Basketball: ESPN exposure a boost, Monty says

No doubt about it, Mike Montgomery said. Playing tonight’s game vs. UCLA on ESPN is a potential boost to the Bears’ program.

“We are not a program that has been on national television very much,” he said this week. “It helps people to see you. Gives you some visibility. It’s sold out. It would help, obviously, if we played well.”

For potential recruits out there, this is a chance to introduce the program.

“They just don’t know,” he said. “You turn on the television seven nights a week and there are teams you see every single time. Kids can’t help but be drawn to that.

“Exposure has always been a major issue in college basketball. It isn’t equal across the board, for sure. If we can go out and do a good job and the campus does a good job and the weather’s nice, it could be very positive for us.”

Point guard Jerome Randle isn’t worried as much about the weather as the Bears’ performance against UCLA.

“The world is really going to see that game,” he said. “You don’t want the world to see you get beat. It’s really a big deal.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • CBear

    Let’s hope Randle plays within his abilities and not try to do TOO much. We need to limit the turnovers against a border-line cheap UCLA D