Cal football: In case you missed it…

Cal actually got another commitment for this upcoming season over the weekend. Chris Moncrease, a defensive back from Laney College, gave his commitment to the Bears and will have three years to play three seasons.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.


  1. BTW, to elaborate on the ranking system, one of the big factors used in the formula is the amount of money spent by the school in academic research (sort of a new trend) and this automatically favors private institutions with much higher endowments over public ones. which is why i pointed towards another criteria often used by international rankers and that is productivity, i.e. the amount of quality research put out by the university for the money spent on research and Cal ranked second in the world behind Cambridge U in 08 (or 07, not sure, but still looking for the source). just because you pour money over every lab on campus doesn’t mean anything and i hope the US based ranking system adopts the latter method. Just a reminder Cal has 20 Nobel winners to USC’s what two, three, i mean the numbers kind of speak for themselves interms of the quality of the faculty.

  2. The perception on the boards is when your fans hit the wall with your lack of Rose Bowls, lack of Heisman winners, lack of Pac 10 conference championships, plethora of choked games, poor sportsmanship of your fan base, etc. you turn to the “We are the best public u in the world” mantra. It only matters if it matters to your players and your DJs, Lynch’s, Mebanes, Arringtons, even Rodgers never graduated if you know what I mean. Your players are not the only ones kept out of practise sessions. Mitch Mustain is close to being released for academic reasons. Our players are not the only ones with marginal academics. You railroad your players into “gimmee” type programs. Yes? Just read your post again (#50). Your accusations are what you expect from a fan from your program and it is that kind of arrogant attitude that turns off Pac 10 fans.

  3. I am cautiously excited and optimistic about this season; although I am starting to burst at the seams. I think we have an excellent chance at finally winning the Pac-10 outright this year and going to the game of all games, the Rose Bowl.

    What I don’t think some non-fans understand is the hunger that we have as a fan base. None of us have ever been to a Rose Bowl. NONE. We’ve never had a Heisman. NEVER. This year we have a chance at both. It doesn’t come around every year (or even every decade).

    Recently, we’ve endured the terrible seasons under Holmoe, and the tough tough downslide in Desean’s last year. All those downers will just make the year where we finally breakthrough so much much more sweet. It is no wonder why our fan base is extra excited this year; we have a chance. If we can witness a season where we end up at the Rose Bowl, then we know that we’ve seen something that hasn’t happened in 50 years. GO BEARS!

  4. The discussion seems to going around in cirlces. In parting, let me make a few observations of the recurring themes and banter I’ve noticed since I found JO’s column last summer. This MorenNC is having endless fun provoking the regulars because he easily exposes the lack of depth and hypocrisy(sp.) of many of the basic assumptions and arguments. I wonder if he or she would be around if he or she were merely ignored. Its obvious that the regulars have a huge USC inferiority complex chip on their shoulders. Likewise, I notice that any dissent whatsover to the basic premise of nearly all arguments is met with ad homein attacks instead of logic. Last summer I questioned whether or not Cal’s linebacking core was as good as the local hype and was immediately labelled an outsider or a traitor. Now when I respond to comments like “cal jock curriculum is more challenging than usc honors” and “usc undergrad academics is a joke” “Cal is top 10 and usc is in the 30-40s”with a neutral ranking system that suggests usc is not significantly lower in undergraduate quality , I am again attacked.

  5. cont. The other assumptions are that usc money and cheating are the root of our inferiority. We pay our coach 2.7 mil a year, and have a larger alumni base ( surely some of us are rich and want to see the team in the rose bowl)and taxpayer support. In the face of this, all arguments seem to turn on usc’s cheating as the root of our deficiency. Does anyone making these claims have any proof of this? If so, what is your proof, and what have you done to bring it to the proper authorities? If you can’t back up defamatory claims, you shouldn’t make them.

  6. btw. I agree with Davidson, except that the heisman is not that important to me. I am just thankful that the football team is consistently much better than it has been in the 30 plus years I’ve rooted for them, and believe that with a little luck, we will be in the rose bowl in the near future. maybe not this year, because its the bcs title game, but then again, why not?

  7. Covina – there will be a Rose Bowl and a BCS title game played at the Rose Bowl several days later.

    Davidson is spot on.

    PattyCakes does nothing more than throw firebombs into these discussion threads. Occasionally he makes valid points, but must times it’s just to goad the rest of the board.

    Cal doesn’t have an inferiority complex as much as recognition that USC is the reigning champ and it is USC that they have to beat (along with the rest of the PAC-10. And as I’ve predicted several times, Cal will win the Pac-10 this year. Who knows better than me, Pete Carroll?


  8. I meant “most times” not “must times”

    PattyCakes, how could Will be the same person as me when I corrected Will about the quarter system? I am Pete Carroll. I know all when it comes to SC football. That’s why I know who will win the Pac-10


  9. BluenGold Says:
    June 24th, 2009 at 12:57 pm
    MoreNCsarecoming Says:
    June 24th, 2009 at 6:51 am
    And 5 years of stalking me….well you can make your own conclusions.

