Cal football: Pro Day summary

It wasn’t a good day for Cal’s “Big Three” linebackers unit. Zack Follett couldn’t run at all after tweaking his hamstring training last week. Anthony Felder, who wasn’t able to run the 40-yard dash at the NFL combine because of a hip flexor he incurred doing the broad jump, pulled up with a hamstring injury while running the 40 today. And Worrell Williams suffered a strained groin while running the 40.

One player who really stood out was fullback Will Ta’ufo’ou. Fullbacks aren’t drafted often in the NFL these days, but Ta’ufo’ou looked good during drills and catching passes from Nate Longshore during Longshore’s passing workout.

Defensive end Rulon Davis didn’t participate. He said he was satisfied enough with his performance at the NFL combine, but he did show up as an onlooker.

Others that worked out for the scouts were tight end Cameron Morrah, wide receivers Sean Young and LaReylle Cunningham, defensive tackle Mika Kane and long snapper Nick Sundberg. There also were some former Cal players working out, such as quarterback Joe Ayoob, offensive lineman Erik Robertson, wide receiver Burl Toler, and placekicker Tom Schneider.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Sajid Khan

    Did no one stretch before they ran? Wow. What a terrible time for a pulled muscle. Doesn’t sound like a very good showing for this senior class. Good for Will Ta’ufo’ou though.

  • Steve

    I wondered what happened to Erik Robertson. He was on the Chargers’ practice squad for awhile. I think he could still be a good backup guard in the NFL.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    If these guys (even Ayoob) would have played for USC they likely would be drafted. Even no named, little used players from USC end up in the NFL. They get a chance just on the mention that they played for USC. I cite for example Matt Cassel who played backup his entire career and participated in few plays from the LOS. The same was true of Thomas Williams who sat behind Mauluaga, Cush and Rivers. Because he found it difficult to get any meaningful playing time he switched positions to fullback. Then once again in his senior year he was moved back to LB. He was drafted in the late rounds and played well his first year in the NFL.Of course I can cite Anthony Munoz who sat injured his entire senior year but was drafted in the first round and then went on to play his way into the Hall of Fame. We lead all college football programs in the most Hall of Famers.

  • calbear

    this is basically what you said:

    the sun is yellow and man does it burn when you look at it. don’t look at the sun. it is a hot thing and it will burn you.

    if only everyone could play for SC! The world would be such a good place!

  • Will

    Moron, if everyone went to Cal, they would have good jobs. But you didn’t go to Cal. You didn’t even go to $C. You couldn’t even finish college. That’s why you have a crappy job (literally!). Why don’t you ever talk to Pete Carroll? The guy gives you orders and you ignore him. Not very kind.

  • PortlandTrojan


    Cassel was drafted because he had an amazing pro day performance, not because he went to USC. He was just lucky some of the scouts stuck around to watch him work out after the big name guys were done.

    Ayoob would not have been drafted. Come on. That guy was TERRIBLE.

    Thomas Williams was an outstanding special teams player and had backed up every LB position. It was his versatility and special teams production that got him drafted, not that he played for USC.

    Also, Fight on!

  • Ashley

    You forgot to mention center Alex Mack, who is undoubtedly Cal’s top draft prospect, and who had a great work out at Pro Day.

  • Jake

    Surprised Robert Jordan wasn’t there. Any news on his situation?

  • Pete Carroll

    Patty Cakes, stop commenting about things you don’t know. You know what you know. Everyone knows what you know and it’s not football. Stick to your patty caking. Frankly when you make comments here, it sullies the entire Trojan image. Please stop acting like you have some insight into my program and get back to your task at hand.


  • Rick N

    Cal is horrible with sending guys to the pros. I am not sure why any kid would want to play for Tedford, he has no clue how to prepare kids for the next level.

  • Cal Fan

    Why are you USC fans even on the Cal page to begin with?