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Cal wins 81-78. Christopher inbounded the ball off the back of Hackett (oops) Dwight Lewis with 9.2 seconds left, then was fouled and made both FTs with 5 sesconds left. Hackett missed a 3-point try at the buzzer. Christopher finished with a career-high 29 points. Cal is 21-7 overall, 10-5 and part of a three-way tie for second place in the Pac-10. USC, now 16-11, 7-8 in the conference, needs to win its final three regular-season games and make some noise in the Pac-10 tournament to have any chance of an NCAA bid.


0:09.2 OT: Daniel Hackett just hit a 3-pointer, and Cal’s lead is 79-78. Cal called timeout.


0:16.4 OT: Gutierrez made both FTs and Cal leads 79-75. USC ball.


0:17.2 OT: Daniel Hackett just made a layup and FT, pulling USC within 77-75. The Trojans immediately fouled Jorge Gutierrez, who will shoot two FTs after the timeout.


1:13 OT: Cal leads 75-71 after a layup by Boykin with 2 minutes left and a fall-away jumper by Christopher with 1:14 remaining. Christopher has 25. USC just called timeout.


WE’RE GOING TO OVERTIME: Randle missed a long 3-pointer just before the buzzer and we’re playing 5 more minutes. It’s 65-all.


0:09.9: Cal just called timeout . . . and the score it still tied at 65-all. USC ran the clock to 15 seconds before Marcus Simmons tried a shot inside which appeared to be deflected by Harper Kamp. Cal rebounded and called  timeout. Randle, who came out for the defensive sequence, will return to the floor.


0:39.6 2nd H: USC just called timeout with the score tied at 65-all. Randle missed a tough, off-balance shot moments ago as Cal has struggled to run its offense the past few minutes.


5:41 2nd H: Cal’s lead, which was 59-47 after two free throws by Jorge Gutierrez with 8:16 left, is down to 61-56. The Trojans have outscored the Bears 9-2 over the past 3 minutes, and are closer than they have been since the start of the second half. It’s getting tense in here.


7:49 2nd H: Cal leads 57-47 after a reverse layup by Jorge Gutierrez. USC just called timeout to avoid a 3-second call in the lane against Dwight Lewis.


11:31 2nd H: Cal leads 53-43 after two FTs by  Randle. Christopher has 21 points to lead Cal. Hackett has 14 for USC.


15:58 2nd H: Cal has pushed its lead to 44-34, biggest of the night. The Trojans missed two FTs to open the half and have misfired on six straight shots from the field. Dwight Lewis, their leading scorer, is 0-for-5 against Christopher’s defense. Christopher has 19 points and Cal continues to shoot well at 61.5 percent.


HALFTIME: Cal leads 38-34. Christopher has 16 points for Cal, which is shooting 65.2 percent from the field and shot the Trojans out of their zone by going 5-for-7 from 3-point range. Gibson has nine points for USC, but Cal has done a decent job doubling him at the post, able to drop a defender off DeMar DeRozan, who cannot shoot from the perimeter. The Bears’ real problem on defense has been the Hackett vs. Randle matchup, where Hackett has used his eight-inch height advantage to score 12 fist-half points. USC, with a 13-8 rebounding advantage, is shooting 51.9 percent, but is 0-for-3 from beyond the arc.


3:32 1st H: Cal leads 32-27, but held a nine-point lead just minutes ago. The Bears have solved the USC zone and are 5-for-7 from 3-point range. Christopher has 16 points on 6-for-6 shooting. Randle has nine points. Taj Gibson has nine points and four rebounds for USC.


THIS SCORE JUST IN: Washington State defeated Arizona 69-53, dropping the Wildcats to 8-7 in the conference stnadings, currently a game-and-a-half behind Cal.


7:36 1st H: Cal leads 22-19, but has not scored a field goal since USC went to a zone defense four possessions ago. USC has outscored the Bears 6-1 since, chopping a 21-13 deficit to three points. Hackett is giving Cal trouble, taking the smaller Randle inside and shooting over him. He has eight points.


11:02 1st H: Cal leads 19-13. The Bears are 3-for-3 from 3-point range, five days after shooting 3-for-20 at Oregon State. Hoem cooking. Randle has two 3-pointers, Christopher one. Wilkes is playing well with his protective mask — he has a basket and four assists. Daniel Hackett just picked up his second foul for the Trojans, and Christopher will be shooting two FTs. Cal is shooting 8-for-11, USC 5-for-14.


15:58 1st H: Cal leads 7-5 after a dunk by Jamal Boykin. Randle hit a 3-pointer to get Cal on the board before Jordan Wilkes threw an alley-oop pass to Patrick Christopher for a dunk.


LINEUPS: Jordan Wilkes is in the starting lineup, along with the usual contingent of Jerome Randle, Patrick Christopher, Theo Robertson and Jamal Boykin. USC also is starting its regular group.


WILKES UPDATE: Jordan Wilkes, who suffered a concussion a week ago tonight at Oregon, is warming up with the Bears. He’s wearing a protective mask over his broken nose, but we have but no official word on whether he will play. The starting lineups flashed onto the computer monitor here at press row in Haas Pavilion showing Harper Kamp in the starting lineup. Then the lineups disappeared. Stay tuned.


RECORDS: Cal is 20-7 overall, 9-5 in Pac-10; USC is 16-10, 7-7.

