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  1. No surprise… His dad was a Wildcat (and is now the team chaplain), and he’s been a Wildcat since birth. I’m surprised this lasted for so long.

    At least, he’ll be in obscurity over there. Zona’s going to suck in two years (and maybe next year too)

  2. Are we on the radar for any remaining top prospects? Randall Carroll eliminated Cal earlier this week also, so it looked like Hall was the last potential big fish out there. Still a solid recruiting class no doubt, but would be nice to end on a high note.

  3. Jonathan Stewart (ILB) and Michael Philipp (OL)

    I’m now focused on next year, which has a much stronger offensive class in CA… we’ve also extended many more early offers to players both instate and out.

    Again,, be on the lookout for early commits from Austin Hinder and Robert Woods.

  4. John Says:
    January 30th, 2009 at 10:43 am

    Again,, be on the lookout for early commits from Austin Hinder and Robert Woods.
    >>>>> Robert Woods is already a USC verbal. Both Damian Williams and RoJo will be opting for the NFL after next year and Robert Woods will be receiving serious playing time as a freshman.

  5. Keep in mind we still have Michael Calvin and Marvin Jones from last year, so the loss of Carroll and Hall isn’t the end of the world. These guys underperformed last year due to injuries, but as they build rapport with Riley, they’ll get a lot better. And like John said, we can look to next year’s class. Losing Kennard sucks, but how many of you actually thought he’d come to Cal? It was a nice thought, but I thought there was only a 5-10% chance of that happening. Getting Stewart would be nice; he might have an opportunity to immediately play and join the ILB rotation, which is important because of the losses of Worrell and Anthony Felder.

  6. Speaking of 2010, Jake Heap, the only 5 star qb from that class, is visiting Cal in the spring and wants to commit early. He’s also got 9 other schools in the running though.

  7. Stewart is not coming to Cal..very unrealistic that he goes to a school where his family will never be able to see him play in person, or on TV (when was the last time a Cal game was aired in Shreveport LA). He’s A&M bound.

    Hall’s dad was hired to be Stoop’s team chaplain less than two years ago.. Getting Adam was a pipedream and a waste of time.. If there was even a 1% chance of your dad being fired based on your college choice.. where would you decide to go?

    Phillip – seems weird that after committing to the Beavers so recently..that he would turn to Cal.. keeping in mind that we were one of his earliest visits and there were zero rumors at the time that he was on the verge of committing then.

    Heap – wayyy too early to predict where he’s going. But he’s very likely UW/BYU bound. To say any other program is favored against those two is ridiculous.

  8. This class is still solid, but disappointing in light of last year’s subpar class and the possibility of landing a couple of these remaining 4- and 5-star guys. If we lose Hasiak or Ryan Davis. They are both considered “soft” verbals, meaning they are continuing to look at other schools. If these 2 or any others fall out without a surprise signing or two, this class will be another disappointing class. You can NOT have 2 less than stellar classes in a row.

  9. PS- let’s not even worry about next year. It’s WAAAYY too early to speculate and really irrelevant- even if some top guys verbal early.

  10. It’s so funny to see the LOI week hysteria… the same thing happens every year. Every big name recruit becomes a ‘soft verbal’…

    I think the staff is doing a marvelous job considering we’ve finished 6th/4th in the Pac and still have the absolute worst facilities (but not for very long). There was that tree-hugger incident which really wrecked our chances in the last few classes. And I would throw up if I ever heard JT hired some dude as Team Chaplain just to have leverage over a recruit.

    Philipp’s commitment to OSU was really unexpected (the dudes he tripped with were even more surprised than recruiting insiders on the site). I’d rather he go to OSU than to Furd or UCLA though.

    I don’t think we’ll get Heaps because he will be courted by teams with much more sway (don’t forget Kiffin at Tennessee–they decided to back off recruiting a QB this year to land a major target next year–as well as Notre Dame).

  11. Wait. Did I miss somethin with Michael Phillip? I thought he was a done deal at OSU? Is he talking to Cal again?

  12. SC Fan –

    This is my first post, but I have been following this blog for some time. Are you really insinuating that you are getting inside recruiting information from Rocky Seto(i.e. “RS”)? If so, is he aware that you’re passing along this information publicly? I can’t imagine that Pete Carroll would be OK with this, but if true, such behavior would not very “Christian” of your new DC. Not only is he betraying the trust of his potential recruits, but he’s passing along secret information to a self-important instigator that has no real affiliation with the USC program. Do you really spend your entire day riling up fans of other Pac-10 programs…or is it just Cal fans?

    To the Contra Costa Blog Czar…please get rid of this clown!!

  13. BearFan, You’ve really got to get off the pipe.

    (1) No one knows where Stewart is heading. He has never stated by any credible source that his family seeing him play is a decisive reason. If I’m wrong, show the source!

    (2) Secondly, MoragaBear on BearInsider has confirmed that Hall’s father is not the chaplain for Arizona. It’s a myth, and Hall’s father was grateful to MoragaBear for getting the fact out.

    (3)Heap doesn’t have a favorite.

    So, which team are you rooting for? Oh, hi Amy!

