Basketball: Morning after UCLA loss

Here’s my story from Friday morning’s editions on Cal’s 81-66 loss to UCLA.

UCLA 81, Cal 66

  HEADLINER: UCLA’s defense, which got 16 steals and forced a season-high 21 turnovers from Cal. The Bears scored just 30 points in the first 32 minutes of the game.  

  MOMENT THAT MATTERED: The Bears trailed just 31-28 in the opening two minutes of the second half when UCLA began a 20-2 run that ended Cal’s hopes for an upset.

   MAGIC NUMBER: 16 _ First-half turnovers by the Bears, who had just eight field goals in the opening period. 
   NEXT UP: The Bears (16-5, 5-3) play Saturday night against USC (13-6, 5-3) at the Galen Center, where the Trojans are 11-1 this season. USC beat Stanford 70-69 on Thursday. Game time Saturday is 8:30 p.m.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Pompusone

    Basketball mourning after

  • Joey

    Always seems when Randle talks a big game before the game Cal gets crushed. When he is quiet the team plays great.

  • SAMOBear

    Hey Jeff,

    Many factors contributed to the loss vs UCLA last night (turnovers, not getting back on D, no intensity or emotion shown–we seemed a bit slow all night, UCLA’s length, lack of concentration esp. at free throw line, and Randle’s inconsistent decision making).

    In addition to that, it looked like we missed a lot of close-range shots/lay-ups when we made good moves (either driving or post-up) to the basket.

    Since I think we lead the nation in 3-point efficiency, why dont we have more design plays to set up Theo, Christopher, and Randle for the three-ball, which is our strength. It just seems like if we are that good that we should shoot more 3’s in the game (only 15 attempts last night), plus the fact that a missed three leads to offensive rebounding opportunities for us and may potentially help us on the defensive end (e.g. it seems harder to exploit a fast break on a long rebound)–I realize offensive success is all about balance, but we are what we are and I think we should maximize our strengths.