Basketball: Wilkes says he’s OK

Cal center Jordan Wilkes said the left ankle he turned with 4:10 left against USC is not serious. “I’m OK,” he said afterward, adding that he expects to be ready to play when the Bears return to action Thursday at home against Pac-10 co-leader Washington.

The 7-foot junior had the best game of his Cal career in the 73-62 loss, scoring a career-high 16 points and grabbing nine rebounds. He shot 8-for-13 from the field and did not commit a turnover in 25 minutes.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Joey

    Nice over the back rebound foul not called on USC. The officials showed their true red and yellow colors.

  • rollonubears

    yeah, it happened all night. baseball and golf are the only games you can’t really fix without everyone calling you out. it’s sad. any time we were aggressive, we got called for a foul. numerous times we drove the lane, caught them off guard, and got the bogus offensive charge. some ncaa officials at the d1 level are pathetic excuses for human beings. all u$c has is their sports program. at least the pathetic locals who have no affiliation with the university take a few hours from killing each other to watch the trojans. fight on.

  • Tom

    Yes, it is often very hard watching refs make calls that favor the home team. To be fair, I recall watching (can’t remember who) play at Cal. We weren’t doing very well, and this was against a team we should have been throttling in the non-conference schedule at home. The refs started calling a bunch of questionable stuff. I told my wife several times to watch the replay, how weak that call was, and that the only reason was b/c it was a game scheduled for victory by the home team. I told her, Cal will not lose tonight, b/c the officials know they are supposed to win. This was a couple seasons ago… Maybe this is why Monty has his +/- stat for Pac 10 games. +1 if you win on the road, -1 if you lose at home. Cal is +1 at this point (+2 for the UW and WSU wins, -1 for the OSU home loss). Maybe Monty knows the reason why road wins are treated so special – has to do with refs….
    Hey, why should we care. We know this D-1 sports thing is just a big business, right? Part of the business is entertaining the paying customers, right? Send ’em home happy.
    I’ll be watching the home games with extra close eyes! Damn well better come around what went around this past weekend! UW has a pass when they come to Haas, since they called that foul on Seeley to send us into the 3rd OT up there in Seattle. If we are to beat them, I expect to do so straight up and not with help, like other certain home teams have been getting. And, oh – Arizona deserves some serious favor by the refs when they go to ASU, since the refs took the ball out of Arizona’s hands when they played in Tucson.