    Stalking YOU? Why would I, or anyone here, waste any time whatsover doing that? Why would a no life troll, whose net worth to society is a negative number, deserve that much attention? I never have, and never will, spend even a second stalking you. Don’t believe me? Try leaving this blog and see how many posters here try to follow after you. Just don’t bother to come back.

  10. Covinared do you think we are really that naive and/or dumb to not equate you with Amy. You make the same exact point regarding USC. You say “In the face of this, all arguments seem to turn on usc’s cheating as the root of our deficiency. Does anyone making these claims have any proof of this? If so, what is your proof, and what have you done to bring it to the proper authorities? If you can’t back up defamatory claims, you shouldn’t make them.” Amy says “BTW your statement about cheating still has no proof. Let’s see the facts or have you forgotten a guy by the name of Bozeman.”

    Stop having your daddy write up your posts.

  11. To Morencs…

    mustain is in academic trouble, i am just not sure if that is a testament to the rigor of ‘sc’s academics or mustain trying to salvage his collegiate career and focusing too much on football and ignoring the books. nobody is saying SC is just a school for a bunch of money cows (though mostly thats the case) but the reality is you will open yourself up to some major ridicule if you try to argue that SC belongs in the CAL, STANFORD, UCLA..etc ground academically as opposed to the Oklahomas, LSUs and such. And speaking of arrogance, its amazing you of all people complain about considering the fact that the very reason this post exists because of you SC fans always trying to disparage everything going on in our program and me just trying to defend our turf, talk about arrogance.
    If you are so sick of Cal fans what are u doing here in our living room, who invited you, you sound like there is someone with a gun on your head forcing you to post in the blog. If you got a brain you will see that you are contradicting yourself, but that is a BIG IF. DIDN’T MEAN TO BE ARROGANT.

  12. Advertising Bear – once again no one cares who you are but please contribute something meaningful to these threads. Something with some kind of football input would be helpful.

  13. AMY: are you saying that two people with the same argument is indisputable proof that they are in fact one person? Is the argument that allegations should be backed up with more than innuendo that unique?

  14. Rocko Says:
    June 24th, 2009 at 10:18 am
    You back a loser monkey school! Read this peon!
    I can tell you must be a Social Welfare major. This article could have substituted virtually ANY large, well-known university’s name as its subject. It has been a common practice by most universities for more than a century to count part-time faculty or mentors or volunteers from industry among your faculty. Likewise, all emeriti are counted forever…some universities even list them posthumously! Don’t laugh, Stanford still lists Linus Pauling! You should see who UC counts among its faculty! Wouldn’t any school love to have Bill Gates or Warren Buffet stop by for a guest lecture? Most schools would have them listed on their websites as Volunteer Faculty by the next morning.

    And why shouldn’t they? Any program that counted Pauling among its past faculty will still be recruiting top-notch faculty today. Isn’t the point that the finest schools want top prospective students at all levels to know that their faculty are outstanding? Isn’t a large part of a school’s reputation based upon its past as well as current records of success? I don’t know how a school can not be expected to publicize its faculty and their accomplishments. Universities also use these “calling cards” to recruit the best available current faculty to join their programs. Winners want to be associated with other winners at renown programs. And the best students want to know about the best programs in their chosen fields. Unlike high school kids, grad students don’t choose grad schools based upon their beautiful locations (UCSD, UCSB) or famous club sport programs like your rugby program), they want to study under the best and be associated with them because this guarantees their future success.

  15. Moron has elevated making excuses to an art form, but still misses the point more often than not. BTW, moron you would be lucky to graduate with a social welfare degree, or ANY degree for that matter.

  16. That’s right B&G don’t even attempt to critique my post #64. Just call me names and go back to claiming that you are the #1 Public U with the best club sport team in America.

  17. Why should I bother to critique postings by someone who falsely accuses me of stalking him/her/it and of being three or more other posters? It is you, moron, who has the severe credibility problem here; not me.

    BTW, I did critique your earlier post. You are just too dense to catch it. As previously stated, you missed the point concerning the article about the U of sports corruption’s falsifications of its college of engineering faculty. The point of the articel was NOT that the same might be said about other school’s programs. The point of the article was that USC does it.

  18. INCREDIBLE!!!!!

    A note about a JC recruit from Laney College,
    Chris Moncrease, generated 68 comments.

  19. I agree. There must be some pent up emotion that needs an outlet. For what its worth, I saw the you tube stuff on him, and he looks like a player. I like our db’s for now, except that I think Conte is best as a ss. He is adequate as a cb, but seems to be too good against the run to only put in nickel packages when hagan is ok.

  20. Not to imply that Ezeff cannot do the job because he can.

  21. Perhaps moron should inquire of Pastor Bill whether falsely accusing someone of stalking and of using three other unrelated screen names to post to a message board causes him/her/it to have a credibility problem. He/she/it might not get the same answer.

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