nor Longshore have played well with any consistency. The U$C game was particularly showing, as each sucked it up for exactly one-half of the game. I don’t care who the QB is, I just want someone who can play well.

  • Golden Bear

    Behavioral problems? Morencs talks about behavioral problems?

    Imagine the problems that Morencs caused so that BOTH SC boards banned his sorry aze. How bad do you have to be to get punked by your fellow fans?

  • Anonymous

    The rumors you have heard about Riley not wanting to attend the Awards Banquet are incorrect. I have it on good authority Riley was suffering from the flu that had plagued the team in December, not to mention most of the student body. This flu epidemic was so bad the State Health Board visited the campus.

    He did in fact arrive with his team mates in an attempt to attend. He was only able to stay for a short time until the Ops Director put him on a shuttle back home.

    Enough with drama!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    rollonubears Says:
    December 26th, 2008 at 9:19 am says
    …ncs talks some sense.>>>> Thanks. I feel I have been unfairly demonized here. There is a really good thread going on right now at the SF Chronicle. It is the article “Tedford picks Longshore to start finale”. Good fans on that site plus you won’t find a certain notorious stalker who uses the word “freak” or “punked” or “meds” every other word. (He has been banned over there). For someone who claims to have attended the world’s best public university he has a surprisingly limited vocabularly.

  • goldenbear1988

    Who cares who starts, as long as he performs well. If coach thinks Longshore is the best, he should start. Riley better be ready to jump in if needed. Riley sure had his chances to prove himself this year and you have to conclude that he fell short of the mark whether you started off pro-Riley or pro-Longshore. Hopefully our starter next year will be better than both guys this year; either way, just like in this game vs. Miami, the QB should be handing the ball off a lot.

  • toparchiBears

    This will be NL’s last game. JT is giving him a chance to prove himself. He will do the best he can to impress the NFL scout, So, I know he will be fine. Best will do most the work tomorrow, and will run into the heart of the hurricane.

    Riley will have two more years to bump up his record.

    Go Bears! Beat Miami.

  • Golden Bear

    My god! SF Chron doesn’t ban anyone. That’s why you are still there, my little freak.

    Now how about the Scout boards? Want to explain again how your sn got hijacked?

    bwhahahahahahahahah. Punked by his fellow fans. Forced to go to newspaper blogs because the message boards have banned his morencs screen name.

    Be careful what you ask for, Amy. You got banned by an old fat guy — how pathetic are you?

  • Big D

    Farewell Longshore. Good luck in whatever you do in the future.

    Go Bears!

  • ToparchiBears

    Ha ha ha…… I think he got banned. He use another user names there. I believe it is “the9dwarfs”.

    Yeah! I think he got no life nor fun other than making fun of Cal football.

    Go home get a life NC….oh…maybe he is always at home and have no life. How sad.

  • Top Dog Kielbasa

    Concerning Tedford’s choice for Longshore over Riley as starting quarterback, it’s good to keep in mind the health of the two quarterbacks.

    Longshore is reported to be at full strength, while Riley still has a very noticle limp when he walks. The December 21 Chronicle article reported he has an “obvious limp” which contributed to his struggles in practice. And one of the posters from the California Golden Blogs confirmed the limp was still obvious as he walked at yesterday’s warm-up rally.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Stack the box. Get an arm on Best at the LOS. Force Cal State into 3rd and longs. Make them beat you in the air. Maryland, Arizona, OSU and USC followed my script and made it look easy. If a young Miami offense doesn’t turn over the ball I see a close game going their way.

    BTW a buddy of mine down in SoCal told me Kennard has eliminated UCB from his list. I hope you didn’t think you had a chance at him. You never did.

  • Golden Bear

    BTW, a buddy of mine at CalStateDavis law school says they have eliminated any chance of you coming back to their school, Moron. I hope you didn’t think you had a chance at finishing your degree. You never did once you broke down and cried in the ConLaw class.

    Take your meds, Amy.
    Be careful what you wish for, Amy.
    A fat old man got you banned Amy.

  • Golden Bear

    By the way — anyone notice that Amy was posting all day Christmas? Go back and check.

    Just shows you: no friends and no family that wants to spend any time with him. Just a lonely virgin who couldn’t handle the pressure of CalStateDavis — how did he think he deserved to go to Cal?

    Be careful what you wish for, Amy.

  • Golden Bear

    # MoreNCsarecoming Says:
    October 30th, 2008 at 9:29 pm

    Ducks by 14…that’s points not sacks on Riley and Longshore. Bear fans will be in their booing mode by the 1st Q.

  • Jake

    This is exactly why you get no respect on this blog NC’s. Your claim that you were unfairly “demonized” on this blog is absolutely laughable. Try getting a life instead of getting on this site at 8:14 AM!!!

