Cal football: Will the Bears get shut out on Day 2?

The seventh round has started and still no Cal players have been drafted today. The last time Cal has had just one player drafted was in 1990, when quarterback Troy Taylor was the Bears’ only selection.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Boris

    What was Morrah thinking?

  • Josh

    Too bad for Follet and the other linebackers. I think that one or two of them will make rosters as free agents. It looks like Cameron Morrah isn’t even going to get drafted (even though something like 15 of 16 tight ends were drafted this year). He really screwed up by leaving school early.

  • Mike

    I’m really surprised and disappointed that Follett, Williams, and Felder are not getting drafted. I think all of them are NFL-caliber and hope they sign on and make some teams.
    Morrah got selfish and now he’s paying for it. Bad decision, definitely.

  • Will

    Morrah was thinking about his grandmother; he wanted her to see him play in the NFL.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Sanchez, Cush, Matthews, Rey, Fili, Maiva, Patrick Turner, David Buehler, Cary Harris, Keith Ellisen…do the recruits out there want to play in the NFL? Now you know why they go to USC. In addition most of our players had the highest Wonderlik scores of the Pac 10 players. Waht does that say about Academics.

    Mack – 21st pick

    Follet -235th pick

    What’s that say about your program

  • Will

    That we don’t take steroids, Moreroids.

  • Will

    Is your mom going on that trip with you? Or has she still not returned home?

  • Tyler M.

    Moron –

    Once again, the guy’s name is Kevin Ellison, not “Keith”

  • Will

    Not to mention he kept spelling his name “Ellisen” before. This guy claims to be a hardcore $C fan, and can’t even spell their names! It’s one thing to prove that you’re uneducated by spelling common words incorrectly (as he does so often), but to spell names on the team that your entire life revolves around incorrectly? Pathetic!!!

    Also, the WonderLIC doesn’t say anything about Cal’s academics. The US News says a lot more, and it says that Cal > $C in virtually every category.

  • Stay Golden

    I guess Follett was too one dimensional in the NFL’s eyes – that’s probably why he fell so far. He was excellent on the edge as a pass rusher but his coverage skills were a little below average. I was hoping the 49ers would have picked him up, he would have filled one of there needs coming into the draft.

  • javidbestforpres

    morrah 248…thank god

  • Will

    Good for him. I hope he fulfills his dream to play in the NFL as his grandmother watches him.

  • TrueBlue

    Ok, Let’s be clear about the Wonderlic test and what it means. First of all, Moron/Amy or whatever you wanna call it fails to cite sources (like always). Here is mine: http://tinyurl.com/d42ruv

    Wonderlic scores of the players invited to the combine are released to the public.

    Mark Sanchez (28) did NOT have higher score than all Cal players at the combine. See Anthony Felder. Score of 29. Higher than any of your linebackers and higher than your quarterback for that matter.

    Kevin Ellison 31 excellent for a safety. Nate Longshore 37 (did not go to the combine for obvious reasons but does indeed have a reported score). So looks like USC takes a back seat on this one.

    If you take the highest known wonderlic scores of all USC players and average them you get 23. If you take the highest known wonderlic scores of all Cal players you get 24. Once again backseat.

    If you look on the website I provided they dismiss the importance of the Wonderlic to NFL scouts. Read for yourself…

    Now, about them academics…

    Comparing the wonderlic scores of ELITE football athletes to illustrate academic standard is like comparing the 40 yard dash of Nobel Laureates to illustrate athletic standards. It’s apples and oranges…actually no…it’s just plain retarded. However, I do think our Nobel Laureates would kick USC’s ass in football. I mean, considering we have 61 and USC has well, only 1.

