Football: Pac-10 ballot — No. 8

No. 8: Arizona. Yes, I know the Wildcats showed improvement last season in making it to their first bowl game since 1998. The question is whether they can sustain that upward trend. The loss of four-year starting quarterback Willie Tuitama is one of the most significant in the conference, and although Arizona believes they have talent ready to fill in, there will obviously be some inexperience there. The Wildcats also lost All-Pac-10 picks Mike Thomas at wide receiver and Eben Britten at offensive tackle, so this clearly isn’t the same team that showed that improvement last year. Arizona has a lot to offer in the secondary but the front seven is questionable. The Wildcats should have a strong running game with the combination of Nic Grigsby and Keola Antolin (whom Cal fans know quite well). But it just doesn’t appear Arizona has enough to maintain what it accomplished last season, especially with some other conference teams improving more.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.


  1. That’s better. At least this time you did some research. U of G@y blows.

  2. JO –

    So far we’re matched 3 for 3 on our picks. You’re trending in the right direction.


  3. No 8 = PUCLA (average D – bad O)
    No 7= ASU (good D – no good O; Erickson is too old)
    No 6 = Arizona (average O – average D)
    No 5 = Stanford (good D – improving O)
    no 4 = Beavs (very good D – average O; great coach)
    No 3 = Cal State (no QB, average coach, history of choking)
    No 2 = Ducks (excellent O – average D)
    No 1 = Men of Troy (tradition of winning and excellence)

  4. Gosh Moron JO is only to his eighth pick and you’ve already shot your wad and announced your ten placings. Now that you let the cat out of the bag who your #1 pick is, all further posts by you will be anticlimactic!

  5. So Rocko let’s see your picks. Maybe just maybe you will post your first meaningful football related post on this board.

  6. No, not yet, but I will say, we don’t agree on everything! Stay tuned.

  7. It looks like Amy just couldn’t wait to post this material on the UW scout board and stir things up. Only 7 more to go.

  8. It only goes to confirm the fact that moron/iamidiot has no life outside of trolling on college sports boards. How pathetic is that?

  9. He bashes Okanes calling him “clueless”. Hell if Okanes wants to be bashed by Amy then let him be>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Okanes is called for what he is. I bet he doesn’t know much about football outside of Berkley. Obviously names like Craig Noble, Kavario Middleton, Ta’amu, Chrisk Polk, Everrette Thompson don’t ring a bell to Okanes. That’s why he is ranking UW at #9.

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