Basketball: College Gameday at Haas


The picks: UCLA at Cal — Hubert Davis and Digger both pick Cal. (Knight and Bilas, calling the game tonight, abstain).

Rece Davis calls the Cal crowd “one of the best we’ve ever had for Gameday.”


The picks: Az at Washington — Hubert Davis goes with UW, Digger picks Arizona, Knight and Bilas both Washhington.


The picks: Here’s a surprise — Digger Phelps picks Notre Dame to beat UConn. Digger would pick the Irish over the Lakers.


Game-changers: Jay Bilas picks Arizona’s Jordan Hill vs. Washington. Rece Davis goes with WSU’s Taylor Rochestie vs. Arizona State. If they’re right, Cal would benefit from losses by UW and ASU.


State Farm halfcourt shot for $17,500 — Rece Davis suggests the shooter channels his inner Jerome Randle. The shot: an airball.


Reaction to UConn coach Jim Calhoun’s explosive response to questions from an activist/reporter about his salary: Knight suggested the question was out of place in a post-game setting.  Bilas took a shot at the state’s legislature for trying to take action against Calhoun. Hubert Davis hit it on the head, noting the story is a week old and there are better things to talk about.


ESPN gets an “All-Access” pass to Kentucky in preparation for the Wildcats’ game at South Carolina. Zzzzzz . . .  There went 5 minutes of my life I’m not getting back.


The vote was even at 2-2, so Rece Davis cast the tiebreaker, going with VaTech on the basis of playing in a tougher conference (ACC) than Michigan (Big Ten). Michigan: out. Gameday’s final hypothetical NCAA spot goes to the Hokies.


Digger is arguing for Michigan, prompting Bilas to wonder if the Wolverines just hired a former Notre Dame player to its coaching staff.


Providence: out


Siena: out.


The Gameday crew is using a large grease board, flanked by Cal cheerleaders, to show their possible last four entries into the NCAA Tournament field: Virginia Tech, Providence, Michigan and Siena. They’re picking one.


Rece Davis pays tribute to the late Pete Newell, mentioning his titles at Cal and the Olympics, and his Big Man’s Camp.

Knight: “I don’t think anybody in the history of the game had a better grasp of the game than Pete Newell had. And I don’t think anybody was more unselfish with his knowledge than Pete. I had a great relationship with Pete, and I think it was one of the two or three best relationships I’ve had in my life. Pete was a great friend.”


Knight just told the TV audience that the key to Cal’s chances tonight against UCLA will be guard play. You think?


Knight just explained why he is wearing a red sports shirt under his sweater in blue and gold territory.

“In the immortal words of Clark Gable, frankly, I don’t give a damn.”


No, I didn’t climb out of bed at 5:30 a.m. today to get to Haas Pavilion — I’m sitting comfortably in my living room. Haas tonight, but we’ll take in ESPN’s College Gameday from the sofa.

The place looks packed, the cheerleaders are there, Oski’s in the house. And so are Bob Knight, Digger Phelps, Jay Bilas, Hubert Davis and Rece Davis, the ESPN crew.

Haas is loud.

“You know, I can’t hear a word you’re saying,” Knight said to Rece Davis, laughing.

Jeff Faraudo


  1. That was AWESOME. I hope this shows ESPN that Gameday needs to come out west more often.

  2. if bobby knight shows up for the game wearing red again, he’ll be lucky to leave the building alive. what an assclown.

  3. not threatening bobby. hope that didn’t come across that way. just saying he is a jerk to do that, and the crowd will give him a lot of much-deserved flak.

  4. Rece Davis calls the Cal crowd “one of the best we’ve ever had for Gameday.”


    I hope it’s just as loud for tonight’s game.

    Go Bears!

  5. I am glad to read that you can’t stand Knight either. I’m totally against Knight taking another coaching job just so he can inflate his # of wins (at the expense of the poor kids who have to endure his abuse). But, actually, it WOULD get him off the air. So maybe some stupid AD will save us (in spite of himself).

  6. The Cal students and fans showed up in force and it was impressive. Great work on the signs.
    Way to go Bear fans. Outstanding work, looked like a lot of fun.
    Beat the bruins tonight.
    Go Bears!

  7. I hope this makes ESPN think a little bit harder about another trip out to Berkeley for the Cal USC game. That would be amazing if they did that game. I would be there no doubt. Walk if I had to.

  8. Just wondering, what is the big deal with Knight wearing a red sweater? Isn’t that his trademark outfit from his days at Indiana?

  9. Please tell me that you aren’t suggesting that Knight intentionally wore Stanford colors to Haas with the sole intention of trying to show up Cal. That is really reaching and kinda pathetic. I don’t think I have EVER seen him NOT wear that lame red sweater.

  10. McLovin, the red shirt he was wearing wasn’t intentional, but Cal fans gave him grief for it during gameday. He was wearing a different colored sweater over the red shirt in the morning. For the actual game, I’m pretty sure he purposely changed sweaters and wore the red one on top of the red shirt he wore in the morning just to mess with the fans.

    That said, Tom (in the other thread), I think you’re taking it too seriously. I loved the fact that he did that…it was a lot of fun yelling at him and having him play to the crowd. That’s his personality. There are a number of reasons to hate Bobby Knight (chair throwing, student choking, etc.), but this isn’t one of them. I feel like we shouldn’t take everything to seriously, but rather, have some fun with it.

  11. McL & W, couldn’t agree more. Anyone who takes this stuff about colors seriously has the same stupid/lame thinking gangsters do about their colors – although without the dire consequences.

    BK is an ass clown but an entertaining one. He knows his hoops. I find his commentary pretty good and, at times, enlightening/educational.

  12. Okay, thanks. Yes, my reference was about Tom on the other thread getting all worked up about it..
    And Knight does know his stuff and I also find his commentary enlightening/educational as well.

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