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Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    JO – please ask Tedford why Hinder didn’t win any awards at the Elite 11 camp.

    Golden Gun Accuracy Award: Tyler Bray
    Best Feet: Devin Gardner
    Most Likely To Play Early: Jake Heaps
    Most Upside: Tyler Bray
    Best Leader By Example: Nick Montana
    Best Leader Vocally: Jake Heaps
    Highest Football IQ: Jake Heaps
    Best In The Classroom: Devin Gardner
    Best Arm: Robert Bolden
    Most Accuracy: Chandler Whitmer
    Best In Any System: Nick Montana
    Quickest Release: Robert Bolden
    Most Improved: Nick Montana
    National Championship Winner: Jesse Scroggins

    Overall MVP – Jake Heaps
    MVP Second – Tyler Bray
    MVP Third – Chandler Whitmer
    MVP Fourth – Nick Montana
    MVP Fifth – Robert Bolden

  • wehofx

    JO, like I said earlier, I’m a big fan but what happened to the clean up? Post 1 is clearly an off topic hijack. BearInsider managed to clean up the troll who uses multiple SN’s.

    morons, why did you post on the “items of interest” thread at 8:46 as covinared?

    Prediction: morons will say it is not covinared. Does it really think anyone will believe its denial?

    I’m really looking forward to the JT chat. GO BEARS!


    “All comments that are personal attacks, use profanity, or are otherwise inappropriate won’t be tolerated anymore. Criticism is still fine, but keep it to football. Thanks, everyone.”

    His comments don’t qualify as any of these. Quit crying.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    I am not covinared.

  • iamalcindor

    Awesome. JT will get some tough questions from me

  • AMYthicalprogram

    Okanes – I hope you won’t let Moron/alcindor ask JT questions. If I have to give my reasons then I am out of here.

  • Rock

    Morons – and your point about a 16-17 year old kid, one of the best prospects in the country not winning an award is what? Are you saying he’s overrated? Pretty nice stretch to make a dig at Cal because of a recruit not receiving an award at a camp more than a year before he’ll be on campus!

  • Andrew

    I have to agree MoreNCs, that was one of your more useless comments. Was that really supposed to make the bear fans sad?

  • Larry

    Wow! My post was deleted for responding to our troll. No cussing or anything. I don’t know what’s worse, letting a troll contaminate this board or censoring posters who respond to the troll. I don’t feel too welcome as a Cal fan on this board anymore. Better be careful CC Times folks, soon you will drive away all the Cal fans and will be answering U$C questions! Troll-1 CC Times-0.

  • BluenGold

    I don’t understand why it is that this dimwit can post whatever it wants, no matter how off topic or negative, but when a Cal fan responds to it to express how unwelcome it is here, those posts get deleted. The CC Times has its priorities backwards here. Get rid of the source of the aggravation, not the reactions to it. Its obvious that the large majority of participants of this blog want the troll to be gone, and the sooner the better. This blog will be much better for it, and the REAL Cal fans will be forever grateful as well.

  • iamalcindor

    Coward! He (JO) is trying to prevent my access. But I will be there

  • iamalcindor


    10:31 [Comment From JOCow]
    Coach Tedford, when do you think Cal will play in the Rose Bowl?
    10:32 Jeff Tedford: I hope soon, but so many people tell me that they are staying alive until we play in the Rose Bowl, they ask if we can get to the Rose Bowl before they die.

    And we all know what JOCow stands for. And LOL @ JT’s answer

  • rollonubears

    flawless execution on the live chat, jo. powerful stuff. thank you! go bears.