Football: Linebacker leftovers

A few leftover quotes that didn’t make it into my story for today:

–Devin Bishop says rising to the top of the depth chart in the spring is helping him this fall: “The spring gave me an opportunity to really grasp everything I needed to grasp, work on everything I needed to work on. I think that opened it up for me a lot. It had a large impact.”

–Bishop, on continuing Cal’s legacy of top-notch linebackers: “The university demands it, the fans demand it and mostly our coaches demand it. We have to uphold that legacy. We want to be great linebackers.”

–Ryan Davis, on how linebacker play influenced his decision to come to Cal: “Just watching their linebackers was motivation for me. If the linebackers are doing so well, they must have great coaching.”

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Pete Carroll

    Great stuff JO. I’m pumped waiting for the season to start.


  • Larry

    Me too. LB’s will be a positive aspect of this team.

  • Larry

    I’m 99.9% sure Riley will be the starter. I was at the ASUC store the other day and they were stocked up on #4 & #13 jerseys. I did see some #10 jerseys, but they were the older ones and they had “Lynch” on the back.

  • Calduke

    Ryan Davis will be a starter before the USC game

  • Jan K Oski

    Larry – I’ve been 100% certain Riley will start on 9/5 after JO’s analysis at the end of spring. I think Tedford is trying to reduce attritions in program by giving players ever chance to earn a starting position. At the same time, he is showing them that they still need some growth before they deserve an opportunity. Some people were very critical of this approach last year, as they thought it would destroy Riley’s confidance. However, it appears it helped Riley focus during the off season and show improvement in the first 5 practices which was once his downfall. Riley is the Man for embracing the challenge. I can smell them Roses!

    Go BEARS!

  • covinared

    Re: LBrs- there won’t be a drop off from last year, except perhaps the big behind the back shots from Follet that at least one guy from the group, like Little, can execute.

    Re: Qb- gutsy call, Jan, on the starter…. Lets hope he doesn’t get hurt.

  • abe

    as much as i value competition there such a thing called overdoing it and i think its fair to say that Tedford is still in the rebound phase from the he handled the QB position in 2007, when he blindly stuck with NL and watched the season go down to hell. The fact of the matter is Riley is the most experienced QB we have and there is nothing that either Mansion or Sweeney had done so far to wow anyone to disregard this disparity in experience. If I were Tedford I would have had an open spring practice (which is what he did, so good) and at the end of spring if neither Mansion or Beau didn’t perform spectacularly enough for me to overlook the disparity in experience (which is the case here, in fact Riley actually had a better spring overall, though Mansion came on strong late) then I would have named Riley the starter coming into fall camp and given him ALL of the first team snaps while at the same time making it clear that Mansion and Sweeney still have the chance to take that position if Riley underperformed AND one of them were spectacular. The point here is naming Riley starter at the end of spring will do wonders for his confidence and allow him to grow into his role, b/c in all probability he is going to start anyway.

  • covinared

    is there any reason to doubt Riley is #1?