Basketball: SI.com picks Bears No. 12

The latest very early pre-season rankings come from SI.com, which picks Cal No. 12 for next season. The only other Pac-10 team to earn a spot in the 16-team rankings is Washington, which came in at No. 14.

Here are SI.com’s full rankings.

Jeff Faraudo


  1. And Andy Katz has us at number 8 in his updated poll and the Pac-10 favorite. Wow!!!! You gotta post something about that Jeff

  2. #12 is way too high. I’d love to think Cal’s that good but they’re not. A top 20-25 ranking seems fair. A top 12, no way.

  3. yep, definitely out of pete’s book.

    or his blog…

  4. If either of these pre-season rankings are any good, Cal will make the Sweet 16, right?
    Well, I could see them getting a decent seed after doing well in a weak Pac10 (for this next year, not in general). And that high seed means they’ll play a weak lower seed, and they could win that. But when you compare Cal’s squad to the NCAA heavies, forget about it.
    Unless Sanders-Frison is THE MAN (and I don’t think so) we will have a compromised interior. Any word on Taylor Harrison? We need some size and depth, if only to slow down and foul the other team.

  5. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think there’s any way the Pac-10 or NCAA hits usc any serious sanctions — they can’t afford to lose the viewership (and sponsor dollars) that would dry up if sc cannot contend for a BCS bowl. Remember, LA has a bigger TV market than the rest of the Pac-10 combined.

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