Cal football: Noteworthy commitment

Cal coach Jeff Tedford continues to stockpile his program with highly regarded quarterback prospects after the Bears received an oral commitment from Steamboat Springs, Colorado’s Austin Hinder last night. Hinder is ranked as the No. 2 high school quarterback in the country by rivals.com. Assuming everybody stays in the program, in 2010 Cal will have Kevin Riley, Brock Mansion, Beau Sweeney, Allan Bridgford and Hinder all on the roster.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.


  1. >>>He said, ‘You know, by the time I’m in my second year, I’ll be using this facility and it will be done.’ The facilities will be first-class and I think that was the final thing that settled it in Austin’s mind.”>>>

    Oh, YEAH! Congratulations to JT and the staff. Also kudos to the AD for getting the SAPHC done.

    Go Bears!

  2. First of all the dude isn’t that good. The word from my sources is that he can’t throw a spiral.

    Next he doesn’t know the college scene very well. The article says “Besides being a long-time fan of Cal, one of the primary factors that put the Bears in the lead with Hinder was the history that Tedford has in working with and developing quarterbacks.” Are we talking about Ayoob? Are we talking about Longshore? Are we talking about Riley?

  3. There’s no problem with 5 QBs on the roster, considering its the most important position. But I could see one of them transferring.

  4. it would be nice if at least one of them could separate from the pack.

  5. Nice to see Cal getting to the stage of reloading every year. The SAPHC is going to accelerate that process greatly and keep Cal competitive for a long time.

    Got to hand it to Sandy Barbour for pulling the trigger on the new facilities.

  6. JO with you attending prac. what position do we need to recruit, Or R we good now just looking 4 the next outstanding player i:e(Lynch, Jackson, Best) meaning the next 3-4 yrs and building team chemistry.

  7. Why the excitement? First of all I heard the kid can’t throw a spiral. Secondly he looks to be out of touch with the college football scene. The article says he likes what Tedford does with QBs. Is that Ayoob? Is that Longshore? Is that Riley?

    Pete Carroll is the QB guru. Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, Mark Sanchez.

  8. JO, what’s your take on having all these highly regarded QB’s (even though 2010 is a projected down QB-prospect year) in the same roster at the same time ?

  9. How long ago was Carson? Leinart holds the clipboard better than anyone I have seen in a long time. Yes, nice portfolio at that position recently.

  10. Didn’t Hinder win a camp’s MVP last year? How do you do that when you “can’t throw a spiral”? People who don’t know anything shouldn’t down play the accomplishments of others. Hinder is a huge grab, and he’ll be helping to create toejams in years to come. If you guys haven’t seen his video on his profile on BearInsider, this 18 year old has serious skills.

    Go BEARS!

  11. Pete Carroll’s specialty is actually in the secondary. He is a defensive oriented coach.

    Thoughts on Austin Hinder, I hear great things about his mobility. 700 yards rushing in his junior with 7 td’s. Along with a 67% completion on his throws is pretty good. However, I agreed earlier, with all these talented QB’s atCal, I really wish one of them would do something separate themselves from the pack.

    Ted Miller has stressed so much that the key to Cal’s Rose Bowl season would it to have a consistent QB play.

  12. peyton manning can’t throw a spiral either. That seemed to work out ok for tennessee and the colts though.

  13. $c basketball just lost a recruit due to the ongoing investigations. Crumble, crumble, crumble…

  14. To AMYthicalprogram’s point, I think it was reported last week that Hinder struggled a bit throwing the football at the Elite 11 camp in Berkeley. However, he had a very solid day at the Nike event at Stanford the following day. Furthermore, he was the QB MVP of the Army All American camp for juniors in San Antonio earlier this year. With offers from programs like LSU, Notre Dame and Cal, I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say we received an outstanding commitment.

    But what’s a message board for without a bit of negativity from an SC fan like AMYthicalprogram. I think I speak for everyone else on the board in saying that we’re looking forward to seeing you guys in Sept in Berkeley, AMYthicalprogram. Best of luck with the ongoing NCAA investigation into your basketball and football programs.

  15. Amythicalprogram is just another of the screen names that Morencs uses. It is also one of the screen names that the fat old man got banned from the scout boards, even though the troll proclaimed he couldn’t be banned.

    Pity the troll — this board is all he has.

  16. This site is hilarious. What is Amy and all of her followers going to do when the CC times begins to charge a fee for internet accesss?

    For your info, GB, Amy is on the Cal Scout board, and it is alive with commentary partially due to her. But, she claims to hate SC, now. I guess the SC moderators have kept her off their site, and she isn’t happy about it. She’s calling SC, SUC, now. LOL! Such a pathetic fair weather fan!

  17. I find it amazing that the fans on this board think every negative poster is the infamous MoreNCsarecoming. Yes. I am posting on Scout. No I am not More… A check of IP’s will confirm my truthfulness.

  18. Oh amy, your lies are repeating. You used to dare people to check IP addresses before, and then the Notre Dame board moderators revealed that all the sn’s — including amythical and morencs — came from the same IP address.

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  19. I’m certainly no amy fan, but it’s not like he’s terribly wrong. JT hasn’t produced a qb draft pick since Rodgers in 05, and he’s had lots of flops at cal. And it’s not like over the last 4 years or so his qbs have improved, and by all accounts Hinder while may have huge upside it also means he’s not a finished product compared to a Heaps, so I’ll believe Hinder is a great commitment when I see him winning games for Cal.

  20. Hey JO, thanks for the news. I promise you that those 5 qbs won’t be on the roster when Cal kicks off the 2010 season.

  21. Mustang – right call about the 5 QBs. If Hinder redshirts that’s only 4; but still, one of those will probably leave. Beau would start and have a great career at San Jose St or Fresno State

  22. Golden Bear Says:
    May 27th, 2009 at 5:04 pm
    Here’s a fun thread from the past. Moron/Amy/pathetic freak tried to get on the new Cal boards. He begged to get on, but he was banned anyway.

    Sorry AB/GB/SB/Fat Old Man but as I have pointed out on many occasion that link is pointing to a “MoreNCsarecoming” is not me. The “AMYthicalprogram” who just posted today on this board is not me and “theAMYthicalprogram” posting on the Scout board is not me. It is one of your Folsom trio that works in the sub prime lending business for a Canadian company. Do you homework before you pop off. Should I post some of the hate you have put on other boards? I have the direct comments from you. Fat old men shouldn’t being saying things like that.

  23. my my, how’s our little sexist, Patty Cakes? How was your “vacation”?

  24. By the way, congratulations to your beloved coach Pete Carroll for not getting caught paying players yet. He should have taught Tim Floyd a thing or two.

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  26. Golden Bear Says:
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    Oh amy, your lies are repeating. You used to dare people to check IP addresses before, and then the Notre Dame board moderators revealed that all the sn’s — including amythical and morencs — came from the same IP address.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sherm/Fat Old Man – hopefully by now you will have done your research and found out that my previous statement was true. I am not “MoreNCsarecoming” who was banned on the newBearInsider; I am not “theAMYthicalprogram” on the current Scout site or “AMYthicalprogram” on this site. You have been done in again by the Folsom threesome who are getting their kicks out of punking you and others again. What is true is that I enjoy it when you are being punked but your rants are getting old and tiresome.

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    morons needs to take its meds. Its going dissociative in extremis again. Do you actually think anyone believes your pathetic lies? Or, “What is true is that I enjoy it when you are being punked but your rants are getting old and tiresome.”

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    Go Bears!

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