Basketball: Bears still in Lunardi’s bracket

ESPN.com bracketologist Joe Lunardi’s NCAA Tournament projections on Monday have Cal as a No. 8 seed, matched against Tennessee in a first-round game at Dayton, Ohio. That would mean a No. 1 seed looms in the second round, and Lunaradi is suggesting it would be Pitt.

Lunardi still has five Pac-10 teams in his field, topped by Washington and Arizona State, both as No. 5 seeds.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Joey

    Welcome back Jeff! Hard to understand how Cal could lose to OSU? Did MM get out-coached again? These next games are huge for seeding although it seems the Pac 10 is getting little respect according to the low projected seeds.

  • Will

    I think basketball is about match ups more than any other sport, and OSU matches up well against us.

    That said, we also had a number of wide open looks that we couldn’t hit, and OSU was shooting lights out. So I don’t think MM got outcoached. I think both CR and MM were solid, and the players decided the outcome on the court.