Basketball: Katz gives Bears early No. 8 ranking

The pre-season hype for 2009-10 has begun: ESPN.com’s Andy Katz has pegged the Bears as the No. 8 team in the country. Check out his full top-25.

Jeff Faraudo

  • goldenbear31

    I respect Katz’s opinion, but how do the Bears (who couldn’t beat an average Maryland team in the NCAA’s) deserve a #8 ranking??!??!

  • wehofx

    WOW! Does AK know something about Bak Bak and the other 4/5 that are coming in that I haven’t read about. I do agree/hope that we will have the best back court in the Pac 10. JF, what do you think of the ranking?

    Go Bears!

  • Jeff Faraudo

    My reaction is it’s a bit early to pronounce the Bears — or anyone else, for that matter — the favorites in the Pac-10. Let’s see how roster shake out after the spring signing period and the June 15 deadline for early entry withdrawal from the NBA draft pool.

  • anonymous

    Well, it’s great for us Cal fans to see USC miss out on Renardo Sydney. However, I’m a bit incredulous to see Katz ignore UCLA from his list after they’ve had 2 very good recruiting classes of 5 kids at all positions 2 years in a row. Yes, UCLA will be young, but wait and wait them produce. And Ben Howland is a maniacal coach who will have all those highly rated players playing that pressure defense like we’ve seen in the past.
    Cal lacks dominating interior players, and overall depth, frankly, to deserve a #8 rating. Methinks Katz is throwing his buddy (and buddy’s brother) Gottlieb a bone on this one. Pre-Pre-Season? Doesn’t hurt nobody.
    Don’t get over excited people. Even as Cal competes for the Pac-10 title next season, they will get smoked big time in the tourney. Did you see the Final Four teams? Those guys would crush us worse that Missouri did! Bigger, stronger, faster, more skilled and more numerous. Montgomery has seriously got to pick it up on the recruiting front if he wants an honest #8.
    Okay, that said, Pac-10 will be fun and exciting – a good challenge! Go Bears.