    In conclusion I leave this quote:
    UC Berkeley has long been ranked in the top tier of preeminent universities on all national and international rankings of academic excellence. According to the last study conducted by the National Research Council, UC Berkeley ranks first nationally in the number of graduate programs in the top 10 in their fields (35 out of Berkeley’s 36) and first nationally in the number of distinguished programs for the scholarship of the faculty. UC Berkeley is also the only university in the nation to achieve top-five rankings of all its Ph.D. programs. U.S. News & World Report also ranks UC Berkeley consistently as the nation’s top public university.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    I feel so sorry for your players. Not only do they work very hard for NFL draft recognition but don’t get drafted but they got herded into “gimmee” degrees and don’t finish it up. Sad. Even Oregon Stae and Oregon and Arizona State had more players drafted than you guys. You were more in the Washington State and Arizona territory and not much better than Stanford and PUCLA.

  • TrueBlue

    oh yeah…here’s another good one for ya.

    more Berkeley undergraduates go on to earn Ph.D.’s than those of any other college or university

  • TrueBlue

    6 of the 11 USC players majored in Sociology. Sanchez was communications…and wow get this Harris was a “health promotion and disease prevention.” Is that the career path to go work at planned parenthood?

  • Stay Golden

    What’s that say about your program

    QB Matt Leinart #10 2006
    QB Aaron Rodgers #24 2005

    RB Reggie Bush #2 2006
    RB Marshawn Lynch #12 2007

    WR Dwayne Jarrett #45 2007
    WR DeSean Jackson #49 2008

    By the looks of this you get more for your money when you select Cal over $C.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Stay Golden Says:
    April 26th, 2009 at 5:03 pm
    What’s that say about your program

    Aren’t you leaving out a lot of names from USC in between those other names? Why be so selective?

  • wehofx

    What morons doesn’t understand is that going to a football factory is only a badge of honor if you are a football player. Yes, Florida, Alabama, LSU and $C are schools with football programs that are consistently in the BCS hunt.

    They are good enough schools, especially, if those are the only schools that will accept you. But for the rest of us, we went to Cal for the academics so with our degree, we could get into a good graduate school which would then lead to a good job. Since morons lives with its parents and doesn’t have a job, it seems its $c degree is serving it well – if, indeed, it even earned a BA; clearly a BS is beyond the hijacking troll’s limited mental capacity.

    How $c’s success in football has anything to do with morons’ success, I don’t understand. It has no job. No friends. No life. Just BITTERNESS, pathological lies and innumerable SN aliases. Pathetic. Truly pathetic.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    wehofx Says:
    April 26th, 2009 at 5:22 pm
    Look I know how this week has really humbled you guys. First Tedford still hasn’t declared a starting QB. Secondly, USC players scored better on the Wonderlik than your players dispelling any and all false assumptions that your players are more academically oriented than ours. Two of your players finnished just about at the bottom of scores for their respective positions while a couple of our guys finished the highest. Thirdly, the success of your players in the just now completed draft was abysmal. Even with the sacrifices made in the name of academics so that players can slip in the results are still very much lacking. Give it some time. 50 plus years isn’t enough.

  • Will

    Morons, can you please explain to us how this has any bearing on your life success? You always wonder why I bring up the fact that you have no job, no mom, no house of your own, no degree. But this is why. $C’s success on the field, whether through steroids or not, has no implications for YOUR success in life. Learn how to spell properly, learn how to make a living on your own, and learn how to make some friends and go on trips with them. What are you going to do on your trip, bring back girls to your hotel room as your dad tries to sleep on the other side of the room? LOL. You’ve been humbled your entire life, my friend.

  • Robert

    Remember Petey blasting Sanchez for leaving early? That’s what you get at $c. Petey also said that all of his sources indicated that Sanchez was evaluated as a second round pick. That’s what you get at $c.
    Selfish coaches, lies, roids, money from hanger-ons, free flat screen tv’s, and an average education from an institution most independent panels rate as very ordinary.
    But they do win football games. They have that at least.

  • Pete Carroll

    I think we’ve established that SC is a football factory. It’s akin to Florida and LSU for football and academics. That said, it will be all the sweeter when Cal beats SC this October and ultimately wins the Pac-10

    Yes, I am an idiot for pouting about Mark Sanchez’s departure. Clearly, being a football factory, our first concern is maintaining SC’s football prominence. I was simply pouting because I know that his departure along with 8 of my defensive starters will make SC a very vulnerable team in 2009. Sun Bowl here we come!


