Basketball: Bears look ahead to 2009-10

Great games Saturday in the NCAA Tournament — although a rough day for the Pac-10 — and some good matchups on tap for today. Hope your bracket is going better than mine, which is on life-support.

Here’s my story from this morning’s editions, examining what the Bears must do to improve a year from now, along with a capsule look at next season.

Later this week I will provide a more detailed analysis of the Bears, position-by-position.

Enjoy a rainy Sunday in front of CBS.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Bears

    Can you please keep a close eye on the roster this offseason? We know the JC big man, Smith from DLS and the Bak project come in. Is Smith getting a scholarship right away or does he have to wait a year? 13 full rides, who will fill all of them next year?
    The Harrison situation has to be figured out; the guy has missed two straight years. I feel really bad for the guy because I’m sure not playing is killing him but taking up a roster spot and not being able to contribute hurts the team. What is going to happen to his ride between now and the Bears first practice?
    Are Nicola and Zhang going to contribute anything next year? These two guys were basically walk-on talent/contribution this year taking up valuable scholarships.
    Any chance Monty and staff bring in one more player from somewhere in the world who can help take this team to the top?
    Can you please find out if the staff will have the freshman Smith or Jorge bring the ball up the court after a make and allow Randle to run off screens in the set offense? Then you have him Theo and PC all as a threat running around at the same time. Let Jerome handle the ball on the break after a rebound or steal. Take some pressure off JR and maximize his strengths. Find a way to get him help on D, JR will never be great on D but his size should allow him to be more of a pest. He needs to get more steals and prevent drives in the lane with better position. Keep him as far away from the hoop on D as possible. He’s quick and can get long rebounds.

  • milo

    Nice job JF. Enjoyed your coverage this year.

    Indeed, any word on roster developments would be great. Isn’t there a big high schooler from Mich interested in Cal since he thinks he can play right away?

    Go Bears!

  • Jeff Faraudo


    The big man you are referring to is DaShonte Riley, a 6-11 senior center at Detroit Country Day. I reported a couple weeks ago that he has committed to Syracuse.

    I will try to keep everyone posted on roster changes, if any, in the offseason, along with any other recruiting news.

    As of this moment, the Bears have no free scholarships, so Brandon Smith will walk-on. If another scholarship opens, it could go to someone else or could go to Smith. Nothing is certain on that front.

  • wehofx

    JF, excellent reporting this year on a team that was a pleasure to watch.

    Go Bears!