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Cal football: Spring reviews

By Jonathan Okanes
Thursday, April 30th, 2009 at 6:02 pm in off-season stuff.

Now that spring practice is over and the NFL Draft is behind us, it’s a good time to catch our breath and take a look back at what happened this spring. Starting Monday, I will be doing a position-by-position review of spring practice — what happened, what did we learn, and where do we stand. We’ll begin with everybody’s favorite subject — the quarterbacks. Stay tuned.

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  • Robert

    Awesome J.O. Thanks for continuing to help with a Bear fix!!! When O-Line comes around can you fill us in on how Marshall feels about his group?

  • abe

    Wow, this is quite a treat, what can I say J.O. THANKS
    MUCH. This will keep us busy during this off season
    when there is not much activity. By the way one thing
    I have been hoping to read a lot about was a detailed
    analysis of Ludwig’s strength as an O.C. and how that is
    being used in our offensive scheme, and also his
    relationship with the players, (especially QBs), and so
    on. We all agree the success of this coming season
    hinges mainly on the offense, given our solid defense,
    so this is something I hope to read about. Perhaps abvoe
    all if you can get us an interview with Ludwig covering
    this topics, I will be forever indebted to you J.O. I know I am asking too much, my apologies and thanks again.

  • BluenGold
  • DJBear

    Jon, Beartalk no longer appears at the Inside Bay Area website

    Is it a technical glitch?