Cal football: New wide receiver?

Rivals.com is reporting that Cal has received an oral commitment from Compton Community College wide receiver Markish Jones. Jones was considered a top prospect coming out of high school in South Carolina two years ago and was involved in a strange Signing Day controversy when he essentially signed letters of intent with both Clemson and Florida State. It was ruled that Jones was Clemson’s rights since he signed that letter first. Turns out Jones never qualified academically and has been at two different junior colleges in the past two years.

This could be an intriguing get for the Bears, who needed a big-play receiver in this class. He’ll only have two years at Cal, but if he is still the player that was rated as one of the top 50 wide receivers in the country coming out of high school, he could make a pretty significant impact right away.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • milo

    Right on. Cal needs some fresh blood at WR. Go Bears!

  • DanTheCalFan

    This seems like it might be desperate. This guy has a questionable past and does not seem like a typical Tedford signing. It smells a bit like panic. The sites don’t even rate this guy. I hope that’s not the case.

  • ToparchiBears

    the only thing that is hurting Cal is the DE position. When it change to 3-4 defense. All the DEs are going away to other PAC-10 teams. Cal should have switching back and fort, whenever they have the strong front they should utilize them. Devon bail out Cal has a negative effect on Davis, he went to washington instead, given that Washington already have 2 DEs.

    I think Davis is making a mistake to go to UW. UW is in rebuilding mode. By the time they are any better, David will already graduate.

    Hope the coaching staff doing a better job to win him back.

    Go Bears!

  • Daniel

    Cal is about taking risks, recovering from a questionable past, rejuvenation, success, forgiveness.

    Heck, I even remember Joe Ayoob fondly after time has past. Maybe this kid will be a player, maybe he’ll get cut for disciplinary reasons. It doesn’t look like the scholarship is in use, so let’s take a shot.

    Go Bears!

  • Robert

    The idea of switching defensive schemes every year is ridiculous! Nobody does that in the college or pros for a reason: it’s foolish.

  • carp

    ToparchiBears…not to worry. Cal’s got a few impressive DL recruits already. Also, don’t forget 4-3 DT’s become 3-4 DE’s and light 4-3 DE’s become pass rushing OLB’s.

  • Couple clarifications:

    1. Nothing panicky here. We were only taking 1 WR, and had our sights set on 2 SC commits (Caroll and Flournoy), 1 guy who was a virtual lock for AZ (Hall), and Wheaton. That means were were going after 1 HS WR recruit for 1 spot. Clearly not a high priority this year. Thus, not getting these guys certainly doesn’t sound like it would be cause to panic.

    2. Jones has 3 to play 3, so he’s not exactly a short term measure. Think Lavelle Hawkins in terms of improvement arc over the next few years. He’s basically coming in as a sophomore.

    3. The guy doesn’t have character issues, so he’s not some risky play. A lot of fairly smart kids have academic issues out of HS, get it straightened out for two years in JC, and go on to be very good college players. Exhibit A: Desmond Bishop.

    4. From what I can see of his HS film, the schools who offered him out of HS (FSU, Tenn, VaTech), and Moraga’s notes about his track speed (10.2 PR in the 100m), I’d say we got a gem here.


    I heard that Pete Carroll stopped recruiting him after beating him in the 40 yard dash by two tenths of a second.

  • Tyler M.

    Does anyone know if the Bears got a chance with Terdema Ursery?

    Whatever happened to Terrell Williams? (Not the old Cal RB, but the Texas prep WR who committed a year ago.)

  • Tyler M.

    Another question:

    If Tedford goes back to names on jerseys, how do you think they’ll differentiate the two M. Joneses? Full names?