    Dan, you’ve got to get back on the meds! Hasiak is not a soft commit, nor is Davis, because gets 50% of its ideas when players make a simple visit to another school. Are you saying you never considered another school besides uc davis for law school?

  14. Nathan Mayfield won’t qualify academically, just like Jabari Carr… two NorCal talents who were high on the Bears, but Cal couldn’t offer them because of their academic profiles

  15. Jan K Oski Says:
    January 30th, 2009 at 4:48 pm
    BearFan, You’ve really got to get off the pipe. So, which team are you rooting for? Oh, hi Amy!>>>> HAHAHA I am so in your head and it’s not just you. This week on the ESPN WeAreSC your fans looked foolish blaming me for every anti Berkley post. I don’t and haven’t posted on that site. It got so bad on one thread that the moderator had to close it down. RollinBear and a couple others got PWNED.

  16. Oh moron. First you boast you can post, then you say you never post.

    Take your meds, Amy. Finish law school, Amy. Move out of your parent’s house, Amy.

    And as always — be careful what you asked for. It was soooo sweet spanking you on the scout boards. Your screen names went down like bowling pins, just like you asked for.

  17. Hey Moron, PLEASE explain to me why you couldn’t handle law school. It’s an honest question, I’m really curious. Failing out of law school is what I’d call getting “PWNED.” I guess college football message boards are more important to you than passing the bar, huh?

  18. I will agree with you on this though, cal fans should stay off WeAre$C. Let them glorify their poodleheaded coach. Cal fans should stay on Cal forums and $C fans should stay on their forums. Nuff said.

  19. Gee GoldenBear and Will. Can you make it any more obvious you are one and the same? Both of you post at 12:43AM on January 31. What a coincidence! Now that we know you like multiple aliases can it be asked why when your content and substance is so singularly focused – meds, law school drop out, blah blah blah blah (to use D. Kennard’s description of your recruitment message to him).

    Will Says:
    January 31st, 2009 at 12:45 am
    I will agree with you on this though, cal fans should stay off WeAre$C. >>>> Cal fans can’t because Cal fans are envious of our accomplishments. Moreover certain fans like RollinBear and AdvisingBear are obsessed stalkers and can’t leave me alone. Go check it out for yourself on ESPN WeAreSC. It got crazy this week and it was your fans that were behind it all. I have never posted on that site.

  20. Jan-

    Or is it Pat? Meds? Why is it you think you know anything about football? You’re comments about Hasiak and Davis are wrong, as usual. Hasiak is currently very conflicted, as evidenced by his comments in several interviews. Do your homework man, or woman, or is even that unclear? UC Davis Law School? Wow, that’s really deep- you got me there. Why would I waste my time going to law school to become a low paid ADA like a couple of my dear bros who went to LS at Cal? Love those guys, but they malke crap money and don’t like their jobs. I’m an exec in the software industry, make thrice as much as much as my bros and I LOVE my job. Nice try tho, Pat.

  21. OMG Moron I’M TOTALLY IN YOUR HEAD!!!!!!111111 if I was actually GoldenBear, I’d be smart enough to not post at exactly the same time. I’m not the law school drop out, you are, remember? Goldenbear is the one who brought to light your law school failures on this board. It’s made me curious, what makes someone drop out of law school? You obviously discussed it at some point for him to know about it, so why don’t you rehash it once more? You also mentioned you were only at $C 1.5 years…how the heck does someone drop out of $C? Please explain that as well. I know some good psychiatrists who can help you.

    And you’re saying cal fans can’t stay off the $C boards, then why can’t you stay off the Cal boards?

  22. It’s all fun and games until someone insults Mr. Peter Clay Carroll. Calling him a “poodlehead” is a blatant attempt to disrespect him and I do not appreciate it.

  23. Dayam. This little freak is the kind of fan base I gots to put up with at SC?


    I should have been careful what I asked for.

  24. Moron himself admitted he had to take a “medical leave” from Davis Law School. And we all know what that means. If your medical leave lasts several years, it means you had a mental breakdown.

    That’s why this little Moron freak is living with mommy and daddy and not working. And I read all his posts on Xmas day. Dayam — he’s so alone that he gots no one to spend Xmas with? Dayam.

  25. Devon Kennard Says:
    January 31st, 2009 at 2:44 pm
    And we all know what that means. If your medical leave lasts several years, it means you had a mental breakdown.>>> How come the content of this post is so similar to Will/GoldenBear both who coincidentally posted at 12:43AM this morning. Seems like an unusual time for a coincidence.

    Are you the same Devon Kennard who said that Berkley’s recruitment was nothing more than “blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah”?

  26. Moron, just take one look at my posts and compare the tone to the other ones. Anyone with a brain can see it’s not the same person (Oh wait…that’s a problem for you).

    Anyway, exams are coming up and I don’t want to fail out of school like some people. So I’ll be gone for a while. You obviously have nothing else on your table so you’ll either gloat about $C winning tonight or you’ll make excuses about why they lost and claim that you don’t care about bball. I’ll be back after Friday moron, then we can chat about the shortcomings in your life. By the way, what did you get on the LSAT? Did you need to break a 150? Not sure what you need for Davis Law.

