Cal football: Notes of interest

I got off the phone with Deputy Director of Athletics Steve Holton a few minutes ago and found out a couple of interesting things:

–Because of the poor economy, coach Jeff Tedford has agreed to have the team bus to the UCLA game this season rather than fly. The Bears usually take charter flights to all road games, but the UCLA game is close enough that the team will travel by bus and save the athletic department a good chunk of change.

–The seating capacity at the renovated Memorial Stadium will be about 62,000. That’s a little lower than I first understood the plan to be, but Holton said the designs always had the capacity being slimmed to around that mark. The exact capacity still hasn’t been decided, but it will be about 10,000 seats less than what it is now.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Brian

    Very cool re the bus. They’ll actually spend less time traveling and can caravan with the students in their RV’s on the 5…ah, college!

  • Bears

    I always loved the bus ride down to LA with the whole traveling team. Never done before for football, but other sports at Cal do it all the time. Great bonding experience and it will be fun for fans to ride along next to them with Cal flags flying down the 5.

    JO, can you find out if that renovated stadium capacity will be the limit? Seems like having an option to add 7-10 thousand temporary seats to the east side has to be an option. Most games 62K is perfect but 1-3 games a year they will be able to sell more tickets and pack em in. Seems like that’s a smart move.

    Thanks, Go Bears!

  • Steve G.

    Less tickets to sell probably means higher prices.

  • Steve G.

    When will the stadium renovation begin and what are the relocation plans while it is going on?

  • wehofx

    JT, great move taking the bus to LA for so many different reasons: economically, image/PR, fans and, most importantly, it should be a great way for the team to bond.

  • Raf

    Don’t get it… 62,000 seems too small. Check out this article http://www.calbears.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/031208aal.html. A year out of date but still they were “averaging” more than 63K for a while! Those numbers have dipped a little, but to be expected with such positive trajectory over the years. If the program is growing national wouldn’t more seats be a better idea (or at least the same number)?

  • California Pete

    I suppose Eugene is just a bit too far (~500 miles) for a similar bus trip. It probably wouldn’t save money–might even cost more–but it would be pretty cool if they could get a few cars of the Coast Starlight to themselves for a Cal party train up to Oregon.

    I once shared a Coast Starlight trip between L.A. and the Bay with a bunch of Huskies fans heading to the Rose Bowl. They were all having a great time, needless to say. Not quite the same thing, but we had a blast this past year riding CALtrain to the Emerald Bowl.

  • Richard

    If Cal wins in LA this year, I propose they keep taking a bus to LA until they lose again.

  • glrex

    I think taking the bus is penny-wise & pound-foolish & may put our team at a disadvantage since we’re not used to such long bus trips . . .

  • Oski88

    The bears have averaged around 62,000 seats over the past few years. That means that everyone is going to have to get season tickets if they want to guarantee themselves seats – and that will create scarcity, which will create additional demand and therefore higher prices. But it kinda stinks that for the big games that we won’t be able to squeeze another 10 to 15K fans in.