Basketball: More fallout at USC?

Small forward Noel Johnson, a top-100 prospect from Fayetteville, Ga., who signed with USC last November, has received a release from his scholarship, according to both Scout.com and Rivals.com.

Johnson reportedly said he was uncomfortable with the controversy surrounding USC athletics, with the NCAA poking around on former football star Reggie Bush and would-be basketball recruit Renardo Sydney. Sydney committed to USC this spring, then changed his mind and signed with Mississippi State.

Johnson is rated as the nation’s No. 53 prospect by Rivals.com and No. 56 by Scout.com.

Meanwhile, Oregon State has a commitment for 2011 from point guard Jahii Carson of Phoenix-Mountain Pointe High, according to Rivals.com.

Jeff Faraudo

  • uh oh.

    Monty hasn’t signed one noteworthy recruit in over a year on the job. He’s got a number of 2010 slots open but they continue to go unfilled, with only middling-ranked Alan Crabbe committing. Most other big schools have their 2010 squads mostly complete, even dipping into 2011 now. Forget competing with the likes of UCLA. OSU has passed us by, with the Obama factor. Think we can out-recruit Wazzou? How is it that a very good x and o coach who has tons of experience and who has coached at the NBA level has not been able to make noise thus far? Am I really being premature?? I just SO fear the cupboard being bare after this season is over.

  • discdude

    I think there is some cause for concern, but on the whole, Monty is not known as a “great” recruiter. I think it’s a bit of an adjustment period too, on what kinds of players he can recruit. What he did at Stanfurd was put together great teams with great pieces. He won a few battles with Cal (Justin Davis was one), but overall, he was recruiting nationally and not always blue-chippers (e.g. Brevin Knight was not a blue chip recruit, despite turning out to be a great player). And the Lopez twins committed when in 9th or 10th grade, so Cal was never a factor in that. Otherwise, he was recruiting nationwide. Point being, Cal mostly recruits on the west coast and this is probably a bit of an adjustment for Monty. Further, he has unequivocally stated he does not want one-and-done players. I would like to see one great player sign-up, though, but when you figure how far down Cal was as a program, it may be one more year (with some publicity) until he can get who he wants. Dropping out in the first round against Maryland didn’t help either. And oh yeah, recruiting against UCLA, USC, Wash, ASU, and Arizona, even Oregon, is never easy. And don’t worry about OSU, that system is just that…a system, once coaches figure it out, it will be hard for Robinson to take OSU past .500. (See Air Force)

  • rollonubears

    2011 recruiting is a joke. these clowns have no idea where they’re going in 2 years, and as we’ve seen time and again, verbal commitments mean squat. monty is fine. i’m happy with him. if we have another solid year, we’re be golden next year.