Cal football: More recruiting

There’s been talk during the last week that offensive lineman Stan Hasiak isn’t a firm commitment to Cal. He visited Washington last weekend and there is talk that he will visit USC this weekend. The belief is Hasiak never had any intention of committing to Washington but was simply following through with an orginally planned trip, one he took with a high school teammate. Not as sure about USC, but it still seems as though Hasiak is pretty committed to Cal. He was quoted on the L.A. Daily News blog that “the plan” still is to sign with Cal and that his commitment¬†is “solid.”

With Randall Carroll now apparently out of the picture, the recruitment of Tucson wide receiver/defensive back Adam Hall looms large. Cal has put together a pretty good class, but it could use a wide receiver. Granted, the Bears have many young receivers, some of which we don’t know much about because they played on scout team last year. But based on what we do know, Cal could use as much depth as possible at that position.

Hall is considering Cal, Arizona and Oregon. Hall’s father went to Arizona and it might take a pretty good sales pitch to lure him away from home. But the latest reports are that Hall isn’t leaning toward any of the three schools. All three were scheduled to have in-home visits this week and Hall will annouce his decision at a press conference Friday morning.

As good as Cal’s class is, it would be a little bit of a setback for Cal not to secure one of the there top prospects that have waited until the last moment to commit — Carroll, defensive end Devon Kennard (USC) and Hall.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Tyler M.

    Cal really does need a receiver from this class and it’s hard for me to understand how they have not landed one from California this year. CA is stacked this year: Carroll, Flournoy (USC), Cierre Wood (Notre Dame), Shaquelle Evans (Notre Dame), Diante Jackson (Colorado), Jefferson (still undecided, but not Cal), Roberts(Stanfurd)

    It seems like we have to turn away QBs, OLs and DBs but we can’t land a WR.

  • Marv

    LMAO at this blog trying to be recruiting relevant.

  • Calduke

    The 2008 Cal offense/passing game didn’t lure many receivers.

  • Calduke

    Let’hope we at least get the guys who have given oral commitments – although, they can go other places before Feb 4. What’s scary is that the recruit may have changed his mind, but hasn’t said anything. He doesn’t have to answer questions from the original commit school why he changed if he just submits a letter somewhere else on Feb 4th. I hate to be a doomsayer, but, these guys are so impressionable and they are really being hussled.
    Is Cal doing any hussling? What can Cal sell to these 4-5 star guys. The career path for most guys(not all,
    Barkley, Brehart, Bridgford exceptions) read NFL and education isn’t a strong selling point if you make a million a year playing a sport.

    If Cal can keep the current commits and add a couple of JuCos, Texas receiver and TE(Cooper) it will be an OK class.

    Cal is ranked 25 in the recruiting class and that is about the same for the team ranking for the 2009 season. I guess 25 is the number.

  • John

    Is this the only year any of have followed recruiting??? We’ve gotten a bunch of WR recruits the last two years…
    Isi Sofele will also be a slot receiver, not a RB. Rolando Jefferson won’t qualify academically, and we didn’t pursue many of the guys mentioned here. The 2010 WR class is VERY deep in CA. Expect to hear some noise then. This is a very strong class: 2-star Kaufusi would be a 4- or 5-star guy if these rankings were just based on his film. Don’t buy into the star-counting hype. Need I remind you of Alex Mack, Brandon Mebane, Justin Forsett… the list goes on and on

  • John

    Also, multiple (USC) people have confirmed that Hasiak is definitely NOT visiting this weekend. He was recruited by USC late and had no intention of going there. There was a lot of speculation that USC steered Hasiak toward Cal because we already have a lot of young OL talent. Hasiak is a piece that UCLA absolutely needs but won’t get because they haven’t been able to develop OL talent for awhile.

    Tosh Lupoi has been an excellent hire because he is a recruiter who has now shown he can compete against all the stud recruiters in the Pac-10.

  • wehofx

    John, couldn’t agree more. Add A Rodgers to the list. He was totally UTR.

    JT has an eye for talent. Talent that other coaches miss amid all the hype over 4 and 5 stars – although I gotta admit, I wouldn’t mind having a few more of those types.


  • DanTheCalFan

    Seems like the Bears started out very slow and behind, started building momentum and got to a place that looked very promising…and have petered out at the end. Sounds a lot like a few of Cal’s WTF? games each year. Here’s hoping they don’t lose any verbals (Hasiak) and can pull a surprise or two, which they have the past couple of years.
    This is not a bad class, it is better than last year’s, and is solid. But it is not stellar, and not what is/was needed after last year’s class and if we want to better compete vs. SC. The only real frustrating thing is we were on the verge of a huge year that would have everybody talking and bringing in an influx of talent and alot of potential game changers. Now? No Teo, Carroll, Flournoy, Kennard, and probably no Hall. Any 2-3 of these would have been fantastic. When you step up and get these type of guys every year, it makes a difference of 10-15 higher quality guys on the roster, with 5-7 on the field with superior talent. It’s tough- it’s almost as though Cal’s recruting is a bell curve, and it sort of is on the downside.
    Cal and Tedford have had some wild success with some 2-star recruits (Mack, Mohamed, Forsett, Teofilo, Robert Jordan, Deemer, Tepper), but the success rate on 2-stars is under 50%. Most of the better players at Cal were 3- and 4-star. So to dismiss getting less of those is not correct. Also, if getting 3-, 4-, and 5-star recruits isn’t really that important, how do you explain USC’s talent as not related to how they were rated out of HS? The ratings aren’t perfect, but they are generally pretty accurate.
    To Marv- I am LMAO at what an arse clown you are. If this is blog is really so stupid, don’t read it. Who is really stupid, Marv? That would be you.

  • Locamotion

    JO I thought Cal wanted Hall to play safety, but was going to give him the reciver option like they did with Sydquan Thompson. and him relizing defense was a better suit for the next level.