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By Jonathan Okanes
Friday, July 31st, 2009 at 9:34 am in off-season stuff.

Just to clarify: We will be deleting comments that are personal attacks, include profanity or are otherwise inappropriate. We will not be deleting them simply because a person is not a Cal fan, etc.

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  • TrumanHugh

    Good to hear! I’ve been away from the website for almost two seasons (sort of lost interest in college football after Cal fell apart midway through 2007 season and was markedly cautious with my enthusiasm–and how much time I invested in reading each and every item available–last year), and had all but forgotten about “Moron” and all his/her/its biased and petulant comments.

    It felt like 2007 all over agian when I read all the “Please delete Moron’s posts…” and I remember all of us urging Jay Heater to ban or delete his posts, but he never did.

    Bravo, JO, for finally taking the step necessary to keep our reading as Bear-friendly as a Cal Bear blog ought to be!!