  27. Moron:

    Just because we all talk about the fact that you are a wack job who no job or no place to live other than daddy’s house and that you are banned as morencs on the SC boards, doesnt mean we are the same.

    It’s in interesting that you, who were 9dwarfs, morencs, lessncs, iamalcindor, iwasalcindor and a dozen other sn’s accuses others of the same. I guess you just like accusing others of what you do in the world, hoping at least one other person has a pathetic life like you. Soon you will be accusing others of having a mental breakdown, not finishing law school, not having a job, and posting all day on Xmas since you are all alone in the world with no friends.

  28. Oh, as for what you need to get into CalStateDavis law? You need to be rejected at Boalt!


    Be careful what you ask for , Moron.

  29. Will Says:
    January 31st, 2009 at 3:43 pm
    Moron, just take one look at my posts and compare the tone to the other ones. >>>> I will go first. No I don’t see or read much of a difference in your tone from GoldenBear. Now it’s your turn – So the two of you posting at the same time at 12:43 AM on the same date on the same minor blog (to use GB’s assesment) was a coincidence? Right! And if you believe that you will believe that DeSean Jackson wasn’t a major virus to team morale.

    Devon Kennard Says:
    January 31st, 2009 at 5:09 pm

    I guess you just like accusing others of what you do in the world, hoping at least one other person has a pathetic life like you.>>>> Spoken by one who has posted as Will,Devon Kennard, GoldenBear, theAdvisingBear on both USC scout boards and ESPN WeAreSC, AmyFan4Life, BerkeleyGoldenBear on ESPN WeAreSC board until you got banned and USC scout board until you got banned and host of other ghostings of my s/n’s. Also you have your SF Chronicle s/n which escapes me. Not one of those posts from from one of those s/n’s has produced one football related subject. Even your latest posts as TheAdvisingBear on ESPN WeAreSC has zero football related material and your political views are equally as bad.

  30. This just in from my USC friend “RS”. (RS is the one who got Kennard to lock up with us). Hasiak is a USC lock if his buddy signs too. More to come…

  31. I heard that when Pete Carroll was in high school, he once threw a football OVER Mt. Tam. Wow!

  32. McLOVIN Says:
    February 1st, 2009 at 10:03 am
    I heard that when Pete Carroll was in high school, he once threw a football OVER Mt. Tam. Wow!>>>> You are correct sir but you left out that he also caught it on the other side. Just like your fans to leave out the real truth. 😉

  33. Moron is going crazy with his isolation.

    It must be tough having no friends to talk to about sports (remember: on Christmas day he made 12 posts exposing the fact that he has no one to spend holidays with) and he’s been banned in this screen name of BOTH SC boards. So he’s got nothing else but this blog.

    But don’t feel bad for the poor pathetic thing: he got what he asked for and what he deserves. He’s a lonely bitter freak.

  34. Wait! I just read the little freak’s post about all my supposed sn’s. First he says advising bear is banned and then he tries to disrespect advising bear’s recent posts.

    Man, you GOT to start taking your meds again, Amy. Or at least pick one lie and stick with it.

  35. i don’t think rocky seto is allowed to comment on potential recruits until after signing day

  36. Golden Bear Says:
    February 1st, 2009 at 1:18 pm
    Moron is going crazy with his isolation…So he’s got nothing else but this blog.>>>> Umm it is you and not I who has posted 11 times in two days!!!!! How sorry is that GoldenBear…I mean Will…I mean Devon Kennard.

    Golden Bear Says:
    February 1st, 2009 at 1:21 pm
    Wait! I just read the little freak’s post about all my supposed sn’s. First he says advising bear is banned and then he tries to disrespect advising bear’s recent posts.>>>> Please learn to read. I said you were banned. I never said TheAdvisingBear was banned. That poster never says anything of substance to be banned. Everyone just makes fun of him and if you don’t believe me just go onto the ESPN WeAreSC site.

  37. Poor Moron. He said advising bear was banned and then he said people make fun of his posts. Now he tries to pull a 1984 to get out of it.

    Just like he tried to deny that he posted 12 times on Christmas, but several posters confirmed that. It was easy to do — we just checked the archives.

    Poor, Morencsarecoming. That screen name is banned on BOTH USC message boards. Punked by his own supposed fan base.

    Banned because of an old fat guy. You got what you asked for, Amy. Bwahahahahahahahaha

  38. Golden Bear Says:
    February 1st, 2009 at 10:52 pm
    It was easy to do — we just checked the archives.>>>>Here is my response to your 12th post in two days not one which has even a tad of substance about football. First thank you for finally admitting there is a “we”. I knew it all along. Secondly let’s see the proof. If you can prove it I will leave this blog for good. If you can’t prove it then you (ur I mean “we”) leave because no one can trust what you say. YOu won’t do it because you are just a little blowhard.

  39. I heard that in college Pete Carroll was Student Body President, captain of the football team, president of his fraternity, had a 4.0 GPA, and dated a cheerleader. In his spare time he helped out at the animal shelter caring for stray kittens and puppies.

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