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Basketball: Haas or People’s Park?

By Jeff Faraudo
Tuesday, February 24th, 2009 at 7:28 pm in Basketball.

Mike Montgomery said he will miss Dick Vitale, who is not part of the ESPN crew coming this weekend for Saturday’s “Game Day” morning program or the evening’s coverage of the Cal-UCLA game.

“I like Dick,” Monty said. “With Digger (Phelps) and (Bob) Knight, there’s a lot of guys talking.  Don’t know if you need another one.”

The “Game Day” crew will set up its “studio” Saturday morning at midcourt in Haas Pavilion. Montgomery had a different suggestion: “I hope they set up over at People’s Park. It’d be kind of fun for them.”

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  • milo

    Haha, Monty is a Golden Bear!

  • unknown

    faraudo, got a quick question. my buddy is coming up from LA and we’re gonna go to Saturdays’ game. He wanted to get a few pics of his Bruins. are the team buses located on the northside of Haas Pavillion or on Bancroft Way.
    if anyone knows perhaps they could drop me a hint. thanks again

  • rollonubears

    “I like Dick,” Monty said.

  • Boris

    The losing team typically parks their buses on the northside of Haas.

  • milo

    Yup, the northside, near the TV trucks, towards Strawberry Creek. I saw the U$C players get off the bus today. They didn’t look happy and they left the same way.