    As far as your “game plan” is concerned, you don’t think other teams didn’t try that as well? Do you really think you are smarter than all the other DC’s in the pac-10? That’s a no brainer considering our struggles at QB this season. But you have to remember against MD- the defense gave up points quickly, at AZ- the defense could not stop AZ RB Antolin, and at OSU- there was no stopping Jacquizz. So while our offense is “struggling” this year, our defense still has to make plays. If they do, and Cignetti calls the right ones, then we’ll be fine.

    Oh by the way, you never did answer my question: Who will SC choose to blow their NC chances against next year? Ohio State might be a good option- I don’t see Terrelle Pryor having a sophomore slump. And we all know how SC had troouble with Vince Young……

  • AmyFan4Life

    Golden Bear, What’s Amy’s real name, since you claim to know it? Or, are you the same as IwasAlCindor? Amy presented and claimed Iwas was another person, but Ionobird, a SCPlayBook moderator, told me differently. Since this forum isn’t moderated well, there’s no way we will know your true allegiances.

    If anyone learns of Amy’s new profiles on the Scout board, be sure to share it with Ionobird. He is in charge of an across-the-board banning of her.

    For the rest of you, you’re pathetic with your endless responses to Amy. Amy has never stopped posting, because of the request or numerous approaches by other posters. Take your own advice and find other hobbies. You’re making a mockery of yourself, your team and your fan base.

    Amy, Ionobird thought your X-mas email was another weak attempt, and he will never soften he’s commitment to keeping you off the Scout boards. Ho Ho Ho!

  • Golden Bear

    AmyFan — if you are gonna stalk Amy, get caught up. It’s been long proven that all the screen names (iwas, iam, mebane, the9dwarfs, morences, lessncs,fundingmanager) are all from the same ip address. Notre Dame first exposed it and the Cal board confirmed it while he was trying to pretend his sn’s were hijacked.

    As for endless responses — i recall your endless responses as well all over the boards. Seems you found religion — just don’t expect us to do the same. I love harassing the little freak. Losing his screen names all over the scout boards was so fun to watch.

  • AmyFan4Life

    GB- You’re not going to answer my question? It reads like you are Amy, since she does the same, when direct questions are asked of her. You responded to me at 2:57, and as of 4:52 pm, you have not given her name. Why not? A lot of hot smoke?

    As to my endless responses to Amy’s post on Scout, Scout has this function called profiles. It was easy to post short responses to multiple post by Amy, because of that function. On the otherhand, there isn’t an easy means to scan this blog other than clicking on Okanes’s entry and pressing F5 a lot. So, your comparison is like apples and oranges.

    In addition, I am not your old fat man, but I was successful in getting the moderators on the Scout boards to have her banned. My work is finished and was greatly appreciated by Cal fans, but conversely, your post are hated by Cal fans as indicated by mostly negative responses to your post.

    As to your claim, “seems you found religion — just don’t expect us to do the same.” Are you kidding me? That’s the kettle calling the pot black.

    Bye bye, Lars. Or, is it, Skip?

  • Golden Bear

    Oh amyfan — i treat you the way i treat Amy.

    So why don’t you show me where I said i knew Amy’s name, and then you can hypothetically explain why I should expose it to you. You’re just showing yourself to be another idiot.

  • Golden Bear

    “My work is finished and was greatly appreciated by Cal fans?” 1) Only Amy talks that way. 2) Show me anywhere on the scout board where you got congratulated.

    It figures that Amy’s stalker is as much of a freak as she is.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    “The first half isn’t even over and the Cal fans are booing” Rod Gilmore, 2008 Emerald Bowl

  • Golden Bear

    Like they booed Sanchez, Amy?

    And what happened? Didn’t rich daddy take you to the game? Or is he finally had enuf with having to support you since you had that mental breakdown and had to leave law school — assuming you can call what CalStateDavis has as a law school.

    Be careful what you ask for, Amy!

  • Golden Bear

    And Amy — what about you? When does anyone ever cheer for Amy? Banned by your own SC fans.

    Wanna explain again how your morencs name got hijacked?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Golden Bear Says:
    December 27th, 2008 at 12:38 pm
    By the way — anyone notice that Amy was posting all day Christmas? Go back and check>>>> And so were you. Take the hint.

  • Golden Bear

    Nope. I didn’t post all day on Xmas.
    Unless you did under my name. Won’t be the first time you did that.

    And by the way — notice your your response ADMITS you were posting all day xmas. Dayam — you are a loser.

  • Golden Bear

    So there you have it folks. Morencsarecoming admits that he spent all day Christmas posting his hate for Cal.

    That is the freak we are dealing with here. On a day where everyone else spends time with family and friends, the lonely little freak was in front of his computer posting messages of hate.

    And you doubt the story of the mental breakdown? Lonely little virgin loser.

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