Jeff Faraudo


  1. Jeff, any news on the Dashonte Riley front? I can’t imagine how good this team would be (assuming all our back court players return) if we got that guy.

  2. Excuse me for not being on this board while it sinks to its lowest level ever. I have been busy sending letters to President Samples requesting an investigation into the one sided referring of last night’s game. I am surprised that T. Gibson still had his arms in tact. Hackett almost went blid with one of those intentional fouls. Also Tom Hansen will hear from me later this afternoon. I don’t normally follow basketball and really don’t care about it. However I do care about good sportsmanship and fair gamesmanship. It has been this way in basektball for a number of years and the amount of poor one sided calls against our football program are legendary. When they T’d up our coach I knew the fix was in. That cost us two points and the win. Of course I don’t expect any reasonable comments from most of the posters on this board so why don’t you just save it. I am over at the SF Chronicle, LA Times and WeAreSC ESPN site the past few days.

  3. I can not believe the favors SC got from the refs last night. I have never seen anyone in the Pac 10 push off more then Gibson or Hackett. Those guys got away with a lot!

    Patrick Christopher was awesome and is awesome.

  4. JO

    Would it be possible to have a recommended/not recommended category for every post made on this blog. I believe in that way your viewership will be able to send a message that those who post little or no sports related content are not wanted. Then those who post messages with substance will be valued as they should be. People with fecal obsessions and those who post deliberate falsification will be sent a message by posters they are not wanted or needed. If necessary I will be the first to be scrutinized because I am quite sure I would survive the purge.

  5. First of all, you’re posting on Jeff’s thread, not JO’s. Second, funny that you say “fecal” obsessions…given your new job as Pete Carroll’s cleaning lady.

    Anyway, stop whining about the refs. The only REALLY bad call against $C was the goaltend in OT. But there were a countless number of questionable fouls in the second half called against Cal that were shady, which allowed your beloved ToeJams back into the game. Floyd has the worst temper out of any Pac-10 coach; he was ASKING to get T’ed up. I’m surprised he didn’t get tossed since he kept crying to the refs.

  6. Will Says:
    February 27th, 2009 at 9:30 am
    First of all, you’re posting on Jeff’s thread, not JO’s. Second, funny that you say “fecal” obsessions…given your new job as Pete Carroll’s cleaning lady.

    Will – It has been said if you say something enough you end up believing it yourself. Thanks for proving the point.

    Also the last time I posted was about 3 days ago. You must have set the all time record for pressing F5 during that run. I do see you posted almost 10 times during that time to keep yourself entertained. Sad life you lead pal.

  7. Morechokesarecoming writes:

    “I do care about good sportsmanship and fair gamesmanship. It has been this way in basektball for a number of years and the amount of poor one sided calls against our football program are legendary.”

    Putting aside the phantom touchdown (one of the most famous no-calls ever), the Reggie Bush fumble against UCLA that wasn’t called, the no-call mugging on the last drive in 2004 against Cal, and the procedure penalty that prevented the Cal TD last year, the only reason why Carson Palmer “won” the Heisman was the TD against Cal in 2002 that was so obvious a drop that it effectively resulted in mandatory reviews in the Pac-10.

    Yes, it is legendary that U$C football games result in poor one-sided calls, but, since U$C has overwhelmingly been the benefit for decades, try to get the facts even somewhat right.

  8. You weren’t there Moron, so shut your pie hole. You didn’t see the elbow Jorge took to the face — only to called for a foul; or the hard foul he took when he was knocked over near the end of OT, which should have been an intentional foul. Nor did you see the continuation basket awarded to $C despite the three steps taken after the foul but before the shot. The fact of the matter is that Cal was hit with 21 fouls, while $C was called for 20, and your beloved team would have won if they would have hit more than 50% from the FT line in the 2nd half and OT.

    Pac-10 officiating is equally HORRIBLE to all schools, with the possible exception of UCLA, which, much like $C in football, benefits from the fact that the Pac-10 can’t afford to lose its viewership in the LA market, which is larger than all of the other Pac-10 TV markets combined.

  9. Hahaha moron you’re so hilarious. With so many flaws in your logic, I don’t know where to begin, but let me try:

    1. I posted 10 times in 3 days? Really? Thank god working as a janitor doesn’t require counting skills.

    2. I’m a student. Wasting time on the internet in class is part of the job description. You’re a 30 year old virgin who dropped out of college and lives with his parents, which says a lot about you.

    3. You claim to have posted on THREE other sites during the past three days, while also writing letters to the $C President and Pac-10 Commissioner about a sport you allegedly don’t care about. Hmm…I wonder what that says about YOUR life.

    4. This belligerence won’t be looked upon kindly by Pete Carroll, your new employer. $C has quite a few unemployed graduates that he can hire to do his dirty work for him, so don’t think that you have your job locked up. But if he fires you, I have a fresh pair of shoes to be shined. Since I can’t help but feel sorry for you, I’ll hire you to get the job done, despite your hostility.

  10. I can attest that Moren, the poster on this site and not my dog, who also happens to be named Moren, was working in my yard the last three days. So clearly he could not have been posting. Moren, my dog, had gotten into the fois gras we served at our booster mixer and it didn’t agree with him. So Moren, the poster but in no way affiliated with USC, earned a few extra dollars cleaning up after Moren, my dog. Fois gras, more like fois gross.


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