Cal football: Correction

In my post wrapping up the spring, I incorrectly wrote that D.J. Campbell returned an interception 73 yards for a touchdown. It was Tyre Ellison who had the return. Campbell threw a great block on wide receiver Ross Bostock during the return.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Bears

    Sorry to do it but the block Campbell laid out was to Tyndall. Tyndall also left the game with the only real big injury. Looked like he hurt his hamstring and had to be helped from field. Any news on that front from the Spring game?

  • Mack Attack

    I was at the scrimmage and really didn’t think Mansion performed well. Coming out of high school he was so heralded that it’s a bit disappointing how he’s turned out. Maybe I’m expecting too much, but from what I’ve heard the guy is no where near where Riley is (his consistency has been compared to Craft from UCLA). I’m a die hard Tedford fan, but he needs to call it like it is and make Riley the #1 guy. Different people are motivated in different ways, but the guy has skill and, in my opinion, is just missing some positive reinforcement (from the quotes I’ve read from him). It seems like Tedford want him to exhibit leadership through confidence in his play and his speech. I think it’s time to stop knocking down a man, and start building him up. This year’s “competition” is a sham. Riley is Cal’s QB and saying anything different is just unconstructive. Now, let’s pray the receivers just catch the ball (which should be the real “competition” – Nyan needs to put up or shut up).

    Go Bears!

  • Davidson

    Mack, agreed.

    Brock isn’t blowing anyone away and you just can’t sit Riley with the amount of experience he has had and hope that Brock can figure it all out right away.

    Riley should be declared as the starter and give him all the 1st team reps to gel with his receivers.

  • Jan K Oski

    I disagree with Mack. I don’t think Tedford is doing anything wrong. Obviously, if JO can see Riley is getting preferential treatment, then Riley should see it, too. There’s only head games happening in those blog repliers and forum members of other sites who I believe are projecting some poor father-son relationship. The best thing my dad did for me was challenging me to be my best and nothing less. Tedford is doing the same thing. Riley’s numbers are not eye-popping, so what has he done to earn the starting role? Riley will continue to work with the WR in these coming weeks, get 1st team reps in Fall, and be declared the starter. That’s my fearless predictions. You can give all types of modern day psychological analysis which I consider complete nonsense, or you can enjoy the team-first aspect of this Tedford team. Or, would you prefer a complete chemistry collapse as we witnessed two years ago? If someone wins the competition, this team will be 100% behind them. If no one separates, we’ll be happy Riley wins it due to his experience and “management” skills.

    Go BEARS!

  • AERose

    “([Mansion’s] consistency has been compared to Craft from UCLA)”

    Ouch. If I were a quarterback I’m not sure whether that would drive me to improve myself or drive me to drink.

  • Mack Attack

    Either way, Jan, you agree Riley is the starting QB – “Riley will continue to work with the WR in these coming weeks, get 1st team reps in Fall, and be declared the starter. That’s my fearless predictions.” – The prediction isn’t so much fearless as it is obvious. Also, this – “The best thing my dad did for me was challenging me to be my best and nothing less” – was a nice moment of nostalgia. Please don’t oversimplify the circumstance with trite comments of irrelevance, it makes you sound glib. You are not Kevin Riley; Tedford is not Riley’s father; this upcoming season is not your childhood. My point was that people are motivated differently, and we are both in agreement that he’s the starting QB (which it sounds like Tedford is as well from reading JO’s recent updates). Why beat around the bush? It’s time to build up his confidence and let his natural competitive instincts drive his abilities. I don’t think it a far stretch of the imagination to say that a confident person will be more successful than the same person fraught with insecurity. By building up the player you are helping the team achieve its fullest potential. A better QB (i.e. Riley) = better receivers = a better running game = a better offense = a better team. My opinion is a “team-first” approach.