  • Tyler M.

    I don’t know if Carroll is selfish, but I am scratching my head at him thinking Sanchez is not ready. You don’t do much better than the #5 pick. I know that Carroll probably thought that Sanchez needed more experience, but in a league where you are only as good as your last game, it would have been foolish for Sanchez to stick around.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    From your own poster on bearinsider.

    USC had 11 players selected and Cal had just ONE! To put that in perspective:

    1) UConn, a basketball school with no Division I football program until a few years ago, had 4 players picked in the 1st 2 rounds. UConn!!!!
    2) Abilene Christian had twice as many players selected in the 7 rounds as we did…and (at one point in time) Monmouth College (NJ) tied us with one pick

  • Will

    OH NO. I’M GOING TO LOSE SOOOO MUCH SLEEP TONIGHT. We only had 3 draft picks! Sure I’m going to finish law school in a year, make 6 figures, buy my own house, and marry my beautiful girlfriend…but since we only had 3 players drafted, I don’t know how I’ll ever live my life. OH THE HORROR! THE HORROR!

  • Will

    Let’s put this in perspective:

    You’re in your 30’s, you live with your dad, you don’t have a degree or a job, and your mom thinks you’re so pathetic that she left you. That’s why football is all you’ve got.

  • Paul

    Someday I hope to be a professional bulletin board poster like MoreNCsarecoming.

  • Jake

    Nice to see all the success for USC in the draft. You can complain all you want about perception of the pac-10 with the rest of the nation and how SC gets robbed every year by the AP, coaches, and BCS. But with all that talent, I just have one word for USC- underachieving.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Jake Says:
    April 27th, 2009 at 12:22 am
    Nice to see all the success for USC in the draft. You can complain all you want about perception of the pac-10 with the rest of the nation and how SC gets robbed every year by the AP, coaches, and BCS. But with all that talent, I just have one word for USC- underachieving.>>>>> So 12-1 is underachieving?

  • Calbears

    hey dips*** whats up fool, first of all, nice job on kevin ellison by the way, keith, what a fool u are. secondly, the sad thing is, for all your draft pics, did you guys even win the national title last year, sad sad sad, shut it idiot

  • Calbears

    and by the way the number of draft picks mean nothing, its how you perform on the field in the nfl, bush whos decent but not great, leinart, mike williams, the big studs over the past few years, theyre doing nothing.. on the other hand a-rod, lynch, desean, in just a few years have proven they belong. sure lynch has had some off the field trouble but hes better than bush in his sleep. GO BEARS

  • Calbears

    and one more thing, then im done, see u in october when your precious trojans get wiped up and down the field idiot

  • abe

    So 12-1 is underachieving?…MNC yes ‘SC has actually been a notoriously underachieving program these past few years. this is not about record, its not about 13-0 or 12-1 or 11-2…etc, this is about having the most talented team in the nation and continuing to exclude yourselves out of the NC game because you keep losing to teams like Oregon st (twice now), Stanford and so on in the Pac10. these are games you simply cannot and should not lose, PERIOD. I know the whole BCS system is fucked up and all but if you took care of business and quit screwing around every fucking season, that could have meant a Rose Bowl berth for Cal (though there is no telling ’04 will not be repeated).

  • Shawn

    Note: We had more draft picks than 6 Pac-10 teams. And this was an off year.

  • Pete Carroll

    On the bright side, no Cal players were drafted by the Raiders. They should consider themselves lucky.

  • Jake

    Exactly Abe. Someone understands my point!! Hit the nail right on the head!!

  • Will

    Actually Jake, only Patty Cakes doesn’t understand your point. Everyone else does. When you buy recruits, give them steroids and bribe them to stay until they’re seniors, 12-1 is definitely underachieving.

  • BluenGold

    Another dose of the endless p*ssing match with moron the mental eunuch. Now, there is the REAL club sport!

  • RollinsBear

    Enough! Sherman Boyson – stop it already