Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    1. You lose to BYU in rugby becoming the #2 best club team in America;
    2. Your computers are hacked;
    3. Your HC still refuses to name a starter at QB
    4. Your underperforming and undrafted players will soon find out what a degree in Social Welfare is really worth;
    5. You are shocked that Ricky tells the truth about your “academic” requirements for your players vs that of PUCLA;
    6. You are happy about signing a 1* rated player
    7. Sports writer still post hyped up articles about your chances this year but with tongue in cheek due to your failure to meet high expectations;
    8. U of Eh still stands a better chance of getting to the Rose Bowl than you do;
    9. No preseason hyping Best for the Heisman after the dismal shortcomings of Lynch and MeSean;
    10. It’s been over 3 weeks and Lynch hasn’t added any more arrests to his stellar record.

    Here…that should give all of you somethng to do until I return home and claim my rightful superiority on this blog.

  • Will

    LOL looks like someone isn’t having enough fun on their “vacation.” Who the hell would look up all this stuff while they’re supposedly on vacation? All a sham.

  • Will

    By the way, he’s been posting on the sfgate website while he’s supposedly been “on vacation.”

    Hilarious fool.

  • dball

    Ted Miller’s analysis is weak. I think JO gave us much better insight into the needs and opportunities at each position. Was hoping ESPN would have something a little more insightful.

  • calbear

    knew that was coming…

  • Bears

    Sc is rattled by Cal. Sc knows California is the only Pac 10 institution that has the potential to challenge them and knock them off in football. The fact that we are far superior to them in every category stings folks associated with sc, obvious by their obsession with all things Cal. Now we are closing in on their only bragging right. Obsess much Sc? Shoot the only time we think about that concrete campus in the middle of the smog universe is the week before the Bears play them each fall. It’s obvious all those cats do is worry about the Golden Bears year round, not comfortable in their own skin. Sad.

  • dmgobears


    Thanks for the ongoing review. I thought several of the young dlinemen looked good this spring camp, inc Tipoti, Payne and Owusu. For Payne, he would have played last year but for injury and he looked solid taking 1st team reps. You covered the progess of Tipoti, as he took most of the 2nd group reps at tackle and held his own, for the most part. Owusu is one of the teams more physically gifted athletes, but he needed to prove that he can go full-throttle on every play. If he can play with the motor of a guy like Tipoti, watch out.

    And finally, I humbly request that you consider deleting the posts from the troll Moroniscoming. Her posts add nothing of value to this forum, and perhaps it will help her to focus on more important tasks like her ongoing yet unsuccessful potty training.