Cal football: Follett’s day gets better

Zack Follett recorded a vertical jump of 37 inches at the NFL combine today, which was tied for the best mark among linebackers. Follett matched the jumps of Wake Forest’s Aaron Curry and Ohio State’s Marcus Freeman.
Cal’s Worrell Williams did well in the vertical jump as well, leaping 35 inches to tie for seventh overall among linebackers.
Defensive end Rulon Davis hasn’t shown up among the leaders in any drill.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Regarding USC LBs at the NFL combine

    40 times : Clay Matthews 4.67 (4th amongst LBs); Cush 4.74 (7th amongst LBs)

    Bench press: Cush 30 reps (tied for 1st); Maiava 30 reps (tied for 1st)

    Broad jump: Matthews 10’1″ (tied for 5th); Cush 10′ (tied for 6th)

    3 cone drill: Cush 6.84 (1st place); Matthews 6.90 (2nd place); Maiava 6.98 (5th place)

    20 yard shuttle: Matthews 4.18 (2nd place); Maiava 4.20 (3rd place); Cush 4.22 (4th place)

  • Will

    Moron, congrats on your employment! I’m really happy for you.

  • CBear

    Here’s a good website to see combine results:

    Rulon ran a 4.94 40-yard.
    Felder ran a 4.80 40
    Follet ran a 4.75 40
    WWilliams ran a 4.84 40.

    Rulon’s a legit 6’5″, while WW comes in at 5’10. Both Felder and Follet come in at 6’2″

  • Eric

    I’m very glad to see the U$C linebackers’ marks. With all of that talent, one must ask why have no national championships been coming? Moreover, given that ol’ Petey is the highest paid university employee in the country, one would think that there would be a continuous stream of national championships, but instead it is a continuous stream of chokes, including the single greatest choke job ever.

    Yes, U$C has made a lot of money through its football factory since Petey showed up, but, unless this is all just a business enterprise, seems to me that U$C is getting ripped off. Personally, if I had wasted 4 years of my life and 100k to become a U$C “graduate,” I would get out my crayons and scrawl out a letter of protest.

  • Larry

    Isn’t this a CAL FOOTBALL BLOG? What’s with the sc douchery? What a shame.

  • Scotty Mon


    Just remember Stanford at your LA Coliseum in 2007. You all-time choke! Your pretty boy coach Petey has never recovered. You can’t get to a bowl game more than 20 miles from the USC campus. Rose Bowl or not, USC can’t play an entire season with all that highly regarded talent without stepping on its own pecker against much weaker teams. Your team was embarrassed against Oregon State last year. Absolutely got the shit kicked out of it, even when 3rd and long OSU ran right down your throat. What did LB Ray do? Pussed out with a sore knee when his team needed him most. CHOKE!!

  • CBear

    humoring the douche by responding isn’t going to help.

  • Will

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  • Golden Bear

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